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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Political Communication the QVC & HSN way..

~ From January 2009.. 'Life & Times of Barack Obama: 6 Statehood Quarters' for $29.75'

Lately the President hasn't been too popular with the everyday folk..

People didn't like the idea of us getting tangled up in Syria's civil war and seeing it potentially escalate to a direct US vs Russia conflict...

Most people are unhappy about Obamacare or at minimum extremely confused about it and its present and future impact

And even though the media tried to paint the Republicans, especially the Tea Party as solely at fault for the prolonged government shutdown and (phony) debt ceiling showdown, many people also understood it was Obama's fault as well..
We were thinking maybe the President needed a different approach selling his ideas and policies to the American people..

Perhaps he needs to watch more QVC or HSN..

They are terrific salespeople.. simply amazing..

Takes quite a bit of skill to sell a $450 blender or a $600 Bose music player that is not discounted one penny vs going on the Bose website and buying directly...

And they do it very well..
~ "Ahh, yes.. Umm.. I was wondering if you were out of the Presidential pillows? Um..  I will take two..  And throw in a set of commemorative quarters please..."

Even yours truly had to fight off the temptation...

Seeing lovely models one after the other with luxurious hair being essentially felt-up folically by this one hairstylist selling his product, I almost bought a Bamboo Tea hair conditioner for $30 from one of the networks...

And that's what the President needs..  Communicate with people the QVC/HSN way..

Now personally we disagree with most of his policies and ideas because to be blunt about it, he's not a sincere Democrat and if you are left of center politically you would have to admit to yourself privately he's been at best a Great disappointment...

Since Clinton courted Wall Street and their campaign cash during the 1992 election after union donations were beginning to tap out, its been hard to get the termites out of the wood, as they say...

We do think Obama would be more liked at least if he sold his ideas similar to those TV networks..
We imagined last night how QVC or HSN would approach it if they had a mere stick in their hand...  We imagined something like this...

"Look at this.. you first notice the rich, deep shades of grey with some brown... the sepia hues mixed with touches of mahogany and in its center a light beige-like butternut color..  Very 'back to nature'.. Conjures up long walks in the woods and campfires at night doesn't it?

And its very pro-environment which I know is very important to many of our viewers...  Its made of 100% natural materials so it will not harm the earth in any way..

And OK, you know what I really love about this item..  It's sturdiness..  It is just crafted so well..  Look at this ladies, I am trying to snap it in two and..  it just won't break.   So you know it is a quality crafted item that is made to last..."

This is to sell a stick..
So imagine if Obama used the QVC/HSN charm to sell his decision to close the World War II Memorial a couple weeks ago...

"If you notice the WWII Memorial, the first thing that just pops out is safety..  Now I know what you're thinking but if notice here in these photos..  there's cracked steps here and here... and in this part there's patches of grass that have yet to be mowed or trimmed...

Just too unsafe to allow people to risk hurting themselves without supervision..  It would break my heart to know a small 5yr old child tripped and hurt his or her knee or a WWII Veteran's wheelchair tipped over...

Not on my watch dear Americans... Not on my watch!

So those barricades were merely buffers to provide additional assurance that the Memorial was as safe as humanly possible, much like a helmet on a football player's head.."
~ "Someone should do something to make this place safer so my wheelchair doesn't tip over while going over a pavement crack..."

or Obamacare:

"I have something very exciting to talk about and show you today..   Its a new, exciting way to acquire and possess health coverage

Now you know that old way..  It was terrible wasn't it?  I mean the bills and the hassles and the time..  Just a mess!

Now this new piece of legislation.. 'The Affordable Care Act' fixes all the problems and difficulties of old and so much more!!
Look at it under this light.. Do you see how it sparkles with infinite newness and endless possibility?  Like a finely cut CZ gemstone with pave setting and vermeil overlay..  My, that would look simply stunning on your finger even for casual nights out with the spouse or among friends...

So I guess you could call this the 'Diamondique Ring' of health care and if you call now, you will receive an 800pg book explaining all it will do for you, changes to coverage, etc..

And you know what I really love about this book?  Its paperback.. Much softer and conserves more paper than a standard hardback book..  

Plus if you look through the instruction book, there's plenty of blank white pages for you to put all sorts of things... phone numbers, to-do notes, adorable doodle pictures..  And remember, this book is included Free..  You just simply pay the shipping.."
Well I'm sold!

We'd write more but one of the networks is selling a tin of pretzel rods covered with caramel and m&m's, chocolate chips and jimmies sprinkles and there's only 300 left...  Just perfect for Christmas..

Gotta go....