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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Partial Shutdown; Complete Irrelevance (for Now)

~ Today's pics in honor of Oktoberfest.. 

We were asked by some yesterday why we didn't write a posting on the at-the-time impending government shutdown that was to take place as of this past midnight?


1)  Its a partial shutdown, not a complete one

2) No one ever suffers catastrophic financial doom after one day of a shutdown (or when workers go on a labor strike)..  The way people budget and save $$ for the future, it takes 5 days
3) The stock market doesn't seem to mind.. why should we bother?

That vestibule of vermin is up 65pts today as of this writing..

In fact, the financial press we have to surmise is feeling so upbeat, that one of them at least posted an article entitled 'Stocks to Buy During Government Shutdown'

How sweet of Yahoo! Financial..
Can't wait to read what stocks to buy if we're ever attacked by chemical weapons or there's the type of sincere market crash or 'correction' we're ultimately hoping for

We don't think you can buy stocks in emotion-numbing illegal drugs, can we?

Apple was recommended..   Cisco and Facebook

It all fits..
Apple is leader of the anti-social, cliquish products that people devoid of outward personality enjoy using..

Cisco provides the networking connection so those Vital texts, tweets and twats can be instantly received  (U R 2 g'd 2 B 4 Real) ..

And Facebook is the ultimate site for people who want to show off and stay in momentary contact with those they know while making zero effort to meet new people outside the circle..

So that's the future huh?
Blimey!.. Bad enough its the present!

Pour us a heaping helping of the frosty froth so we may blot it all out

But back to this whole shutdown thingy.. this public political posturing over Obamacare and whatever.. Here's the square deal folks..

Right now it doesn't mean a thing..  its October 1st after all..  And really won't matter much 7 days from now..  Certainly some people will be directly affected but for the most, the biggest inconvenience is not being able to see the Liberty Bell and other attractions nationally..
But as it gets closer and closer to the impending vote on raising the debt ceiling; a vote that can not be can-kicked any more or manipulated unless the Treasury Secretary went to extreme measures...

Well that's when all this will begin to sincerely matter...  Because then you're looking at more of a complete shutdown and that will affect everyone..  And once that time deadline is passed without resolution then goodness..

Every piece of legislation can easily be backdated so there will be absolutely no rush for the two parties to agree on anything..

And so much more down the pike for Congress to do..  Like approving a new Fed Chair and ensuring milk doesn't rise to $6 a gallon on Jan 1st..
That's sincere by the way.. as high as you pay for milk the only reason its not 33% more is that ever since the Great Depression, the government has subsidized the dairy farmers.  The bill to extend needs to be approved by year's end...

The US government has made it abundantly clear it will never default on its debts and will use every accounting trick, manipulation and diverting of funds from elsewhere to keep that promise.

'Kids, Daddy chose to pay his Visa bill over us having electricity...'
But what else can this weakened nation do??  The Fed owns more US debt than any foreign nation and no one defaults on themselves

So that's when all this begins to matter.. And don't worry, you'll know it...

When the Big Boys.. the small few who truly run this country force the market to plunge 400-700pts daily like they did in 2008 when wanting TARP, then all the little greasy Dem and Rep worms will come together and reach some consensus, then pass another ceiling raise..

And all will be well in time for Trick or Treating...
And everyone will have forgotten all this by the time that yummy turkey with all trimmings is served.. Gobble Gobble..

And people will feel really good about things as they over-extend their financial generosity toward others this Christmas.. Ho ho...

And when that Fed tapering truly commences in 2014 and interest rates being a real rise, then everyone will remember once again how bad things are, how terrible all those in public office are from President to Governor to Mayor and how nothing was ever done to fix anything...
And how will we know you all are afraid for the future?

Our blog will expand 20-fold in viewers as we had during the Syrian situation and every other frightful economic occurrence..

So in other words, we expect a lot more of you stopping over in 14 days..

We better get to work on those extra place-settings and start heating up them weinersnitchels