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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Preview of 2014 Midterms: Emotion over Economy

Yesterday we were quite perplexed why President Obama felt the need to come out and say he was for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana; a position his own Drug Czar immediately refuted the next day..

What was there to gain by uttering such a public stance which contradicts a full century of government policy toward the gateway drug?

Then we read a headline in the New York Times which on the surface appears completely unrelated..

"Parties Seize on Abortion Issues in Midterm Race"

And it became abundantly clear.
The November midterm elections for control of both houses of Congress will be about emotional issues that have absolutely nothing to do with improving the economy..

Whether it be employment, raising not simply the minimum wage but overall standard of living for the middle class and regulating Wall Street and the banking industry..  Both parties are incapable and unwilling to roll their collective sleeves and actually help their constituents..

And even if some wanted to do good, their masters wouldn't allow it.

Besides which to explain such things to people takes time and energy and most people block it out anyways
It is far easier to galvanize voters on something like drug legalization, capital punishment and gay marriage.  It takes little to no brain power because positions are usually formed based on raw primal emotion..

Also its the clearest way to delineate the two parties since both are bought and paid for by special interests, the banks and those who make obscene profits via the stock market.

Republicans are pro-life and Democrats are pro-choice though both really end up contradicting themselves..
For instance Reps tend to be pro-life yet pro-death penalty.  Recently a couple states have even considered bringing back the firing squad because electrocution takes too long..

Dems are pro-choice which is really a polite way of saying the mother can choose to eliminate what's inside her even during the 3rd trimester.

The rationale is that because the fetus not supposedly 'living' (though if a pregnant mother is murdered, she and her baby inside her legally count as two deaths for purposes of charging the killer), a life is not taken.

Ironically, some Dems also are passionately against capital punishment believing the life of a criminal found guilty of multiple felonies like murder and rape is to be spared death.
Then there's drugs.. Reps are against the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana even for medicinal use..  Many though not all Dems support its legalization especially the glossy-eyed munchie eating live in parents' basement pothead element.

When it comes to gay marriage, Reps with few exceptions are against...  They're really against civil unions too but will tolerate it over the other.

Dems with some exceptions support gay marriage and will not be content until there is a Constitutional Amendment protecting it in 50 states (and where the Church is forced to preside over ceremonies)
And of course there's always the gun issue and the flag..

None of these things create jobs, put food on the table or gas in the car or stave off collection agents, bankruptcy and repossession.

But they sure are 'fun' dinner table discussion topics aren't they?

And the bitch of it is these topics of distraction always seem to work for political parties..
They are great for stimulating passion and anger which in turn drums up the party donations and as we said often, people do not vote out of happiness and contentment.  It takes anger or fear to get people to the ballot boxes.

And honestly no matter who wins the Senate and/or House of Representatives, little to nothing will change.

Abortion will still be legal and protected whether one likes it or not.  It would take the Supreme Court to overturn Roe V Wade to change the status quo.

Government depending on which state a convicted felon is incarcerated in, will still execute prisoners barring a Governor or State Supreme Court stay i.e. reversal of sentence.
No so-called 'red state' will ever vote or the legalization of marijuana Ever and as we said before, many Dems do not want it legalized either.

You better believe no traditional red state would Ever vote to legalize same sex marriage.. Even 'blue-state' California can't get a measure passed via the ballot.

And the honest truth no matter the position on this issue is that the amount of recent public support for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in the wake of his comments on gay sex demonstrate that any chance at a Constitutional Amendment on Marriage is DOA for the considerable future..

So the hot-button emotional issues will get the people voting but ultimately nothing changes..
Well except the economy..

Are nation and its populace will be further in debt, owe our creditors even more, the rich will be richer, the middle class will be more decimated, Wall St more inflated with QE, the dollar more devalued, more stores will close and fewer jobs will be found..

But Hey, how about Abortion?