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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jan '14 Edition: Q&A Mailbag- Answers 25wds or less

~ All pics from Super Bowl I - Packers v Chiefs

Its Late Thursday nite/sometime Friday or Weekend depending..

Its cold.. Its snowy.. Its January..   So today's post will be relatively short..

You ask the Q's - we give the A's and do it in 25 words or less or guaranteed double your money back..

Oh yes, that's right.. we're free.  So double that..

Here we go..

Q:  What are A&G's thoughts on President Obama's proposal for a $10.10 minimum wage?

A: Great if you make under 10; Expect those making between 11 to 13 to be fired then re-hired at 10

Q:  You tend at A&G to write a lot of things that while truthful, seem disturbing and not too optimistic..  What is most positive thing presently you can say about the economy?

A:  Could be worse..  Imagine if people Truly were aware of things with the same current inept leaders and no plans of action.. Shudders~
Q: What would you advise a young person just about the graduate High School as to the best way to prepare for the future.

A: Skip college.  Learn a skill or trade that can never be outsourced - Carpenter, Electrician, Heating/AC, Plumbing.. Put off marriage/kids til' 30.

Q:  Politicians have always been corrupt liars from the days of the Roman Senators if not before, and greed has been around since the beginning of time.. What makes what's going on presently any different?

A: Corruption has never been more transparent, wealth not real (digital not gold-backed) and people today lack basic skills to survive - hunt, fish, build shelter...
~ Notice all the empty seats between 3rd and 4th Quarters

Q:  If things go badly with the economy as A&G predicts, how does one survive it?

A:  Be liquid in finance (cash) and spirit.. Be adaptive.. pro-active.. Network skills - avoid professional networkers (users).. Hope for short term difficulties - plan for the long.

Q:  Have you ever considered that A&G may be wrong.. that there may be bumps on the road to recovery but ultimately things are much better than before and will continue to improve for the US and global recovery?

A: No.  We're not predicting Apocalypse or Revelation. We present facts; a truth mainstream news intentionally ignores. We shine light.. We can't make people look.
~ Lots of blue seats

Q:  We can't figure A&G out.. You attack both political parties.. You seem to hold both Bush and Obama in equally low regard.. You don't sell anything..  What's the agenda --  What's your deal?

A: We Love America.. Hard working everyday people worldwide.. True free market Adam Smith Capitalism.  The Individual over the Collective.. Democracy.. Freedom.. Fairness; Love Chocolate too

Q:  Any Super Bowl Predictions?

A:  Yes, odds of dozing off while watching: 6 to 1; Odds of watching any pre-game set at National Debt odds (17.6 Trillion to 1)

~ Happy Weekend to all.. ~
~ Packers' Super Bowl I ring vs last year's champs Baltimore Ravens' ring