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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Prepare for Weather-Related Emergencies

~ All pics are cellphone pics taken inside Atlanta supermarkets yesterday 2/11/14

The Great Nor'easter will be hitting the northern and southern US states within the next 36-48 hours depending on where one lives..

And from many news articles and local TV reports particularly in Georgia, everyone is in a panic emptying up supermarket shelves as if a double-Katrina is about to hit..

Ironically, GA will probably get 3inches which to Northerners the proverbial drop in the bucket..

Our locality is expected to get between 8-12inches.. possibly more..
The local news did their best to get everyone in a panic as does all local newscasts for weather events emphasizing that everywhere is out of melting salt and sand, and shovels are disappearing quick off the shelves..

Side note: If you live anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, own or rent a home and don't possess at least one shovel by now, you are a nitwit

We always find it funny and a bit offensive that the news will go overboard to warn people about snow or heavy winds but keep mum about the fact we're living in a slowly cracking-crumbling economy that ultimately will not be able to survive its debt limit..

And when we go, the global economy goes with it..

Yep.. Mum's the word..
Anyways, the one consistent when it comes to weather or economic related emergencies is no one ever takes it serious to the last moment, holding on to naivety and the belief some other entity will take care of things..  Ultimately panic becomes the emotion of the day.

Here's some tips to prepare one self for weather related emergencies:

1)  When it seems a major weather event will be hitting your area within 2-3 days, make motel or hotel reservation for the day After it passes..

Don't wait until after you lose power because you will find there's no rooms available.  Besides, as long as you cancel by evening of your arrival, you are not charged for a stay so there's no financial loss in doing so..
We were Very lucky to get a room last week after that brutal ice storm hit..  Now if we lose power again for a prolonged period, where we are sleeping is one less concern.

2)  Don't wait until last minute to buy food and supplies

There really is no excuse for this mindset.  Shop 2-3 days prior when you have more selection particularly non perishables.

Also do not buy frozen foods-- that is a waste of money.   Always assume your power will go out and it will be 48 hrs minimum before restored.  Unless you have a generator attached to the fridge or you live in -0 climate, those frozen foods will go bad.

Stock up on canned items, cereal, bread, peanut butter & jelly, etc..
A couple bags of ice is also a good idea-- it will keep your refrigerated items cold for an extra day or two.

A person should also have at all times an 8pack minimum of AAA, AA and D batteries, a battery powered fan for summer events and a heat source like a portable propane heater for cold.

3) Get your home in order

Once again this goes on the assumption you will have power loss..

Do your laundry and wash dishes right before the storm begins.  Its also a good idea to take a shower.
Also its a good time to put your flashlights, batteries and other essentials in a centralized place you know you  can find and get access to easily..

As for things outside the home, make sure you have enough cash on hand and withdraw from bank if need be.  Also if you take prescriptions on a regular basis, make sure you get a refill or have enough in the medicine drawer for 3 days..

4)  If/when you are prepared, keep quiet about it..

In times of crisis, people are worms..  The more they are suffering due to their lack of preparedness or attitude of being 'too cool for school', the more they become users.

Be selective who you share your food with or your preparation secrets.. Even though we share for all to read, on a 1 on 1 level, not everyone deserves to be rescued
Some stories like to portray the diligent 'Ant' as ultimately rescuing that stupid 'Grasshopper' in from the cold..  That's false..

In reality, the stupid, lazy Grasshopper dies and the Ants converge to eat him

We at A&G have no patience or empathy for 'Grasshoppers'..

You should not either especially when they seek to take advantage of your preparedness and practicality while they fiddle-faddle away their day.
**  We're not sure what to expect weather wise so we will be back on Monday, Feb 17th officially and earlier if possible