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Friday, November 1, 2013

Everyday Person's Death by a Thousand Cuts... Cut #725-- Food Stamps

Sorry there was no posting for yesterday..

It was Halloween and we were so focused on going into hiding to avoid giving children free candy that we also forgot to write..

You give free trick or treat goodies one year, and they expect it every year..

Bah Humbug to that!
Seems the government is tired of giving away what it considers freebies too.  

Starting today they're cutting back food stamp allocations with the goal of the goal of trimming $5 billion off the annual food stamp budget.

The annual food stamp allocation is $80 billion; the monthly QE spending by the Fed is $85 billion..

Food stamps feed 47 million people which is 14.7% of the US population...
QE 'feeds' the stock market which in turn 'feeds' the Investors and wealthy fat-fucks who run and control this nation behind the scenes...

$80B/year  vs $85B monthly...

Government cuts back food stamps and most shrug.. or quietly bitch and moan to family and friends.. then continue on with their day...

The Fed even gives a whiff of a rumor of a possibility of QE tapering and markets tank hundreds of points in a day causing world markets full of greedy people of all ethnicities to panic

We swear...  If people Truly understand how this system screws them over and they could figure a way to unite, we believe ultimately we'd see something akin to Les Miserable in the streets...  
Its that bad out there.

But you know the drill..  few know.. fewer care, and the System always skillfully plays the struggling poor off the Archie Bunker working Joe when both are in the same morass.

So a household of one person will get $11 less, a family of two will decrease by $20, family of three by $29 and a family of four will see a $36 reduction..

A family of four will be reduced to $632 monthly from $684..
Oh that's chump change you say...

Let's see.. Milk is $4 a gallon and OJ is $3 so just cut back on that so a person living alone can just deprive him or herself of vitamins A & D as well as C and he/she will be fine

Well.... a little more jaundiced and more likely to have scurvy but.. otherwise fine.  

Did you know you can use food stamps to buy potato chips, tortillas and cheese puffs but not a pre-made warm meal like a rotisserie chicken?

Yes we find that a bit weird too..
We read the cost of maintaining a military presence in Iraq is $435 million daily..

So simple math.. $80B divided by $435M equals... 183 days...  

In other words 6 months of military presence in Iraq pays for a full year of food stamps for 47 million people

Numbers are funny things.. can be so molded and manipulated..

Like take that partial government shutdown of last week were only 2.5 of government was affected.  so it was decided by power ups to cut ranger salaries and public access to parks..  and yet no effort by Congress to cut into their own benefits..
For instance did you know ex-Congresspeople get pensions?

Works like this (

A member of Congress retiring with 20 years of service under FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System)  and a high three-year average salary of $174,000 would get an initial annual FERS pension of $59,160.

A member of Congress retiring with five years' service under CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System) and 25 years under FERS at the same salary level would get an initial annual pension of $89,610

A member of Congress retiring with 30 years of service under the CSRS offset plan would get an initial annual benefit of $130,500. However, at age 62 or older, this amount would be reduced by the amount received from Social Security attributable to federal service.
The vast majority of people in Congress are muli-millionaires so the US taxpayer will be paying ultra wealthy politicians like Nanci Pelosi, John Kerry as well as filthy-rich Republicans five to six figure pensions annually for many years based on how long these monsters live..

And yet what gets cut??  Yep.. Food stamps..

Its death by a thousand cuts for everyday folk....  

Wonder which cut will be the one you ultimately feel?  

Or be so numb as to not feel..