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Friday, February 28, 2014

Money, Human Nature & Its True Purpose

When it comes to money and basic human nature, we admit we're always a bit amazed and surprised..

For instance, if a news item is reported on TV that robbers stole $1,000 from the local convenience store, its met usually with momentary interest then shrug..

And when it was reported the Fed basically took hundred of billions in US taxpayer $$ back in 2008/09 and gave it to the European Union and Japan among other foreign entities, its met with no interest and a bigger shrug..

And yet if someone opens their purse or billfold and finds $20 missing??

Oh Lordy..
Yep, people are funny creatures.

Such an utter detachment everyday people have from money, particularly their own..

They are so afraid a burglar will enter their premises and know precisely which empty can of paint in the basement their cash is being stored, they will instead willing allow another entity.. a corrupt one no less to hold onto it..

And not just any entity but one that takes that money, pays near zero interest while lending 10x that amount to others at 5-12% interest and places restrictions on how much of one's money they can take back in a given day without being reported to the IRS..

Its quite funny when you think about it..   Ahh people..
Bank runs aren't funny..   Most have never experienced one first hand..  The super long lines to get to a teller or ATM just to find out you can only access a couple hundred dollars of your own money per day..

Those people in Cyprus last year sure weren't laughing..

Yep, people are kooky..

Most hate working in their current jobs though they do their best to convince themselves otherwise..  They also sure hate being without one..

And no matter how much or how little a person makes as a salary, the skill in utterly wasting it is not exclusive to any demographic..
The poorest of the poor is never without enough $$ for smokes and beer.. and/or pot and/or other hard narcotics..    Milk or Marlboro? Bread or Budweiser?  Ruffles chips or reefer?

And the not so poor..  they're not so brainy either.

Was watching an exhibition Grapefruit League baseball game the other day..  the game itself was a typical spring training affair.   What did capture the interest was all the people sitting in the first two rows staring down Constantly at their cellphones..

And we do mean Constant..  texting/tweeting.. surfing the web.. whatever..  Really didn't notice too much actual Talking on phones.. Just a dozen or so people with heads constantly lowered and busily tap tap tapping away..
Why would someone pay good money to buy a ticket to a sporting event or a movie or concert and non-stop text?   To be trapped in a series of inconsequential communiques while real life is going on around them?

Couldn't that be done from the comfort of home?  Or better yet, actually go to the event WITH the person they are most are texting to?

Just a thought..

Yep,  money money money..
Some people work super hard all week and piss away everything by the weekend then start at scratch the following Monday..  Contented as adults to have a life savings to cover any unexpected emergencies of under $2,000..

Guess they know something we don't..  Or embrace the illusion the US will 100% take care of all its people in times of individual or collective national crisis..


Others work and work... and work and work.. and save and save..  And they become millionaires and multi-millionaires and billionaires.. and keep working and working.. and then in a snap of a finger..

And no one in the history of the world has yet to successfully figure out how to take their fortune with them into the grave and onto the next life..

Psst Mr. Buffett et al..  didn't mean to bum you out with that one..

So really.. beyond all the standard textbook definitions, etc, what is 'money'?

Money is Freedom i.e. Absolute control and possession of your time.

When you possess enough of it, you can tell your employer to go F him or herself at any moment you wish and no longer be a part of the rat race and a scheduled life.
You are in control of every aspect of your day..

You wake up and go to bed when you wish..  Want to eat lunch at 4p instead of 12:30p?  Do it..  Want to take a day trip on a beautiful sunny day?  Who's stopping you..  Who to report to?

Some people can't handle the truth..  Even more can't handle the thought of possessing continual 24/7 freedom..  Fear of boredom or even odder, in some guilt pangs occur..

We told you people are just goofy..
Money is nothing.. its pieces of paper with pictures of dead people..  Its binary zeroes and ones computed in fractions of milliseconds..

None of it is truly real..   Grab a handful of dirt... or smell a flower.. That is real..

Money is illusion..  It is based on confidence; a belief that when you take those pieces of paper in your hand or those binary numbers enter your bank account based on products sold or skills completed, they will be worth something to another to exchange for other goods and services..

Nothing more..
Time on the other hand is real..

Can't hold it or smell it but.. definitely real..  And it keeps on tick tick ticking..  Whether you're happy or sad.. Whether your 33 or 77..  Whether trapped in an office cubicle or sitting in a classroom..

And quite honestly, that should be the #1 reason to put up with all the skull drudgery and daily tensions of the workplace..

To be able to acquire the freedom to be in true control of your time which is really the same as saying control of your life.
But people will think what they think and do what they do..

After all, to paraphrase from the film 'Caddyshack', if everyone listened to us and changed their mindset, the world would be without ditch diggers.