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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Congessional Vote: All One Big Charade

~ Obama: "All those who don't want war with Syria, raise your hand high..."

Its Wednesday morning..   Seems like its pretty much a done deal on ultimate military strikes on Syria.. But to be honest, unlike in Great Britain, the decision was never in doubt..

Why else would that wretched cadaver Sen John McCain be playing video poker on his cell phone (yes the pic below is valid) during the Congressional hearings debate if the old war-hawk thought for a moment the decision was in doubt..
The real debate isn't "If" to involve our military forces in Syria but how much force is to be used and the proper lawyer-language to make us look like we hold the moral high ground.

Just another charade by the mostly corrupt, corroded souls whom we elect every few years to lead us to our doom..

We like to pretend otherwise but America is a war nation..

It was through war with Native Americans and Mexicans that that we expanded (Louisiana Purchase aside) from 13 colonies to a grand nation that reaches from sea to shiny sea..
And it was through war that we got our first foothold in foreign soil acquiring Cuba and Philippines from Spain in the late 1890s..

And it was through war that our economy and most specifically our industrial base grew..  The Civil War was great business for the northern industrialists.. If it wasn't, they wouldn't have allowed it to drag out for four years with an additional eleven years of reconstruction..

And it was through war we established ourselves as a world power (WWI) and got us out of the Depression (WWII) and allowed the military contractors to take over the nation (Vietnam to the present)
~ Kerry:  "I am important.. I have flags behind me..."

Since 1900, not counting the two World Wars, the US has involved itself militarily in the following nations:

 China (Boxer Rebellion), Haiti, Dominican Rep, Honduras, Nicaragua, Soviet Union (we supported the 'whites' vs the Communist 'reds'), Mexico (chasing after Poncho Villa), Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Granada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yugoslavia/Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and now Syria

We're sure we left some nations off the list but you get the gist..
~ Notice how Obama's Press Secretary has his hand in the Exact Same position and height as Kerry in the previous pic..  coincidence?

Makes you wonder why we're not more beloved abroad?

So what will ultimately happen when we start shooting our missiles or whatever acts of military inconsequence we decide upon officially?

This is what we fear:
1)  Syria with the aid of Iran will attack Israel with gas and/or missiles

2) Terrorist groups like Hezbollah will be empowered to join in the fight making for a two front war with Israel along their southern and south-east borders..

3)  Russia will involve its military on the side of Assad creating an expansive war beyond anyone contemplated to this point..

As it is, they're sending two marines-carrying warships to the Mediterranean and a few days ago negotiated with Cyprus to buy their debt in exchange for their government preventing the US to launch missiles from there..
4) Perhaps Iran will send its military too.. or wait until we eventually hit their nuclear facilities with our tomahawks..

5) That Americans at home and abroad will be opening themselves to terrorist attacks (gas masks anyone?) to which our pathetic leaders will once again cry out the lie that enemies did it because they hate our freedom and our football

6) Gas prices will explode costing everyone $1-2 more per gallon (if lucky) and also resulting in dramatic price increases in food and any other products dependent on gasoline or interstate delivery..

7)  If we're successful we just handed over Syria to al Qaida.. and if we fail, we did this all for nothing at the cost of billions while our national defense has been cut over the last 12 mths by $600 Billion..
Its funny.. we try to teach our children not to succumb to peer pressure..  That it doesn't matter if others call you a 'chicken' or a 'coward'..  or someone threatens not to be a friend anymore to our son or daughter..

All that matters is they make the right choice for them and worry about the crowd..

And yet the US government never learned that lesson.  We were involved for eleven years in Vietnam because of fear how we'd look to other nations if we left.. 60,000 men and women Americans died an countless Southeast Asians so our prestige didn't take a hit..

Which it did anyways..
And now we have Syria.. a decades-long continuation of the small-ego syndrome..  Syria's calling us cowards.. chickens.. Brakk Brakk!!   Oh what will the world think..   Can't let our enemies think we're weak..
Nope.. And so people are going to die and the quality of life in this country is going to get exponentially worse as a result of this because we can't be perceived as spineless yellow-bellies.

And the worst part is We the People really have no say in any of this..  They do as they do, we suffer the consequences and/or pay the bills and at worst, the criminals don't run for re-election..

All one big charade...