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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finance & Markets Info. Mailbag Q&A 25wds or less

We haven't done this in a while.. time for Mailbag Q&A where people ask us random questions on this and that, and we do our darnedest to answer truthfully..

As always we try to answer questions in 25 words or less as a personal challenge and to provide brevity to readers..  For those who wish to count along, remember the question length does not count toward the 25 word limit..

So let's begin..
Q:  Concerning A&G's post yesterday on Veterans Day/Armistice Day, what to paraphrase a line from 'Full Metal Jacket' is your major malfunction?  Why shouldn't all Vets be honored and remembered? -- Jarhead Jack, Miami Fl.

A:  All Vets should be honored.  Just not on that specific day.  Imagine Fourth of July changed to 'Global Freedom Day'; Christmas becomes 'All-Religions Day'...

Q:  Why are all these stores pushing their Black Friday shopping to Thursday night?  It seems so stupid and totally unfair to their employees.  Must be greed, right? -- A. Logan,  Tyler, TX

A:  Greed.. and Desperation.  Six less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas vs 2013.  Also Hanukkah ends on Dec 4th and they buy stuff too..
Q:  Do you forecast a market crash or at minimum a correction any time in the near future?  It just seems to go up, up, up and the rest of the economy is floundering.. I just don't get it...  -- M, Kelso,  San Francisco, CA

A:  Correction coming in January.  Fed will start to taper; Investors will freak.  Also, government will re-shutdown then.  Fed will respond with even More QE.

Q:   I notice the financial news commentators never tell people when to sell shares of stock.  I'm invested quite a bit and feel nervous but I don't want to pull out if it keeps rising like it is.. Yet I don't want to get burnt either..  When is a good time to sell and protect my investments?  -- G. Gardner, NYC

A:  We don't give financial advice.  That said, trust your instincts.. Fed has pumped the System in 90+% of months going back to 2008; Not sustainable.
Q:  How is housing doing?  I know interest rates are on the rise but you don't hear much on housing anymore and it leading the nation into recovery..  Any latest news? -- K. Jarvis,  Atlanta GA.

A:  Housing is in a rut;  Recently the cancellation rate for Q3 surged to highest since December 2008.  No job- no money- no home.

And our last mailbag question....

Q:  I've read today that the Fed could lower interest rates even lower to stimulate the economy, much like how the European bankers got a boost when interest rates there were lowered to 0.25% to borrow..  What are your thoughts on this? -- M. Wasser,   Ocala, FL.

A:  They could but that's only for banks to profit from, not you. Mortgage rates still going up.. Savers still getting killed..

See you next time ~