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Monday, December 23, 2013

Poem: 'Twas' Two Days Before Christmas...'

Twas Two Days Before Christmas
(An original A&G Poem)

Twas' two days before Christmas
And all through the mall
Seen the hustle n' bustle of shopping
To make up for dead sales this fall.

And the stores are aglow
With sales signs as far as eye can see
The most popular one being
'Buy 3, Get 1 Free'

Stores doing all they can do
To attract that foot traffic in.
And see all those customers
Rush forth to the bargain bin.

And all that delicious money generated,
Melodious register 'cha-chings'
Let us hope no more credit card numbers
Are stolen by syndicate Asian rings.

And those Corporate CEOs
Ready for a good night sleep
Ordering their chain stores open all-nite long.
God help those workers who utter a peep.

For there's merchandise to be pushed
And lots o' selling to be done.
And who cares if an employee shift ends
When shining bright is the sun.

And the local media assign reporters
To exclaim retail sales toppled previous year..
And to create the frenzy of an 'event'
"Goodness, you just gotta come down here!"

But really few have any serious money to spend;
So many dependent on that bonus check.
Earned in a year of mindless toil
And spent in a fraction of a sec.

And ultimately day turns to night to day..
And minimum wage workers quickly restock
Gotta get all this merchanise out of inventory..
Gotta sell the schlock.

Before one knows it, its Christmas Eve
And the stores finally close for real
And everyone waddles out the exits
Thinking of the Christmas Eve meal..

And now the mall is all is quiet and calm
This peaceful Christmas day and night
Before everything reopens early morning 26th
When Chaos rekindles its flame abright.

With endless returns and exchanges
And discount upon discount upon the crap.
'Real tree with broken limbs 85% off'?.. Sold!
Gotta love the sight of a sap buying a sap.

And the life of the mall then meanders on
Progressing nervously into the next quarter.
But that's a poem for another time.
To dwell on that troubled 'water'

Christmas is a spirit in the heart
Which transcends simply one day a year.
So lets take solitary joy or bear with the kin
As we seek out to enjoy some X-Mas Cheer!

~ Written 12/23/2013 by "Ants & Grasshoppers"; All rights reserved