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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Victimization and Proper reaction

This morning we watched a 'funny' video on YouTube where every year Jimmy Kimmel gets parents to videotape their children's reactions after telling them the fib that the parents ate all the Halloween trick-or-treat candy instead..

The children, usually ranging from 5-11 are quite unhappy and most burst out instantly into sincere running tears and genuine heartache over the reaction that their parents who they entrusted to hold onto their candy instead gobbled it up..

See how 'funny' that is..

But it got us thinking...
Perhaps Kimmel should have people send in videos of one's friends, families or lovers when they're told that pension they spent their whole life working to pay into is completely gone and the city or municipality has filed for Federal bankruptcy protection to shield from paying the money out..

Or reaction from single mothers raising children by themselves that their food stamp benefits have been cut 5% now and another 5% next year (which it will.. just media hasn't mentioned it yet) under the guise of reigning in the budget while the Fed spends $85B monthly forever..

Or the reaction of a wealthy fat-fuck when he or she realizes during a bank holiday or sudden event that causes the market to close, that he/she can't get access to their money market account, CDs, stock certificates, etc..

Now won't that be a hoot??!!'
Then again adults are conditioned to just quietly take it..

One swift ass kick and face slap after another..

In Britain, one of their favorite modern catchphrases is the insipidly moronic "Keep Calm and Carry On"...

That may be all well and good when your enemy is abroad like WWII but isn't quite so clever-clever when the enemy to the British people lives at 10 Downing Street and also serves in their Parliament
~ "Watch out.. I am perturbed.. Yes, Deeply perturbed.."

But who are we 'Yanks' to pick on those ruddy-cheek 'Chin-Uppers'..

We have the same gook and slime and shit except the address is different.

As hard as it is to watch the Jimmy Kimmel video because we take no pleasure in seeing little children provoked to cry for no reason at all but to make adults giggle,  we Admire and Respect their honest reaction..

None of this stoicism nonsense..
~ Hmm.. sounds like our motto after 9/11 doesn't it..

They scream and kick and throw things and make everyone around them know they're pissed off and furious...

And by the time those little precious tots turn 18 or 21, they will have been satisfactorily conditioned to react to victimization with stoicism, passivity, docility and outlets like alcohol and drugs (including prescription) to escape and cope

The system can tolerate little wee ones throwing their fists in the air but it can't and won't ever accept or encourage adults to empower themselves to resolve issues with others instead of letting things fester for 10 or 20 years
~ That's how you properly handle a neighbor blowing leaves on your lawn...

And the system will continually fuck its populace over and whether through rationalization that 'everyone' is being affected thus 'nothing personal, eh' to physical brute force over its subjects, government will always ensure it does what it wants and no one can confront it in ways that genuinely make impact..

Of course you can still write a nicely worded email to your Congressperson voicing your displeasure and it would be well-received..   They need laughter too..

It also made us think..  Generally speaking, why is it that some populaces express frustration at their government by riots and violence and others with shrugs?
~ "Don't look.. I'm in pain.. Yes.. Deep Deep pain.."

It all has to do with democracy..  Well, the illusion of it..

You see, if you are being shafted and you buy into a two-party (or multi-party) paradigm that if you kick out one party from office i.e. the "bad" party and vote in your party i.e. the "honorable" one then that's all it takes to fix things..

And if you find out your guy is a piece of shit, well its still not the fault of your party but rather the people just elected a bad-apple who will be gone by the next election cycle and a fresh pear elected next..

And so few honestly understand and accept that both (or all) political parties are corrupt to the core because they accept their contributions and marching orders from the same sources..
Banks, Corps, wealthy Investors and the rest of that cavalcade...

Now let's say everything that's happened in the last five years has happened but instead of a President, we have a true monarch or Czar or Emperor..  And instead of two terms, we're talking about possibly a 20-40 year rule...

Think people would still be reacting so peaceably?

And for those who think we are being unfair to Obama, just close your eyes imagine there was no 2008 election and this was year 13 of George W Bush's regime...

And slowly step away from the bazookas please..
The American Revolution of the 18th century was a very violent one..  Teachers can sugar coat things but the war was Very brutal especially on the Colonists.

There's no such thing as a truly peaceful bloodless one..   And for all the causes one is taught in school about taxes and representation, it also was about one fundamental reality..

Parliament and the Prime Minister may face elections but George III didn't. So there was nothing to wait for..  1785 or 1795 was to be no different than 1775 thus no hope of any sincere change on the horizon...

This is why the French Revolution ultimately occurred..  Louis XVI wasn't going anywhere and whether he was directly responsible or not for the people's plight, he was the figurehead.. he had to go.

He did not choose to..  he was beheaded...
Similar circumstances in 1917 Russia..  They knew Czar Nicholas II wasn't going anywhere..  Czars do not run for re-election...  So the people knew there was no hope for a brighter future so they reacted as they did..

Of course the Soviets made life worse but for many then, they believed otherwise.

One of the reasons children react so passionately and violently when their parents do them wrong is an instinctual frustration that they can't get rid of them..  But as one gets older and closer to independence, more nonsense is put up with until that person gets a place of their own...

And then raises their children as horribly as they were..
When people believe there is a sincere chance at real change, they will put up with a lot of nonsense..  When they realize nothing ever changes and they cant' cope any more, then they trust their instincts and react accordingly..

So when you see a child cry really hard because someone is depriving, deceiving or duping them, look at that child with some respect and admiration because a temper tantrum is much more sincere an expression of victimization than stiff upper lips...