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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Society that Never Questions, Never finds Answers...

~ A Washington Orange-Skin... pun pun..

Why is it we as a society do not question much of anything?

Its a topic we've contemplated for some time..  What happened to individual thought and call to action?

There truly is a difference between young adults of say the mid-late 1960s and those young adults of today..  

Put aside obvious distinctions in fashion, lingo and technology, overall young people were more rebellious, more questioning of life and everything around them and more overall individual in non-conformist spirit than today.
And it wasn't just about a generation standing up against an unpopular war or in support of minority and reproductive rights among other causes..  That generation seemed to have a yearning to learn; to expand their minds both chemically and academically..  

To figure out their place in the cosmos...

People today take drugs it seems more to escape than to evolve.

Perhaps its a simplification..  
We know for instance that most supposed 'hippies' were really everyday followers of the styles of the time; who enjoyed the idea of doing recreational drugs, having inconsequential sex and just listening to 'groovy' music then graduating with degrees so they could get jobs and be worker bees like their parents..

But overall we stand by our assertions especially compared to the vapid, docile youth of 2013 who only seem to question why their 4G phone isn't streaming video quick enough

So who is to blame for this dramatic shift in the spirit of the youth within a period of mere 50 years?

We put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the System; more specifically the Department of Education.
By the early to mid 1970s, the silent majority for lack of a better term got sick and tired of young people questioning everything and as they saw it, almost toppling the government with its protests, its sit-in demonstrations and just overall not accepting what was told to them at face value.

So the way you change the mind of a young person is by altering the indoctrination mechanism..  In other words, alter the curriculum...

For instance, starting in the 1970s the focus became more math and science oriented while subjects like history, geography and anthropology were discarded as leisurely hobbies rather than sincere career pursuits.
You can't really question of analyze science or math..  H20 is two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen and nothing anyone says will ever change it..

Same with 4 x 4.. its 16.. No other answer...  

Thus you don't have to really think or analyze or question it..  
Just study your tables- multiplication or periodic.. Its all there.

And if you have a hangup on a quiz, have no fear.. The teacher is bound to give hints, test taking tricks, let you use your calculators or open books, or grade on severe curve to ensure most get A's.

In humanities classes like history and literature, it requires analytical and cognitive thinking; the ability to thinking independently and question just was the intent of the framers of the Dec of Independence or Dickens when he wrote 'Tale of Two Cities'...
The less young people question, the better...  

This is also why sports has played such a big role in schools over the last 50 years..  It teaches conformity and uniformity.. everyone looking the same, working hard for the name on the front rather than the name on the back..

Sports teaches repetition.. fear of superiors.. Instills punishment when orders or commands are questioned..  

It also emphasizes the concept of sacrificing oneself for the greater good of the collective or team..
In football, you make that key block that could result in you seriously injured so another can gain 3 more yards rushing.

In baseball you sacrifice yourself via a bunt so you purposely are called out for the benefit of another trying to advance to 2nd base...

Individuality of any kind especially creativity and one's distinctive personality is crushed.
And what is it we instill in our sons and daughters as they prepare to apply to go to college?

A diversified portfolio of interests and accomplishments..  Show that college that John or Jane gets good grades, plays sports, does theater, works with charity and a bunch of other insignificances..

And that's why we fall so far behind vs other nations..

We are content being good at many different things and being exceptional in nothing..
In other cultures, the goal is to be superior.. the absolute Best in the specific 'thing' he/she is focused on and nothing less will do..  1st place means something... being better than your peers and living a better life means more...

In the US, we are all about standardized test-taking so the dumbest child isn't left behind, stunting our young's maturity by playing kids games as long as possible and being taught how to conform to authority while expressing individuality via silly tatts and piercings instead of embracing causes..

It really is amazing there was a time not too long ago historically where 14-15 year olds got married.. had children and ran the household.   Today, most 30 year olds can not handle relationships especially if it affects career advancement...
Just a manipulative intentional dumbing down of our society due a fear by those who run this nation that a free-thinking, free spirited populace wouldn't take the nonsense which makes up our normalcy and institute changes that alter the current power structure.

So one generation after the next graduate high school with little true education, possessing no survival skills outside the apparatus of the system and about to compile tens of thousands in debt in the hopes one can find a job after graduation..

School will teach you about algebra or the various moons of Jupiter but not what to do if/when society ever breaks down... how to hunt... to fish..  to build shelter.. to sew.. to build a fire..
And few young people possess the courage or motivation to question anything outside of themselves or embrace a mindset that as an individual, their Sole responsibility is to themselves to succeed.. not their particular 'group'...

None of it is accidental..  

Because we're really not a thinking society anymore..

We are collectively a nation that takes pride in being more intelligent than 5th graders.. Who are intellectually stunted as adults with sports, comic books and video games..

And we are exactly the society the system wants..

A manageable one.