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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: The Veterans Put Up a Fight

Day 3 of the government partial shutdown..  The market dropped yesterday.. or maybe it rallied?  Who knows.. Who cares?   They certainly don't... Yet.

People seem to care that WWII vets were initially prevented from visiting the WWII memorial in Washington which is closed as part of the shutdown...   Got people in quite a rancor actually

Can't blame them of course..

WWII vets like veterans of all wars deserve respect and without them doing what they did, not only would there not be a memorial to attend, but a good chance we'd all be speaking German and saluting each other with extended right hands like imbeciles.
~ WWII Memorial, Washington DC

Of course this government has a poor history of showing respect to his soldiers...

From the Continental Congress not paying soldiers in Washington's army after the war ended to Lincoln devaluing the soldier who put his life at risk by allowing any wealthy person to buy his way out of military service for $300  (Grover Cleveland did this-- our eventual first draft dodger President)

The US government has also used the military to fire upon and kill veterans who protested its policies.. This happened in 1932 with the so-called 'Bonus Army' comprised of World War I vets.
After the War ended in 1919 they were promised pensions that would arrive in 1939 but because of the Great Depression, many vets were suffering great financial hardships and needed those pensions Then, not later..

So they galvanized and converged on Washington and Hoover ordered the military to disperse the 'rabble'..  So US military shot and killed some vets and ultimately the demonstrations were broken up..

This was a big reason Hoover eventually lost to FDR a few months later...

So people may care about vets.. Government usually doesn't...
~ First police used to disperse the vets.. then later soldiers

If they did, they'd work harder to avoid getting into needless wars and foreign entanglements instead of mockeries like last month trying to get our exhausted, overstretched military men and women to put boots down in Syria...

They would also do a better job of making sure the Walter Reed hospital was better funded or quickening the time frame it takes disabled vets to get their pension checks

But ultimately this post isn't about veterans...  Its about wealth, greed and power..
~ Yes, the government brought in tanks to use against WWI vets...

Its about a stock market that refuses to believe anything bad can happen to cause risk to their precious investments and is fully invested in continual Fed QE teat-suckling

Its about a debt ceiling that continually has to be raised because we spend too much while taking in less revenue and we as a government absolutely Refuse to tax the wealthiest Americans or corporations a proper percentage

We're taught to feel hostile when someone dares to try to put financial limits on how much a person may make or possess as if its very un-American
~ Notice the soldiers wearing gas masks as the vets are coughing & choking 

That's nothing more than ideological economic indoctrination.

Massive wealth held within a small group of individuals is Destructive to a nation's economy.. Always has been.. always will.  For any nation's economy to grow and prosper, wealth must be continually circulated and when its among the populace, everyone benefits..
~ "Hoover's Use of Army Against Vets Rankel as Sheer Stupidity";  "Last of Vets Repulsed By Gas Attack"

That's not socialism.. its True Capitalism

Here's an example:   We have $50 million dollars in our bank account and are giving it all away..   We have two choices:  A)  We can give 5 people a check for $10 million a piece, or B) We can give 500 people checks for $100k each..

Which stimulates the economy more?
~ US military sets fire to US war veterans' encampment near Wash. Monument

For this example, lets focus on automobiles..  How many automobiles can 5 people each worth $10 million possess??  Two... Three..   Even Four....

So let's say each person bought 4 cars..  that's 20 cars sold altogether.

Now take the 500 people with $100k checks..  If only a mere 5% of that group bought 1 new car a piece, more vehicles would be sold this way (25 cars) than if 5 super-wealthy people bought 4 vehicles each..
~ Not WWII Leningrad or Warsaw..  Washington DC 1932

Because there's only so many cars and homes and boats and pieces of jewelry a super-wealthy person can purchase.  All the wealth just sits there or makes more profit via the stock market..

When wealth is acquired through a larger swath of people, it means more homes, cars, etc are purchased which helps to stimulate and grow Main Street economies.

So you have this partial government shutdown over Obamacare..

And ultimately the real fight is whether a person believes another has a right to healthcare when lacking the financial means to get it normally..
~ MacArthur planning out the attack without any guilt or remorse

And the super wealthy and power-elites are not concerned yet..and as it gets closer to the debt ceiling deadline of October 17th, they will squeal more and more like stench-ridden rich pigs to have their assets protected..

And the corporate controlled media will jump into the fray and convince everyday people their self-interests and that of the elite are one and the same..
~ " Hard Times are Still 'Hoover'ing over Us"

We predict in fact the ceiling vote will not occur on time but we wont default.. $$ will just be diverted to pay the debt or the Fed will double-down on its US Treasury purchases until a vote passes, then it will be set up as retroactive and all is well..

And then everyone can rush about to visit their favorite Battlefield parks and war memorials to get in a good bike ride.