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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Great Silent Oblivious Majority

Do you want to know how truly weak and fragile the US economy is, and by extension the global economy?

The Federal Reserve today decided they would not taper back infinite QE...

Not one single penny of the continual $85 billion/month to buy US Treasuries (US Debt), toxic mortgages and other asset purchases, direct market injections, etc..

Not one single penny cut back..
Even the soulless Investors expected something.. maybe 10-15%


The Bearded Bastard Fed Chair keeps on pumping and the vast (and we do mean Vast) majority of Americans are clueless as to what it means in the present and the future for the continued weakness of the dollar and its purchasing power..

The rats & roaches were happy though.. +145 at 15,672 as of this writing..
And we are forced to keep repeating ourselves to the small percentage of intelligent readers who do get it and do care while the masses either cheer the daily upticks or are oblivious to it all..

No one in Washington knows this disconnect is sustainable but as long as the people feel good and believe they possess either some wealth or the means to acquire it, they will accept a lot of distortion and happy distraction..

This means to Washington that a strong stock market + very poor economy with empty words that it is improving (just be patient) equals re-election every voting cycle.
~ 'Ooh.. Dancing with the Stars is on..'

Supposedly only 9% of people like Congress.. yet the re-election rate among Congress is consistently over 90%!

Since 1964, House of Representatives members have never been re-elected under 85% and since 1988, neither has the US Senate.

That means to the simple minded i.e. your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers, etc.. politicians are crooks, scoundrels, liars and thieves.. umm.. except Your local Representatives and Senators.
And so people just trudge along.. living pretty much inconsequential lives..  They get up.. drive to work.. dilly-dally for 8 hours or so.. drive back , have dinner then kick back on the ole' lay-z-boy to watch a couple hours of sitcoms before bed...

And that's the extent of their lives and curiosity to know anything outside of themselves.

And this allows government to keep doing what they do..  And the Fed to keep doing what they do..

And when the shit hits the fan and there's real trouble, all the power elites can say with a straight face 'No one saw this coming!' to a scared populace jarred by the fact that 'Two and a Half Idiots' and 'The Great Gang-Bang Theory' have been pre-empted by ~gasp!~ urgent news
Remember.. All television even news is intentionally presented to keep its viewers passive.  No problems ever shown which aren't fixed in 30 or 60 minutes.. Nothing serious presented where you the viewer are given information or motivation to get involved..

Think about that..  Let's say the news reports an Amber Alert.. a missing girl in your neighborhood, what does it encourage you to do?  Go on neighborhood patrols going door to door to see if anyone knows anything?  Gather into small groups and investigate near water canals or wooded areas?

Nope.. just that a girl is missing, then cue the hysterical parents for a sound bite..

And we are pretty content to just feel empathy and move on.
How did we as a nation get so dumbed down?

Honestly.. the blame is in schooling.    But understand it was not accidental.

Back in the 1960s, the youth questioned everything.  And one didn't have to be a drug addicted peace hippie to feel the affects.  We at A&G are not even from the 1960s and yet we've been able to admire their intellectual curiosity from afar..

Beyond the social issues of the day and desire to experiment with psychedelic drugs (which we don't condone), young people rebelled and questioned Everything from social order and structure to developing their own philosophies of life to questioning why are they here...
Not all the answers made sense but the attempt was made to find mental and spiritual clarity.

The government did not like this so starting in the 1970s they changed from within how young people were to be educated and gradually de-emphasized anything that motivated the young to question, debate or challenge the authority i.e. the teacher.

Its no accident that for the last four decades, the educational focus as been more on science and mathematics and social studies like geography and anthropology rather than humanities like history and philosophy...
Who is going to sincerely question that 4 + 4 = 8?   Who is going to sincerely argue the molecular compound which makes water (H2O) is all wrong?  Who is going to sincerely debate their instructor as to where the line of demarcation between North and South Dakota should be?

The youth are presented the information.. They don't need to question or think on it.. Just regurgitate it back onto a test paper like a mother bird regurgitates its chewed food into a baby chick's mouth..

Anyone who can survive 2100 days of the US school system (K-12) and still possess any individuality (tattoos and piercings don't count) and intellectual rebelliousness is to be sincerely commended
Most today don't question anything.  And those former hippies and peace-niks..  Now they're the ones running the show-- the instructors, police captains, lawyers and politicians...

Except they seem to care more about paying their mortgages, saving for retirement and having their prostates checked annually than anything akin to their beliefs from decades long ago..

But we say they were right..

In this world, you have to question Everything..  Find the motive.. the agenda.. Who gains to benefit or profit when a piece of legislation is passed or a decision is made to benefit the market...
And of course, who stands to lose?

And keeping silent just isn't cool anymore.. Being 'cool' takes too much work.. its all putrid posture

Sometimes to be 'cool' you have to vent and yell and scream...   And galvanize and mobilize with like minded people..
~ 'Finally that cat went to her litter box.. hmm, what channel is HSN?'

Pick your cause.. pick your fight..  But get in the game..

You.. We.. We're all getting bleeped over soooo badly by this system and really thanks to all the information out in internet-land, its never been so obvious or publicly orchestrated...

And as long as the masses continue sitting on their cushy-tushies watching regurgitated drek like Hawaii 5-0 and sincerely wondering if the good guys will catch the baddies, we really have little to no hope...