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Monday, November 18, 2013

Dow 16k... Today's Headline; Tomorrow's Birdcage Lining

~ "Polly can't wait to you-know-what all over today's financial news..."

Today as of this mid-morning writing, the Dow is over 16,000pts..

And the first thing we could think of is how deeply meaningless it is.

Oh certainly it has meaning for those who flourish in the shark tank i.e. the sharks and it makes everyday Americans with no job, no home and no hope for a better future in this economy feel hopeful..

And patriotic.
Contrived moments like today, I always like to evoke Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA' then alter the lyrics appropriately..

"Well I am proud to be an American..  where at least I know I'm free..  To hoot n' holler over 16k as if it means something to me..  And I'll gladly stand up next to you and raise my beer in toast..  For I need no excuse to get pissed-drunk...  For this I surely Boast!!"

So people will either cheer or go 'ehh' or maybe a handful will vent..

We're not ready as a nation for sincere change yet..
So once again, we thought how utterly meaningless this all is and to make our point we connect it to military and political history.   More specifically allies and enemies..

For instance between 1775 and 1814,  a mere 39 years, the US was at war Great Britain twice..  Each side losing thousands of lives at the hands of the other and wasting economic treasure..

We even had our nation's capital burnt to the ground by those enemy British forces in 1814..

And now for the last 100+ so years we are all buddy-buddy with our 'right-honourable friends' across the pond
Because its better to put the past in the past, and when history gets in the way, revise it baby, revise..

We didn't fight Great Britain for our Independence.. they weren't the enemy then.. No no..  It was that mean ole' king George III..  He and he alone was the enemy..

snicker..snicker ~

Does anyone dare to imagine a time in the future we the US are friends and allies with al Qaeda and put aside all that 9/11 stuff to the dustbin of history? (We almost fought side by side as 'allies' in Syria)

Why not?  What was the post 9/11 narrative?
We were attacked by?  The Muslims?  The Arabs?  The Saudis?

No..  Osama bin Laden.

Our enemy is one person.

He hated our freedom..  Yes, he hated all our TV cable channel choices and was really deeply envious that we could go to the supermarket and had the freedom to choose among 25 laundry detergent brands..

rolls eyes ~
And Pearl Harbor.. What's the modern narrative?  Oh yes..  the 'Japanese' didn't attack us..  No, it was 'Japanese Imperial forces' under Tojo..

Ohhh that evil Tojo.   Boo.. Hiss..

Everyone else was innocent.. especially the sweet man Hirohito..  He had no involvement whatsoever..  no influence or sway.. he was just an Emperor after all..

And we didn't fight Germany and Italy in WWII

We fought Hitler and Mussolini..

Everyone else were innocents obeying orders...

Cough Cough..

And we never had a problem with the 'good people' of Iraq..
It was Saddam..  he alone.

Yep...   Yep..

So its all meaningless.. these alliances and enemies we fight..  As meaningless as these bloated silly stock market figures.

Today its 16k.. tomorrow, maybe it drops down to 15,986..

So what?
You have two Americas at play and just like the historic and modern times of monarchies and dictatorship, there is a gulf-wide divide between have and have not..

 Difference being in modern times the government takes over the role once held by the Church and gives meager handouts directly to the poor to keep them docile and complacent..

One America that is super wealthy, super greedy, and as pompous and insulated from the rest of the nation as the bouguoise of antiquity.  A few tossing symbolic charity down to the rabble' with each effort brandishing their name or Foundation with glistening hue...

And then the vast cavernous divide which takes you ultimately to the second America who is too distracted and confused to fight the power structure.
Much easier for the middle class to blame the poor who barely survive on food stamps and that pittance called a welfare check...

Much easier for the poor to blame the immigrant (legal and illegal) who is so desperate to survive and hungry to succeed, they take the shit jobs that most others feel too good and proud to do

Always one segment of 2nd America pitted against the other while the Wall Street fat-fucks who possess more then all the wretched put together laugh and laugh as if they're watching two gamecocks going at it.

Its a strange thing we as everyday folk are conditioned to doing..
We cheer our favorite NFL team on and celebrate a Super Bowl victory but we get no ring nor any cut of the profit pie which goes to that team owner..

Our 'reward' is getting to buy marked up merchandise that says "Super Bowl Champs"

We feel happy when the company we work for posts a sizable quarterly profit while under the deluded illusion it will trickle down to our quaint paychecks..

So how should we really be feeling about Dow 16k??

You should feel exactly the same way toward Wall St. and this Dow 16k as if you were sitting at a poker table across from a lying, cheating, piece of crap who always had that extra Ace up the sleeve and a witty one-liner while deviantly wiping out your life savings one card hand at a time..

And like the skilled gunslingers of golden years; the righteous who ultimately win the day...

Well, you know the rest of the story...

And until Americans understand this at act accordingly as one would do in your favorite movie or TV western, nothing will change.. Ever..