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Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting to that Matrix Moment: Red Pill or Blue?

Today the Consumer Confidence Board released its monthly poll providing soulless Wall Street Investors and profiteers (redundant we know) a gauge how the the US Consumer is doing...

When the numbers show improvement, Wall Street rallies..

When the numbers show decline then Wall Street ignores and still rallies..

Its never about reality; its the contrivance...
September's figures show the first consecutive monthly drop in 14 months and the largest miss vs expectations on record in all the years its been compiling data

Printing at 76.8 against an expectation of 82.0 (a score of 100 or more indicates a very confident consumer and strong economy), this is the lowest in 5 months...

People are finally being affected by rising interest rates and soaring gas prices amid stagnant incomes and there's only so much credit card limit one has available to therapy shop.
And as we said before, the Dow is up 75 points or so..

They're also pretty excited about a Twitter IPO  (Initial Public Offering)..

To spare a lot of technical jargon to explain that, let's say you have roaches in your apartment who love eating those chicken sandwiches you keep leaving out on the table when leaving for the day..  And now they see you also left a piece of sugary birthday cake out as well..
Investors are roaches, those chicken sandwiches are the daily 'food' these roaches profit and grow rich off of and that cake is a sweet-treat; something 'new' that draws even more of them out of the woodwork...

There's a disconnect folks..  Its getting worse..

According to the New York Times, a recent study reveals that the top 10% of wage earners in the U.S. took home more than half the country’s total income in 2012. That's the highest level recorded since the government began collecting the data a century ago...

The richest 10% of households own around 90% of the stock market
 So when you are happy the market goes up (and chances are you do not represent this 10%), you are rooting and cheering for others to increase their portfolios and profits while you continue being stuck in mud..

Or quicksand...

And as we've stated numerously, the system attaches the Dow figure to patriotism.. If you love your country, you want it to keep going up..

Which is among the most idiotic concepts people can grasp onto short of believing naked Emperors are dressed in regal refinement...

People think.. 'Well if the rich make more and more money, they will ultimately create jobs and then I will get hired...'

No.. that's not reality.. That's Reagan Trickle-Down Republicanism

Reality is if the wealthy can make globs and globs of money from the stock market and other portfolio investments and pay near zero in taxes thanks to clever accounting,  why in the world would they wish to start up business and deal with all the headaches and graft associated??

If a company owner is rolling in the dough thanks to temps and part-timers working for 15-25% less salary than they did pre-Lehman Bros collapse in a union-less environment, where is the incentive to hire more workers??
And if so, they're just going to be more temps anyways...

You hear people say that we shouldn't have class warfare in this country..

Hmm.. Guess who are the ones usually arguing for that?  Yep.. the ones who have everything..  Last thing they want is to be targeted by angry people with symbolic pitchforks or being robbed & ransacked...

But they've little to worry..  The masses aren't galvanized..
It takes the death of a black teenager at the hands of someone of a different race to provoke the outrage which should be in ample abundance based on this economy..

Black on black killing?  Ehh..

A couple weeks ago in Philadelphia, a one-year old child was shot dead while in his stroller by a stray bullet meant for another..  

The child was black.. The killer was black..  The black community yawned and the race peddlers (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc) continued on with their lives of luxury and ease...
Its funny how people are..

A starving person will rob, steal or even kill to survive..

A starving populace will quietly sit

We do so for many reasons, among the top is that while we pretend to hate politicians and be skeptical of what comes out of their mouths but in truth, we're pretty much all gullible dopes..

We actually trust them when it comes to the economy because we're so Desperate to believe things are better, we Need the lies badly..   Hopium addicts..
We need to believe we're doing better as a nation; we're strengthening..  we're #1.. A growing market.. GDP no longer in the negative..  healthcare system fixed..

An endless supply of money to deal with all problems and contingencies..

No one wants to acknowledge the smoke and mirrors or the puppet strings attached nor who is doing the pulling..

And we don't want to even remotely concern ourselves with the rest of the world...  Greece-- fine..   Japan-- fine..  China-- fine  Europe-- fine
Everything's fine folks, move along..

We need assurance and heaping helpfuls of it..

If people accepted the reality that Obama is a shit President who is absolutely clueless and has done Nothing to help the economy..

If people accepted the reality that this nation.. this World is controlled by central bankers who have over a period of three decades pulled the world back into almost medieval-like economic serfdom...

If people accepted the reality that ultimately these tens upon tens of trillions in global debts will come crashing upon us because what we're all doing is so utterly unstable..
Well.. it wouldn't be pretty..

But it would be necessary.

When we write these posts we often think of the 1999 film 'The Matrix'..  How Keanu Reeves' character Neo was living in this dream world... this 24/7 lie..

And when Neo finally woke up from it, the adjustment was extremely difficult.  He literally collapsed due to the overwhelming weight of it all..
Some can't handle reality..  The character 'Cypher' hated his real life so much, he negotiated a deal where he'd get re-plugged back into the Matrix in exchange for killing all those he worked with..

Some like Neo ultimately did accept..and thrived.

Its not up to us to decide whether our readers can handle the honest, bare-bones truth about where we are as a nation and globally..

Our responsibility is to provide points of view you simply are not getting in mainstream news and allow you to decide for yourself whom you believe..
Or which 'pill' you wish to keep swallowing..

The Red one or the Blue?