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Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting People to Protect their Life Savings like Pulling Teeth

~ "Its OK Billy.. its for the Greater Good of the Government..."

One topic we have written exhaustively about here at A&G in the hopes that people would actually listen to us and not give mere lip service or a nod their their head and go 'yeah right!' is that your money.. your precious cash should NOT be in a bank.

We don't care if you have $1,000 or $10,000 or $10 million deposited..

Or if you keep it instead under a mattress, a sock drawer, empty paint can or the family urn..

Beyond what is necessary to pay your monthly bills, your money should NOT be in a bank.. Period.

Put aside the fact you get next to nothing in interest off your money while the bank can lend out 10x the amount to others at dramatically greater interest via a policy called fractional reserve lending..

And the fact we've warned since what happened to Cyprus last year, that nations around the world have put into law what are known as 'bail ins'...

This means if the economic system collapses, the governments who approved such measures (US hasn't Yet..) can seize and confiscate a portion of your savings along with everyone else's to pay continuing debts and keep the system afloat..

In a smaller way, MF Global, run by former NJ Governor and Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine did exactly this to those who did business with his company...
To keep things very simple, they seized segregated accounts people had meant solely for the purchase of gold and other commodities to cover other losses on risky investments MF had taken negative hits on...

It took those who had their accounts violated and plundered about a year to get back those stolen moneys and no one got back 100 cents on their lost dollar..

The reason you should not have your money in a bank is that now they are more brazen and up-front in their determination you not take back the cash you initially deposited..

From BBC:

 "Some HSBC (bank) customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it.."

Prevented..   Withdrawing one's own money.. Because they couldn't prove how they were spend it.. Or really in truth, because people didn't show they were going to spend it..
We must be talking about millions of British pounds right?

"The (new) policy affects customers attempting withdrawals for amounts as little as £5,000 ($8,253)."

And why is HBSC doing this?

"HSBC says it’s all done in the name of customer protection."

Its happening in Merry England.. It will ultimately happen here..

Here's the Real reason boys n' girls..
The banks Know that there will be an economic collapse of some kind in the near future; some systematic failure in all likelihood brought on by a market crash.. and they are putting in policies and protective measures to ensure during a bank run you can't access your money so they can survive

When the collapse happens, you will be severely limited to both teller and ATM withdrawals (assuming ATMs still possess) cash and if you try to flee anywhere outside your country with your cash, like in Cyprus last year, military police will seize it at the airport terminal.

Continuing the BBC article:

"Stephen Cotton went to his local HSBC branch this month to withdraw £7,000 from his instant access savings account to pay back a loan from his mother.

A year before, he had withdrawn a larger sum in cash from HSBC without a problem.
But this time it was different, as he told Money Box: "When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us the money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for what the money was for. They wanted a letter from the person involved."

Mr Cotton says the staff refused to tell him how much he could have: "So I wrote out a few slips. I said, 'Can I have £5,000?' They said no. I said, 'Can I have £4,000?' They said no. And then I wrote one out for £3,000 and they said, 'OK, we'll give you that.' "

He asked if he could return later that day to withdraw another £3,000, but he was told he could not do the same thing twice in one day. "

In case you're curious, £7,000 is $11,000

~ "Make sure you be a Good Girl and put that in a Bank.. or else!

It frustrates us to no end and we here don't pretend to hide it..

Its not the frustration on the part of the System.. it does what it is supposed to to.. Survive by any means necessary and off of as many people as possible..  And we Hate banks but they are greedy profit making entities-- nothing less, nothing more.

We get severely frustrated because people refuse to be Individuals and think for themselves.

Just too much G-D faith and trust and belief in this Government.. in this Matrix we all live in called a System..
~ I told my tooth fairy I would not accept checks..

Too much acceptance that you elect a piece of Shit every four years and he (or one-day she) will take care of everything; that you follow the rules, obey the laws, pay your taxes, do as your told like good little monkeys and everything will be OK..

And we're told from a very early age, when you have money put it in a bank..

Put it in a bank..  Put it a bank..   Put it in a Bank..

Not safe to travel or do anything unless in a Bank..

What about being robbed??.. What about if the house catches on fire??..

That is the Logic of Conformity.
~ NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke

Seriously.. If we entered your home as either guest or intruder, would we possibly know if you had a safe behind a picture of daffodils, or if you kept your money inside a box of Captain Crunch, bag of potato chips or buried inside an old snow boot?

As for fire, they sell fire-proof mini safes that are the size of briefcases, though we imagine if god-forbid your home catches on fire and you happen to be there, the first thing you'd instinctively rush to take after getting the family to safety was your $$ and credit cards.

They're good enough to store your important papers.. they're good enough to store your cash..

Little side note for those who think they are smart keeping valuables in a safety deposit box--  If a bank catches on fire when the safe is closed like after business hours, the vault is fireproof.  If the bank catches on fire when the vault is open, your valuables are Toast!
~ NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr on left

There's a very brief scene in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' where Leonardo DiCaprio's character wants people to try to sell him a pen.   All of them stutter about trying to describe the pen and how it functions..

Earlier in the film he presents the same question to some of his friends..

One says in effect, "Could you sign your name on this paper for me?"  Leo says "I don't have a pen" to which the guy holds it up..

So we will use that same sales pitch with you..
The market has crashed or there's a natural disaster..  Banks closed.. Credit Cards not being accepted..  Checks are Worthless..

"Sir/Miss, how will you be paying for that??"

BTW for those who believe the FDIC which insures funds up to $250k per account will come and save the day in a True financial crisis, get real..

The FDIC has about $55 billion in reserves to cover deposits..

That sounds like a lot doesn't it?

That comes out to $174 dollars per person based on US Pop. of 315 mil.
Ultimately what you do with your money is your business...  We're not selling a single thing.. And we know how difficult it can be to suddenly go against what comes natural and what one's spent a lifetime being brainwashed..

But we are very admittedly angry at a System that since 2008 has gotten worse and worse and not only does it not admit it, but goes to the other extreme to pretend all is hunky-dory..

And the people are grateful to be spoon-fed the sugar to help swallow the truth

Sings.. " the most delightful way.."
Get your $$ out of the bank.. As much as you can.. As quick as you can..

And if you don't, we here at A&G will feel guiltless..

Only so much teeth-pulling we can do before the wrench gives out..