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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blowouts, Sellouts & Hypocrites

A somewhat short posting for Tuesday since we spent most of the day shoveling out of literally a foot of snow so the typing fingers are still a bit numb and discolored a Seahawks' shade of blue..

We thought the Super Bowl turned out to be a very good game..  We're not Seahawks fans or Peyton haters as we just love watching a good ole' fashioned one-sided blowout.

There have been better displays of one team creaming the other.. Super Bowl XXVII where Dallas beat Buffalo 52-17 and Super Bowl XXIV where San Francisco destroyed Denver 55-10 come to mind

Talk about orgasmic..
Blowouts in sports are very good things.. It makes it abundantly clear who is Superior vs inferior; Dominant vs submissive and usually stifles all the silly discussion debates.

Blowouts just crystalize everything back into the natural order of things.

We love stock market blowouts too such as today..

A -326pt drop to close at 15,372 to start February and overall a 1,062 point drop in 11 business days
Of course the big difference between sports and the stock market is at least athletes and coaches on the losing side can admit defeat;  In the world of finance and the Dow, you're much more likely to hear rationalizations and excuses..

'Investors pulling back for profit-taking' being more or less the most popular explanation.

Nonetheless as we say often here at A&G, wake us up when that 326 pt drop has a nice '1' in front of it..

Speaking of numbers, we read that advertisers for Super Bowl spent a combined $200 million (50 commercials that cost about $4 million per 30 seconds.
Was it a waste of money?

We hope so.

Most ads this year like every year were chock full of needless celebrities and of course the big 'Aww' moment was Budweiser's ad which is always ironic since beer is not an 'Aww' product so equating cute puppies with men and some women getting shit-faced drunk doesn't quite jibe.

To be honest, we only watched one commercial during the whole telecast and it was by accident --  Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy selling a car.
Let us re-state that..

 Morpheus from the Matrix Trilogy, a film that delved into the concept that the world one lives in and thinks is real may in fact be nothing more than a computer simulation or 'fantasy' world to keep everyone distracted and docile while our real bodies are attached to tubes, using humans like batteries to provide energy...

That Morpheus was selling a car.

Guess it could have been worse..
Imagine if a powerful icon of the 1960's Anti-Corporation and Anti-War Movement came out of self-imposed reclusivity to attach his name, face and reputation to a car ad..

So far fetched, it makes one want to shudder we know..

Wait a moment.. (receiving a whisper..)  Was that really Bob Dylan?  (more whispers) Oh he was..?  Oh he did?  Really?

Guess there were other sellouts for the big game beyond tickets sold.
Its sad to see the hippie generation turn into yuppies; the protesters turn into the passive or worse, the protest-crushers.. the conservationists turned into gluttons...

The war haters turn into war hawks..  the tree-huggers to military-smotherers..  the spiritual awakeners drift away into sleepy sedation in front of the TV

We were never hippies nor from that time but still sad to see that generation completely sell its soul and follow in the steps of those they spend their early 20s rebelling against.

We know.. we know.. The Saying: 'If you are not a rebel by the time you're 21, you have no balls and if you are not part of the System by 30, you have no brains...'

Gotcha..  No 'brains' perhaps but convictions intact.