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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ol' Yellen: Lapdog for the Establishment

Right now the big 'push' among insiders is for President Obama to appoint current Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen to replace Bernanke..

More than 350 economists, 38 female House Democrats and about 17 Senators have signed letters to this effect..  And because the ultra-crooked Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration, her nomination seems pretty certain..

And that's what Wall Street and the Establishment want at all times...

And many will celebrate its the first woman Chair in the 100 years of the Fed as if the fact women can achieve anything a man can is really That much of a surprise..

Let's be real.. If a woman can be Prime Minister of Israel, India and Great Britain and currently heads of Germany and Argentina, then really who gives a Shit that a woman is supposedly 'finally' head of the Federal Reserve

Sorta like who cared we elected our first black President five years ago when the continent of Africa has been naming black men as their nations' leaders for the past five decades
But we digress..

So what is Yellen like?  What does she believe?  Where does she stand on QE?  On tapering?  Who is her favorite judge on 'X Factor'?

Who cares..  Its all minutiae..

This is what we do know and absolutely guarantee or double your subscription back (oh that's right-- we're free):

1)  She will never institute a policy that hurts the stock market, and if so it will be Very quickly rescinded.. At best she'll raise interest rates... Very Very gradually
2)  She will never institute a policy that hurts investors or banks or corporations or anyone who possesses black credit cards (for those who don't know, black credit cards are the most exclusive cards to obtain i.e by invitation only, and set aside for the super rich)

3)  In a national or global emergency, she will take the reins like Bernanke and control the action, assisting her central banker 'brothers' in Europe, Japan and elsewhere as needed

4)  She will continue the current open-ended QE spending to boost markets..  Oh there may be a little tapering here n' there but what's say $70billion/month vs $85 billion among friends?
And let's be frank.. if she possessed even one economic DNA strand that was anti-Fed, not only would she not be Vice Fed Chair currently but wouldn't even be allowed to operate a hot-dog cart outside on Fed premises.

There's always a sliver of hope that the lapdog could develop a taste for owners' blood and nicely bite into the hands that feed her...

We hope, to continue the 'dog' theme, Yellen turns into a serious Grade A Bitch, and we say that with no disrepect..  As we said, we seriously hope this happens..

In a perfect world she would be..
Problem is even seriously wound up pit bulls don't attack their owners-- they take out their abuse on others...

So the charade will continue and much ado will be made about nothing with massive overkill over her gender as if its so remarkably special a woman can achieve positions of power in 2013..

More distraction..  And people will gobble it up..

So looks like those in the know who really do know the game need to be praying and wishing a little extra hard for another market crash because no change from the President of 'change' is coming down the horizon any time soon..
Of course looking at Yellen, we sincerely 'hope' we are mistaken about her...