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Friday, October 4, 2013

Political Compromise: The Death of the Spine

~All pics taken of Miley Cyrus, a true-blue compromiser of integrity; some pics may offend or disgust..  Sawwy.. Blame the person posing, not the ones posting...

There's certain words at A&G that we simply hate..  Among them one in particular:


People talk of it as if its a good or necessary action.. its usually not.
Compromise on a personal level can mean going to a family affair to be around people you genuinely despise with all your heart and quietly stewing for hours to please and appease another who's oblivious to your suffering..

Or allowing an employer to tell you when to come to work, where to sit, what to wear, what to do/not do, when to have lunch, when to take a smoking break, limits on phone use, etc in exchange for a paltry salary in which the government steals 15-35% of it off the top...

These are compromises of principle.
It is specifically due to compromise and no other reason that slavery interests were protected while the Declaration of Independence was written and during the entire Constitutional Convention of 1787..

You remember this from history class right?  The 3/5ths Compromise where for taxation purposes, blacks were looked upon as chattel like a horse or cow and valued at 60% of a white.

An agreement to end the slave trade not immediately but to take place 20 years after the document was to be ratified...

And Compromise allowed slavery to continue for an additional 85 years...  One bullshit agreement after another.. The Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, etc..
Even the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was a compromise.. it only freed slaves in the south and not the border Union states like Kentucky and Maryland

We sincerely do not respect any individual or entity that compromises core conviction for the sake of political peace, harmony and/or appeasement.

That's certainly what Neville Chamberlain did with the Nazis..  What did it get the UK Prime Minister at the time?  Faint hopes of peace, ultimate eternal ridicule and allowed the Nazi military might to go unabated for another half-dozen years before Poland.

Sometimes being stubborn and and recalcitrant is the way to Be.
We admire the Tea Party..   We do not embrace their beliefs and ideologies necessarily but we do admire the hell out of them...

They have convictions (whatever they may be) and are willing to engage in a long, protracted battle with the President if need be to preserve them.

They're not pure unadulterated Cowards like the majority of Republicans (and Democrats) who only think as far as the next election cycle and would mostly switch party allegiances in a heartbeat if it meant guaranteed re-election.
We read last night that Republican House Majority leader John 'Bonehead' Boehner will do everything humanly possible to  compromise and concede to the opposition party to ensure a debt ceiling bill is passed...

Here's how the Washington Post put it:

"House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) has emphasized that he will not permit the country to default for the first time on its debt... Boehner has told fellow Republicans that they must craft an agreement that can attract significant Democratic support...
One lawmaker, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Thursday that Boehner has even suggested that he may be willing to risk the fury of conservatives by relying on a majority of Democratic votes — and less than a majority of Republicans — to pass a debt-ceiling increase."

Are you G-D kidding??

Is this what all those Republicans in Ohio who keep re-electing this piece of bleep want?  Forget if you agree with the position or not..

Imagine how you'd feel if you voted someone who kept telling you they were pro-choice then voted with the pro-life Fundamentalists or ran for office as a pacifist and always voted for war...
The Republicans are pathetic creatures.  The Democrats too..  Not more than a handful of true, sincere Dems in Congress right now who really care about the everyday person in the whole bunch.

The Tea Party-- they have an ideology.  They have goals.. They aren't afraid of being mocked and derided and ridiculed..  Couldn't care less what public opinion polls say on anything..

They have belief and they will deeply entrench themselves and fight as long as possible to try to win the day..

Will they win?  Most likely not.

But character is built in the trying, not the capitulating; Never in the compromise.
The Tea Party, like or loathe them has caused the government to shut down and even though its partial and really mostly inconsequential, it has freaked out many in the establishment down to the clueless layperson who gets their news from Twitter

And they have people starting to scurry and feel sincere concern over this debt ceiling non-issue.

Why do we call it a non-issue?  Honestly because these bastard leaders create things from thin air to keep the system running...  Deadlines are meaningless.   Money will be skirted from A and B to pay the debt until something passed then it gets passed retroactive

Problem solved..  The drama is all contrived.
Or some fictional nonsense like the following care of Yahoo! Financial...

"Several months ago an improbable amount of momentum built behind the notion that the Treasury mint a platinum coin with a $1 trillion face value, deposit it with the Federal Reserve and draw on that to cover deficit spending. The idea arose from an obscure and ambiguous law apparently intended to allow the Treasury to meet demand for physical coins from collectors and savers...

Now a somewhat less bizarre scenario is being floated: Treasury, in theory, could issue bonds with an extraordinarily high “coupon,” or interest rate, which would sell at a large premium to their face value. 

The proceeds of such a debt sale would far exceed the stated principal amount of the bonds, and provide the government with enough cash to roll over maturing debt and pay government expenses without violating the debt ceiling."
Understand the previous mentioned ideas are utter bullshit created out of thin air to avoid doing what is necessary (cut spending AND raise taxes on wealthy) concurrently) to manage the current debt load this deadbeat nation is carrying..

It is no different than you or we, picking up a tissue, valuating it at a percentage of our real debt and then creating a fictional buyer with one exception...

Just like they have the power to print money and we do not, they can create nothing and make it something.. That's really the only reason we and the rest of the world still exist economically..

The stock market certainly isn't worried about all this..  today its up 69pts..  pieces of shit buying 'on the dip'.  Preventing Investors from doing otherwise is like preventing a scorpion from stinging.
Oh and to be clear, this whole debt ceiling nonsense is about the US government's ability to Borrow more money in the future.  If they don't pay now, credit shrivels up.. If they keep paying like good dogs, they can keep borrowing...

Really no different than most of us as individuals..  Just different degrees of pathetic.

We know ultimately the shutdown will end, that G-D ceiling will be raised allowing the market to keep rising and investors to keep flourishing, and in all likelihood nothing was won.

But that's not the point..
Sometimes you don't fight to win..  You fight to inspire others for the next fight..  Or you get in the ring simply because no one else has the courage or will to do so..

It has been five years since Lehman Bros.. and Absolutely Nothing in the world of finance has improved outside of bloated markets.  Its more a rigged game than ever

You can not build a new home amid a rotted decaying foundation.  One must be razed to make way for the next..  No different that the basic farming concept of crop rotation..  The soil must be replenished to make way for continual productive use.

Too many people were allowed to get away scot-free without suffering any financial hit 5 years ago who deserved it; too many avoided imprisonment because everyone just wanted to move on...
We know what is needed..  It begins with a sizable and continual market crash until a true non-manipulated 'bottom' is established.. It continues with wealth taken out of the finance sector and allowed to find its way onto Main Street..

Sincere Adam Smith Capitalism must be allowed to take root once more..

And we know most don't have the stomach for it..

And we know those who compromise politically for the sake of their financial Big Business masters are as common as grains of sand upon a desert.
So we call the Tea Party patriots for at least a few days because its not so much what they are fighting for or why they are fighting so adamant..

It is because they fight at all..