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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tying in the Tangents

We wonder how many read our last posting on the need to get your money out of the bank (as much $$ as practicable at the very least) and dismissed the warning with a scoff or yawn?

Much like we all prefer to ignore the weather when distances away then act so shocked when the violence of nature hitting elsewhere arrives in your vicinity..

We mentioned the British bank HSBC in our last posting..

Then read this little nugget today where Bundesbank, the largest bank in Germany if not continental Europe, said that countries about to go bankrupt in the EU should draw on the private wealth of their citizens through a one-off capital levy before asking other states for help.
This is called a 'bail-in'

The money is not taken from citizens through a bill sent in the mail or the following year's tax filings..

Nope.. it is siphoned from the checking and/or savings account of each person who has in his/her possession more than whatever a particular government deems acceptable to not stir up mass protest i.e. riots in streets..

Bundesbank proposed the levy be 10%

And even if the money in US banks are never stolen so brazen as was done in Cyprus and planned out in other nations, technically the money is still being 'stolen' via the dollar devaluation, the near-zero interest and the rising costs of everything under the sun.
These are different times we live in..

Nothing's been remotely normal since late 2008 including the monumental collusion effort by government, finance and media to make it appear so

Really the only thing 'normal' is the human being's Willingness to believe and then move on to other things like award shows and Super Bowls..

And if the powers that be can't distract you with Hope and Change and new lines to access credit to buy things as if you have new wealth, they do it in other ways..
Like focusing on hot-button issues that mean absolutely nothing like abortion, capital punishment,  2nd amendment rights, illegal immigration, gay marriage and Confederate flags

We don't care where you stand on these things and its equally unimportant where we at A&G stand..

What is important is understanding the reality of things..  They are All distractions from the state of the economy and the ineptness of Washington.

Abortion will never be made illegal Ever.. too many people passionately support the pro-choice movement and things would turn violent, and there's just too much money being made in the medical community off the killing of fetuses.

The 2nd Amendment will also never be overturned no matter how many get shot or how determined some are to infringe upon the freedoms of others.
There also can never be true legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states (probably at minimum a couple generations away) and if the US truly opened its borders to all including illegals it would decimate the economy and open itself up to terrorists simply driving in..

And as for the Confederate flag?  Pathetic how successful the black community has been to banish the battlefield flag of a country that hasn't been around in close to 150 years under the ruse that it gives them pain and sets them back..

Guess the reason half of black males will be in jail before they turn 24 years old in today's world according to the Department of Corrections is because of that mean ole' flag.

Not that we're into scapegoating and shifting of blame but could have sworn that ole' Stars n' Stripes and the policies of those who salute the Star Spangled Banner between 1865 to the present have done more to keep the black person "down" than the Stars n' Bars ever have or could..
It seems like we're just trailing away into a tangent but it all ties in..

You have got to start thinking for yourself.. shed the collective skin of your background, heritage, political party and all that bullshit.   You and others Must start becoming true Individuals (responsible to you and your immediate family)

No child was born believing a political party or dogma and to be proud of something uncontrollable like skin color, gender or background is like being proud of having ear hair or a stubby big toe

When this economy drops rock bottom (and it will)..and cash is King (which it will be) and the System is tightening its vice grip because its scared to death of its citizenry, you have got to be able to Survive!

And Survival doesn't necessarily mean hiding out in the woods with the bears and the elk as you eat canned peas and trail mix for three months..
Survival requires Individual thought and trust in oneself to make the best decisions for your daily existence when the apparatus of the System can not protect you or solve all your problems..

It means the ability to question everyone and everything..

It also means to Stop trusting or believing your leaders!

The President will be speaking tonight as part of the annual State of the Union address..   We will not watch a second of it..  A complete utter waste of time and energy..

Felt that way when Bush spoke too.. And Clinton before him..
No President has the guts or balls to ever admit how Terrible things are..  Even in 2009 before the gloss over began, Obama refused to admit the state of the Union was horrible.

He went the cowardly politically expedient route..

In February 2009 the President said insincere bullshit meaninglessness like "We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before."

Wonder who's the bigger idiot.. He who spoke it or those who believe it?  Many people sure gobbled it up like birdseed

And that is the biggest reason this nation is failing.. Belief.
Too many people like and respect and believe the President; see him as actually trying..

Too many believe their representatives.. Oh sure they hate Congress but 95% re-election rate speaks volumes

Too many believe being loud and vociferous and agitating and Demanding things get better is unpatriotic..  (Poor Occupy Movement-- it never stood a chance of mainstream support)

Too many believe better days are ahead
Too many believe their money is safe and they are safe and all is well and government cares and they're looking out for the people and things get better automatically because well We are the USA...

And its enough to make any sane, intelligent person just laugh..

And cry.