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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy 25% Off Day! (Presidents' Day)

Today is Presidents Day..

It used to be Washington's Birthday but a few years back the government made MLK's Birthday a national holiday for some reason (the man was important but honestly Ben Franklin did more for this nation and there's no holiday for Mr $100 Bill).

So this meant the two Presidents that supposedly this nation reveres and respects most as if near deities (Washington & Lincoln) had their individual holidays stripped to make for this all-encompassing generic one.

Now we can honor garbage like Nixon and Carter alongside Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson..

Ain't progress grand?
Then again to be fair, most people never really celebrated or honored Washington's Birthday when it was around and thus treat Presidents' Day accordingly..

Good day to get some Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% off sales though..

Not much in the news today..  Other than the continued media push to get everyone to accept a lifestyle choice that quite frankly most have already accepted.

And continued hype over snow as if 2 inches of snowfall is going to kill someone..
Can't say how your local news covers it but here's how our local stations do:

Anchorwoman:  "The top story for tonight.. More snow on the way... It just never ends..  Here to tell you what to expect tomorrow and your morning commute is Meterologist Cinnamon Snug-Top"

Weathergirl:  "Thanks, yes its looking like Another system is moving our way bringing us Another bout of snow so don't put those shovels away yet.. (hehh hehh). Right now this winter we've had the 3rd highest total snowfall accumulation Ever.. Can you say 'wow!'?
This system is only expected to give us between a coating to 1 inch..  Warmer temperatures are coming though and we'll tell you about it later on (a 'teaser' to keep you watching)..  Back to you Freida Frigid.."

Anchorwoman:  "Guess we shouldn't put away our snow boots either?  (both laugh)


Not much is real news anymore..

Its not even news-worthy when the President sits down for an interview..
Back in January, Obama was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly as part of the Super Bowl Pre-Game and over the weekend during the NBA All-Star festivities, he was interviewed by Charles Barkley..

We're looking forward to seeing Obama next being interviewed by Tim McGraw at Daytona about his love of auto racing and Stetsons.. (jokey)

You can go to the website if interested in hearing a 6 minute interview where Obama talks on LeBron's talent and comparing to Michael Jordan, defending his healthcare and quote "creating ways that young people of color can find pathways to success.."

Guess those young Caucasians having a future as well isn't so important..
A pandering comment to a mostly all-black audience since the NBA is mostly all-black unless you are born in the Balkans or Lithuania but still, not one a "uniting" leader says

Its pretty sad all Presidents past and present have to be honored on one day as if they were all equal in respect and accomplishment.

Obviously you can't have 44 Federal Holidays on top of Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc but how about symbolic ones much in the way no one really celebrates Flag Day, Secretary's Day or Grandparents' Day but its still marked on the calendar...

This would prevent anyone from accidentally celebrating this current President with the likes of FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK. LBJ...

Just a thought..