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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You Get the Picture (We Hope)

~ People staying warm & sleeping the night in a supermarket aisle- Atlanta

What a week its been in the world of banking and bank accounts..

Monday, a report in the BBC that British bank HSBC is not allowing their customers to take out money they deem excessive unless showing where it will be spent..

Tuesday, Germany's Bundesbank expressed the need for policies to be put into place where if a nation in the EU collapses, the government can siphon money from its citizens' bank accounts, called a 'bail-in'

And Wednesday (today), Bloomberg reports that the Russian bank "My Bank", one of Russia's top 200 money lenders by assets has banned all cash withdraws until next week.
Add this to policies implemented by Chase Bank this past November where they imposed restrictions which prevent its customers from conducting over $50,000 in cash activity per month, as well as banning business customers from sending international wire transfers..

Well..  you get the picture.

You Should be getting the picture..

Are you?  Well..  that's on you.

So.. ~shrugs~  On to other things..
Did you hear about the snowfall in the south yesterday that pretty much shut down Atlanta?

Kids forced to sleep overnight in schools..  People by the hundreds if not thousands abandoning their cars in the middle of the highway and walking home or taking shelter for the night in places like grocery stores..

Whewwee..  They must have gotten quite a wollop..

12 inches of snow?  18 inches?   24?

Nope..  about 2-3"
The length of a thumb measures to about 2.5", give or take..   That's the amount of snow it took to paralyze a major city like Atlanta and really all of Georgia and neighboring states

The point isn't to dump on Atlanta..  Snows in that part of the country are very infrequent and they only had a handful of snow plows at their disposal to clear the roads..

The point is that the area was woefully unprepared.

They 'assumed' they'd never need more plows than they possessed..  Never established contingency plans for such a weather event..
~ The National Guard had to be called out in many states

So now for the 2nd day businesses are shut down..  public transportation shut down..  Airport closed or at minimum still causing many flight delays..

Endless problems and discomfort for millions..

Now..  if all this can occur over 2-3" of snow, imagine when the market tumbles and brings upon the economic crash we've been warning about for some time?

If you are unprepared, you will be Fucked.

~ Children sleeping in a school gymnasium

You don't shop for supplies and prepare for a hurricane 12-24 hrs before it hits..  You do so beforehand.. when the sun is warm and shining and there's no clouds in the sky..   When everyone else is not even thinking about it..

Natural Disasters... Economic Disasters..

No real difference except for one..

Economic ones last much longer.
Well we've talked enough..  you get the picture.

You Should be getting the picture..

Are you?