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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From us at A&G to you.. Some special gifts for Christmas

This Christmas we at A&G decided to give our readers some gifts..

Not physical, tangible presents or gift cards.. Sawwy..   We are actually going to give you something much better..

The gift of Inspiration..

Below are a few different videos we discovered the other night where people (some famous, some not-quite) are talking about what we like to call matters of consequence...
If you take the time to watch some or all of them, we believe at the very least it will stimulate a spark of inspiration to perhaps look at where you are in life (wherever that may be) and make the personal changes or adjustments to allow you to live a more fulfilling life.

We believe this is so important in today's America where the economics of the land are so unstable and the "Haves" are stealing more and more from the "Once Haves"..   One must be truly open and flexible toward personal change.

**  We noticed the videos don't show up on iPad so we'll provide links for those unable to pull it up-- it will send you to YouTube and simply come back to the page when done..  Hopefully not too inconvenient for you all..

~ The first video we feel is vital to watch and understand.  Philosopher Alain De Botton talks about status anxiety and why the question of what one does for a living, what he perfectly calls "job snobbery" is very destructive to the human psyche of those with purer souls..  (video is 2 min)

~ The next video is of Henry Rollins.. Some may know who he is, some may not..  That's not important.  Here he talks about his life..  The coulda and woulda' beens had he not had the courage to pursue his dreams..  And he admits he benefited from a little luck along the way  (video is 7min)

~ Next video is from philosopher Slavoj Žižek who explains correctly in our view that 'happiness' is an illusion; a myth and the goal in life should not be to be "happy" but to be productive and Interesting.  (video is 2 min)

~ Lastly is an interesting video where magician Penn Jillette of 'Penn & Teller' is talking about essentially his time on Celebrity Apprentice and how it sucks willpower which he describes not as a character trait or quality, but just part of the ego.

In other words when the ego is stifled and by extension one's willpower to succeed or overcome obstacles, the human spirit is stifled with it.. (video is 6 min)

We are all born with a spark of personal greatness.  Some of you reading that statement may disagree but we assert its the truth.. Over time, that spark is attempted to be extinguished by outside forces- school, the system, family and/or friends..

And when its gone, it can be very difficult to re-ignite.

We don't know if the videos above will have made a dent in anyone life, dare say to provide an 'Eureka!' moment..
But that's ultimately what A&G is about when you get beyond the economic and financial news we report.. A continual effort to ignite or kindle that inner-spark that so many consciously and unconsciously seek to extinguish in others..

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and will be back at the end of the week either Thurs or Friday..