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Friday, October 25, 2013

Crossing the Pond to find Honest Reporting

We've always said if you want to really understand what's going on in the US politically and economically, don't read or watch US news

Its not that foreign journalists are any better at what they do for a living or other news agencies have an anti-US bias which makes what it reports 'true'..

In fact most of the Western world's news services are as much in love with America as we are and share the same global corporate sponsors.

No what makes their information more sincere is that they're not bound to honor the charter of the FCC which insists in layperson terms that you do not shine the US in a overly-negative light or report anything seditious
~ "Hi Ho, this is Kermit the Frog reporting that All is Well... Repeat..."

They can rip a President or a political party or brand honest dissenters as 'traitors' but no US media outlet is allowed to show the US itself to be an evil, criminal or immoral nation or it will have its license pulled or not renewed.

This isn't anything exceptional in the grand scheme..

For instance British news outlets can't openly disparage their nation but US media outlets certainly could, if they weren't so enamored with the concept of Royalty and all that poppycock that it is..
Would you ever see a US newspaper or publication publish an Op-Ed called "Please tell me, Mr President, why a US drone assassinated my mother" as the Guardian UK has?

Well.. Perhaps if it was a Republican President, we might..

Obama?  Nope..  Even Fox News wouldn't touch that one..

They may hate Obama but its more a professional dislike and they love war even more.. Besides the current Incompetent in Chief is good for business..
~ "Excuse me.. on a scale of 9-10 with '9' being Terrific and '10' being Sensational, could you rate President Obama's Job Performance?"

Would you ever see an American media outlet write or honestly discuss the following headline also from the Guardian:

'Why the 1% should pay tax at 80%'

Nope..  Not even the super-ultra left MSNBC would..  Hard to provide a fair and balanced point of view when your sister station is the ultra fiscally conservative CNBC and you have on the payroll pieces of Garbage like Jim Cramer..
Besides its hard to tell if MSNBC is sincerely left or just filling a niche.   They tried to be everything else and failed then saw Fox was right wing, CNN working the middle and really all that was left was left...

For the record, we believe people who espouse left-leaning viewpoints are 100% genuine and sincere, and in fact on some occasions are absolutely correct in their beliefs..

We just find MSNBC and all those other media outlets as pure poop

For instance has there ever been an article written in the New York Times or Washington Post criticizing the US being in war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Think about that a moment
~ "We can't seem to find anyone to interview on the street who is against war or the troops.. Back to you in the studio"

There's been many articles written over the last decade on George Bush, former Defense Secretary under Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, former General David Petraus, etc...   Even some articles ripping the US for embracing a neo-con ideology..

But the USA itself??

That maybe we're a war-mongering nation..  That we kill innocents using unarmed drones controlled by military personal thousands upon thousands of miles away in safe bunkers...
Kermit:  'Oh Stephen Colbert.. Ha Ha! You're so full of it...'
Colbert:  'Yes Kermit but I recently won an Emmy because of it...'

That our ultimate goal is not liberty, democracy or even oil as it is to spread Western consumerism and consumption into parts of the world that mostly have resisted this?

We dare you to find one article..  One op-ed...

More important for these visual and print news agencies to keep a good relationship with the government than to truly poke holes and do real investigating..

Might make for some uncomfortable Press Correspondents' Dinners where all your favorite news personalities get decked up in tuxedos and sparkly gowns in order to share a laugh with the President and the rest of the Executive Branch...
~ Fox News VP Michael Clemente shares a toast (can you believe it.. a Fucking Toast!) with the President at most recent dinner, April 27, 2013

Oh, and did you know the NSA has wiretapped some world leaders..  read about it in, Yepp... A British newspaper...

And guess just how many the United States has intruded upon?

Five nations..    Ten?   Twenty?

Nope..  Thirty-Five
"A US official provided NSA with 200 phone numbers to 35 world leaders … (NSA) have noted 43 previously unknown phone numbers... the new phone numbers had helped the agency discover still more new contact details to add to their monitoring"

Nations like France and Germany were quite unhappy to say the least..  But somehow they all managed the restraint to say publicly what we're sure they uttered privately..

Didn't really read or hear much on this in the US media..

Instead we read nonsense like a twenty-something black woman will be starring in a new version of 'Murder She Wrote', once played by a geriatric white woman, and new DNA sheds light on the Jon Benet Ramsey murder of 1999 (source: CNN)...
~ "Listen Wolf, I've spoken directly with the First Lady and she assures me..."

And of course the bullshit controversy over the Washington Redskins logo...

Guess when an NFL team owner donates 97% to Republican candidates, he should expect a big PC police bullseye on his back

And when another NFL team donates heavily to the Democrats like the Baltimore Ravens, they receive $130,000 to help promote Obamacare (source: Washington Examiner)

Yes.. Redskins is just a terrible misrepresentation
So ultimately as we stated at the beginning, if you want to believe everything is OK in this nation.. that we're 100% always on the side of good and all problems are being taken care of by our leaders, keep watching and reading as you do..

If you want to open your eyes and get a fuller perspective, start looking into news outlets abroad, even among our allies..

And of course continue reading 'Ants and Grasshoppers'