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Friday, January 24, 2014

So What Does Keep the Super-(Evil) Rich Awake At Night?

There was an article in our local newspaper yesterday that amused us quite a bit..

The header:  "What keeps the super rich awake at night?"

A survey was compiled prior to this week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (where the True power brokers of the world converge to manipulate the System to their advantage).

Nearly 700 Davos-connected people responded and, for the first time in the history of the survey, an additional 500 CEOs were asked..

Here were the biggest concerns:
1)      Income inequality, which threatens social and political stability as well as economic development.

2)      Increasing numbers of extreme weather events which cause massive damage to property, infrastructure and the environment.

3)      Chronic unemployment, which coincides with a rising skills gap and high underemployment, especially among the young.

4)      Climate change, specifically the failure of government and industry to take action to protect threatened people and businesses.

5)      The escalation of large-scale cyber-attacks.
We thought we'd cut through the nonsense and take a moment to really address each supposed 'concern'..

1)  Income inequality

What a joke..

The super wealthy.. The 85 people that as we mentioned yesterday possesses equal to half the world's population's wealth care as much about the ability of people to survive on their own as anyone else could or would care if a squirrel finds a nut or a rat finds cheese.
And why should they..  It is they who created and/or exploited the wealth disparity for their financial and political benefit.  And they're the ones who put the politicians into office who along with the military and police, protect their interests

Remember the old adage:  'Give someone a fish and feed for a day; Teach someone to fish and feed for a lifetime..'

To the super rich and powerful, the adage might as well be 'Promise someone starving a fish and you can work that person to death; Actually deliver on that promise and the worker loses incentive'
And as for political and social stability, as long as its not happening where the super elite reside, what do they care?  These people have multi-passports to go with their multi-nationalities and multi-bank accounts...

No loyalty or emotional bond to anything..

2)  Weather events

As long as their physical property is not harmed, Aspen still has plenty of snow for skiing and the major markets of the world are not affected, the super wealthy elite couldn't give the slightest crap about blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis..

In fact to many, the more destruction, the better..
Let Japan be engulfed by a tsunami or a large swath of rural towns in Oklahoma be decimated by tornadoes.. or New Orleans become a cesspool post-Katrina

It just means new investment opportunity and that means Profit!


3)  Chronic Unemployment

If the super powerful and financial elite truly wanted to fix this problem there's many options at their disposal..
     a)  Actually hire people who aren't temps at living wages based on a 40 hr week and which provide benefits..

     b)  Pay their fair share of taxes so government would have the necessary revenue to hire more people in the public sector

     c)  Donate a small portion of their collective trillions as grants or very-low interest loans to encourage entrepreneurs who want to establish start up companies and thus hire others to turn fledgling ideas into something sustainable

    d)  Any combo of a, b and c
They couldn't give a flying fig that 1/3 of Americans do not work for one reason or another or that near 50% of all Spanish young adults do not have a job..

These are the type of people who pay their servants usually base wages and if anyone utters a peep, utters that insipidly insulting response of "Its a free country and free market..  Don't like getting $7/hr to clean the toilet, you're free to quit"

4)  Climate Change

In this area the well-to-do care a little..  Specifically where their businesses may be affected adversely..
Remember one does not get to a level of supreme financial power by being compassionate, conscientious and possessing concern for the needs of others.

It takes another 'C' word..  Hint: It rhymes with 'Hunt'

Planet Earth is one big Disney-like playground for them to steer their yachts and fly their executive planes over..

As we said before, if climate change adversely affects one part of the globe, they will simply relocate to a different mansion and bring their staff accordingly (Or if more cost-effective, fire that old staff and leave them to live amid the ecological rot they leave behind, then hire new servants).

5)  Cyber-Attack Escalation

This area is probably the only one of sincere, genuine concern since the financial elite and other power brokers are so heavily dependent upon computers and the internet to survive..
If as example a hacker got into the distribution structure of a department store chain, it could cause major havoc with supply lines..  That is ~Gulp~ loss of $$

We saw recently the power of hackers who got into Target and Neiman Marcus's credit card data base to seize tens of millions of cardholders' account numbers and personal information.

Its a very real problem and the super rich are not immune

Obviously the elites were affected by the NM card break-in

Had it been Sears?  Yep.. a collective 'shrug'..
So many offshore accounts to keep track of and stocks to buy/sell at a click of a mouse button halfway around the world..

So yes, they sincerely care about this one..

The notion that these people care about you and we..  laughable.

For the vast majority, we are debt slaves.. And these people our masters..
If we the people were post-Civil War sharecroppers trying to eek out a meager living, those well-to-do would be the owners of the General Stores who sell us the farming equipment we need but never for cash..

Always sold on credit..  Always high interest..   Always such that repayment impossible..

If there's anything that keeps the super-rich awake at night, its more likely to be adrenaline rush of making more money or the physical reaction to all their sexual and pharmaceutical excesses, than any real suffering of the bottom 99.99999%
Think about it like this..

The other day Warren Buffett offered $1 billion to whomever gets a perfect bracket in this upcoming NCAA basketball tournament..  And people cheered and thought how 'cool' that was..

Nice to see Mr B. have that much to spare..

Do you know how much $1 billion really buys??

The average annual tuition for an undergrad student at a private university is about $40,000.
$1 Billion would allow 25,000 students to attend for 1 year or 6,250 students to attend for 4 years and obtain a diploma..

The average grocery bill for one person is $300/month..

$1 billion would pay for 3.33 million people's food bill for 1 month or the grocery bill for 277,777 people for a full year..

The cost of a flu shot for someone with no medical co-pay is up to $28

$1 billion would pay for over 37.5 Million people to receive the vaccine to protect against influenza..
So Mr Buffett has this extra $1 billion collecting dust in one of his bank vaults and instead of putting it to good use, he's offering it as a reward for picking basketball games..

And that is as good an example as any of the Truth of where the super-rich's priorities lie.