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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Video: A Christmas Present or Two.. or Ten

Normally we post weekdays only but a loyal reader sent us the following YouTube video, located below from Conan O' Brien's talk show which while is funny, also left our collective jaws drop a bit and shake our heads... (link provided for those using iPad)

For we knew the local media was utter fluff but one can still find themselves surprised how low on the totem pole of significance it is...

We also included for anyone interested, a condensed version of a real local TV newscast in late November from Bismarck, North Dakota where Will Ferrell plays his Ron Burgundy character from 'Anchorman 2 ...

The clip isn't Ha-ha funny but just interesting and surreal

And a bonus clip..  Mark Wahlberg presenting weather and traffic while on a local Philadelphia TV station last January taking things as "serious" as obviously the station when it presents information to its viewers..

Whatever it takes to keep viewers watching one guesses...

Next posting will be sometime tomorrow (Mon) and at worse, Tuesday..