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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Congress is Insidiously Evil

~  The part of the everyday American will be played by the chubby blonde

If you hadn't heard or read by now, unless something totally surprising occurs, an agreement was made in the Senate to raise the debt ceiling and reopen government..

The House should ultimately get the votes needed to pass and the President to sign

Horray..  Armageddon averted!!  Whoo.. Whoo..

Cue the sappy Aerosmith song from the film:  "Don't wanna close my eyes..  Don't wanna fall asleep.. Cause I'd miss you, baby.. And I don't wanna miss a thing"
~ "Oo.. a boobie..Hehh Hehh"

Aww Love.. Love is so Lovely..  mmm..

But we digress..

Gotta love Congress...  just like that cartoon Felix the Cat carrying that magic bag of tricks (and schemes)...  They can manipulate time and space and create things from thin air and non-existence to serve its nefarious purposes..

And no one is powerful to stop them.

But wait... What's this fine print?
Debt ceiling raised for three months.. Until Feb 7, 2014

Government re-opened...  Until Jan 15, 2014.

There's also some meaningless nothing about a bi-partisan committee who will look into the debt problem and report to the President by Dec 13th, who will then go, "Hmm.. a-ah... a-ah.. Hmm..." and then put into the shredder

Its so deeply Evil what Congress is doing right now!

We don't care if you're Democrat or Republican; whether you think the Tea Party are heroes or 'Tea Baggers'..   Today's agreement is as despicable as it comes.
Why?    Well.. let's be totally honest here.  Three short words describe why everyone capitulated and kicked the can until the dead of winter, 2014...

Holiday...  Shopping...  Season...

The National Association of Retailers and other Merchant groups were putting tremendous public pressure upon the Dems and Reps to end the gridlock so that it wouldn't affect shopping which is when stores are desperate to recoup all their losses from the calendar year in a 5 week window..

Its not the first time they had the power to influence policy.
Back in the mid 1930s (we forget the specific year)  Thanksgiving and Christmas fell within 4 weeks of each other on the calendar so they pressured and forced FDR and Congress to move up Thanksgiving by a week to ensure a 5 week window..

That's how it works folks..  Even holidays can be manipulated.

So here's the secret strategy at play today..
1)  Calm the markets today so they spike while ensuring through such prior chaos that tapering will not even be thought of for months allowing the Dow free rein to shoot for the stars..

2) The Congress and the Big Boys who pull their strings know the public has no attention span so this will all be forgotten by tomorrow morning, then focus on Halloween, football, leaf blowing, etc..

3)  By holiday season people will continue spending freely on faux sales buying gifts for everyone on their list and charging up their credit card debts under naive assumption all is well and opportunity to pay it off in '14.

4)  By the time the government shutdown resumes in Jan. (because it will) it will be too cold for elderly WWII vets to make public protests in front of their Memorial and other outward displays of civil disobedience.
Remember the exact same Congress who right or wrong fought the President now will be back in Jan.. No mid-term elections this year..

5) When Feb rolls around and its brutal cold and people are distracted by post-Super Bowl hangovers, Winter Olympics and snow shoveling, Congress will once again have to raise the ceiling and we predict this time there will be no compromises...

When this happens, everyone will be made to suffer in some way financially but now be much poorer than they were three months prior when they could have budgeted holiday shopping better to fit into survival mode.

You see how this works??
You see how G-D fucking Evil Congress is??  Pretty much All of them..

Rather than agree to increase the ceiling to an amount that carries us a number of years or have the guts to fight it out now, they kicked the can till snowy, blistery cold Feb when few will pay attention and most will suffer

And as for those soulless pigs on Wall Street..  now nothing outside of another 9/11 will interrupt their profit taking for the rest of 2013.

And if there was god-forbid another 9/11, we are supremely confident they'd figure a way to profit off it.
In many ways the United States is a very good country..  overall good people and a beautiful place to live or visit..

But its also a horrible nation in many ways and starts with an Evil government that our simple minded populace keep electing at an 85% re-election clip..

And in the case of today's capitulation and can kicking, a truly Evil Congress