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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Media Selling Debt-Celing Fear like Toothpaste

Its Tuesday.. the market is down a bit more..

Ho Hum..  So what?

Its all a controlled take-out.  The equivalent of  millionaire taking a couple thousand from his/her bank account..

Just more cash on the sidelines to put back in next week..

Ho Hum..  Yawn~
Wake us up when there's a nice 700 to 1100 pt one day drop that causes the market to close early and causes a lot of smarty-pants Investors to lose some serious green..

Anyways.. What's the big topic of the day?

Default.. Default..

Oh No.. What to To.. Ohh, What to Doooo??!!

Its quite comical and would be even more so if not for the millions upon millions of gullible people who actually believe the headlines..
They say there will be Depression..   Catastrophe..

Every Armageddon-like 25-cent term and phrase to scare the last squirt and poop out of the populace who have no idea what it means

It means the US is so tapped-out broke that we are scared to death that credit will be denied to us by the global banks and other nations so we are collectively slaves to our debt..

Funny-- could have sworn we already ARE in a G-D Depression!
Could have sworn by the 1 in 6 on food stamps which is the modern equivalent of breadlines, the TRUE unemployment rate of over 15% and the fact for every 10 quality paying jobs lost, only 2 quality paying jobs have been created to replace those...

Everything else is part time work and temping..

And we could have sworn we already ARE in a G-D Catastrophe globally..

Here in the US, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, on and on..
Youth unemployment over 50% in many nations..

Less jobs at lower pay; higher taxes and tariffs..

Amazing how all it takes to keep the populaces of these nations dumb and docile is sports, television and naive notions that help is on the way...

The big deadline in October 17th.. Thursday..

Such utter Nonsense!  Another pretend date..
It really is offensive that government and media collude to keep playing these tricks upon the people and how damned Successful they Always are!

Does any sane minded person really believe the economic world is going to end if these pieces of shit Senators and House Members agree to raise the ceiling on the afternoon or late night session of Friday the 18th??

Or by Sunday the 20th??

And when did being late for a payment to a creditor automatically mean default?!  And really that's all that happens if no agreement is made by the 17th..
To default on debt, you have intention.  No one in the US government intents to never pay its debts so you have at worse, a missing payment!!

Let's put it this way... What happens if you have credit card bills that are due the 18th and you don't pay that specific day?

You get perhaps a late fee.. maybe your interest rate goes up unless you're able to convince the creditor that this missed payment was a one-timer..  and... And...

Nothing happens...  You don't lose your home or your car..

You just send your check in the mail on the 21st or the 24th..  Big Deal!    Exact same thing for the US and our debts
Jim Cramer, the most famous piece of tar-like excrement in all of finance TV doesn't seem to care.. to people like him, there's always buys.. He has 8 post-default investment tips..

Kinda like a mangy hungry dog.. always something to bite into..  What's the saying... tastes all like chicken anyways...

Why not.. if people like this soulless man can make Profit off Japan's tsunami a few years back, why not this??

And trust us, if they could have invested on 9/12/2001, they would have Happily done so amid crocodile tears..   Only reason they couldn't was the US markets closed the rest of that week.
They're called economic terrorists.

Islamic Fundamentalists may blow up planes and buildings but people like Cramer and professional Investors and Central Bankers blow up whole economies, siphoning trillions globally from the everyday people, working the laws so all wealth flows upward...

Then on occasion offer stock tips down to the peddling masses not to them worth a piddling.

Makes one wonder what's more amazing after 5 years-- that not one banker, corporate executive of any importance or Wall Street fat-cat has been arrested or that not one of these as even been physically assaulted by any of the populace...
 Now we've often made this position abundantly clear and will do so again...

We want the US to default on its debt.   We really wish they would..

And if not having the courage to go all the way, to at least trigger a crash that will take out the economic gains many have undeservedly received in the last 4.5 years since QE1

We want to see a True non-manipulated stock market bottom and Only from that can true Capitalism begin to flourish once more.
During the early 1960's.. the golden era of JFK's "Camelot", the Dow was around 650 (yes, six hundred fifty) and we not only were OK but thrived...

If the Dow today ever dropped back down to the March 2009 lows of 6,500 we'd be plenty fine as well!

This nation from its infancy, grew to what it is today on greed.  More specifically, regulated greed.

There's been periods in our history where we have had unregulated greed  (late 1860s, 1920's, 2000-present)  and each time brought disaster then a pendulum swing back to regulated once more..
Its been really over a decade of unregulated greed with a heaving helping of market manipulation and we are due for a major swing back to regulating our greed once more.

Hopefully it starts on the 17th with a big market crash..  We don't believe it will happen because when 436 deeply dishonest people (Congress and President) put their collective heads together, you are guaranteed to get all sorts of legal and economic deviance...

We just are hoping..

And really you should be to..  Unless..
Unless you think a nation where 33% of the population does not work, 1 in 5 receives some form of government assistance to survive

Unless you think its a good thing that the top 1% saw their wealth Grow in the last 4 years thanks to $8 Trillion injected into the stock market and the only reason for any housing recovery statistically is attracting super-wealthy foreign investors looking to hide their $$ from local tax authorities..

Unless you think this is all sustainable and acceptable..