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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Much Ado About Anything

Its super-early Wednesday morning..  We weren't able to post yesterday due to meetings galore taking us into today so this is our first and only chance to do so..

So let's see how the market's doing..

Ahh.. we see its dropped another 66 pts to 15,000 and blah-blah where the previous day it was 15,000 and blah-blah, and in all likelihood today will finish at around the same number..

We do like seeing it continually drop but wake us when it gets to 13,000 and blah-blah at the very least.
Supposedly there's sudden investor uncertainty that the Fed may actually start tapering soon after all, and threat of government showdown-shutdown and probably a really foul mood on Wall Street based on how terrible the N.Y. football Giants are (we're guessing on that one)

So what to make of all this sudden nervousness and jittery reactions?

First thing to remember is everything on Wall Street is orchestrated and telestrated by the Fed..  If you are a professional Investor, a banker, member of the financial media or just someone in the know, then you Know what will happen before it happens.

In fact before major announcements by the Fed are made public, they text 'teak' it to contacts in the industry and media whom they know will release the info to the secondary people who without the heads-up, may react dramatically to anything the Fed states to the public..
This ensures a calm market and everyone feels that they're thoroughly connected in the loop.

So the nervousness causing the market to drop is merely professional scum.. um.. Investors, traders, media and the like not yet filled in secretly as to what the Fed's plans are to manipulate things.

If you see the Dow begin dropping 200-250pts consistently, then the Big Boys know tapering is coming because they were forewarned.

But really the Fed is behind the 8 ball on this one.    They took a criminal operation run by greedy soulless thugs (Wall Street) and since 2009 decided the best way to recover the market was to 'drug' them all with free money..
And goodness how they devoured it... devoured like opium

And now these bad people are hooked; got a really bad fix..and since the real economy is still flat lined, what is the Fed to do?

Gotta always appease the investor ya know...

A couple weeks ago they couldn't have even symbolically tapered by a few hundred million which is like one-tenth of one percent of the $85 billion monthly for fear the barnyard animals in the silos would go crazy and take the market down with it...
And now they're still floating rumors of tapering?  More like trial balloons to see if there's even the slightest chance they can without the backlash..

You try weaning a happy baby from its bottle, or from a tasty teat... What reaction do you think you'll get?

Hard enough weaning an adult from one...

But we digress..
The Fed and the market are both also worried of a government shutdown.  Not because it will impact people's lives and deprive them of an income..   No no no silly..

Its more like it will affect when information like the monthly BLS jobs report is released which is one of those faux factors the market uses to push the Dow even higher..

If there is an October 1st shutdown, the BLS won't be able to tell us when the employment data, and other key economic reports will be released until after the shutdown ends.
Some BLS employees will report to the office to provide for an orderly shutdown but no new work will occur.   Computers will be shutdown to prevent problems. Those workers that worked from home or in the field will be forced to turn in laptops, and BLS provided cell phones.

So all this.. we call it 'Much Ado about Anything' because anything short of scripted guaranteed certainty in the stock market and it may cause all these super-elites to do something they're incapable of doing...

Like honestly trade (buy/sell) based on actual skill