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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A "Gettysburg Address" for the future.. 2038

Yesterday we wrote something a bit sacrilege when it comes to American mythology and martyrdom..

We dared to attack using historical facts a President that has been treated since his assassination in 1865 as if he was this nation's version of Jesus; a man who was put on this earth and died for our sins so our nation may be whole.

This is how a lot of the artwork of the 1860s-70s present him with Washington juxtapositioned as the Father and that vision even indirectly has been indoctrinated into all our brains.
So we might as continue the "how dare they!" by writing our version of the Gettysburg Address except this will not involve Lincoln or even Gettysburg for that matter.

We're going to fast forward in our little time machine to 2038 to hear our then President give a 'Wall Street Address' in the flavor of Lincoln's speech to mark the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Bros and financial affects of a Fed controlled stock market.

By then we will have finished with the black President followed mostly likely a female then a Hispanic...
~ The "Martyr" President...

So in 2038, let us pretend our President is a Asian-American hermaphrodite with organs of both genders who was born half-Jewish but since become a hardened atheist who is also a strict vegetarian..

Not that any of that really mattered but to the super-politically correct political bean counters, we are sure we stimulated an intense mental orgasm with the previous description

And now he.. or she..  is about to walk up to the podium to speak..
"One score and ten years ago, our nation was brought upon the brink of catastrophe by the potential collapse of our financial system, putting at risk the bedrock economic principles and freedoms we all cherish so deep..

And we now we are engaged in a second great civil war pitting 'have' versus 'have-not' as we've seen the political and economic decisions over three decades, especially those of the first five years of the crisis plunge this nation into chaos; of violence and fear.

Selfishness, greed and the usurping of economic control by the Federal Reserve has brought forth the deterioration and ultimate destruction of the middle and working class, of which we all mourn.  And we as a people have loss the power and ability to self-govern our own lives.  Even I as President have not been immune to the changes..  
And we look back, shake our heads at how quick and precipitous the darkness fell; the fearful future which has become the present and the bleakness of what awaits our children, and we are all left to lament 'What If..' and 'If Only.."

But we must preserve and maintain our strength and dignity; our morality in this most troubling time.  We can not allow ourselves to devolve into our darker, more base instincts.   

This nation, under God shall overcome.. will overcome, reincarnate stronger than it was once before and be once again the beacon for freedom, liberty and opportunity to which is deep in the fabric of our country's proud heritage."

And then the President sits to silence...