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Monday, February 10, 2014

True Jobs Picture, Social-Issue Distractions & Need for 'Fever' of Clarity

Last Friday while we at A&G were still without electricity, it was announced with great fanfare that unemployment continued to drop and 113,000 new jobs were created.

This is getting pretty tiring so let's go over it again very briefly..

The Bureau of Labor Statistics do not count people who are out of work for long duration and have given up or those who've stopped looking due to discouragement..

Thus real true-blue unemployment in the US is NOT 6.6%

One third of all Americans do not work for one reason or another... that's 33%.
You subtract the elderly, disabled, those in college and special-case situations and that leaves you with a good 15-18% of the population between 18-70 and not attending school who are jobless

Yes.. 15 to 18%

Also remember the BLS compiles its figures like that of Neilsens' ratings..  A small-sampling poll but instead of TV viewers, its of Fortune 500 corporations and other large employers..

BLS never polls small to medium sized businesses ever so its declarations monthly are really academic best guesses.

Now as we do often and which no other media outlet to our knowledge has ever done, let's break down the numbers in very simple math...
113,000 new jobs 'created' divided by 50 states equals..

2,260 jobs per US state..

Every month we choose a different state and this month to make the following point, we select Oklahoma with its 77 counties..

2,260 jobs on average for Oklahoma divided by 77 counties equals..

29.35 mathematically which we'll round up to 30

30 new jobs created on average per county in Oklahoma.
This has been going on for 5 years..  This utter nonsense.

First a growth of 100k or so jobs seemed like a breath of fresh air after stats were showing month after month of negative job growth..

Now entering year 6 of Obama's Administration, its simply pathetic.

And all that anyone in the Administration and media wants to talk about and focus on is issues of gay equality and marriage.

Its a perfect distraction vehicle..   It evokes a lot of passion and not much true thought yet absorbs the mind, pushing most other things aside as topics to focus and discuss.
Half the population feel gay rights and marriage is long overdue and can't believe in 2014 these issues must still be addressed.  The other half have thoughts from the vicious and cruel to a general desire the topic simply goes away..

And everyone's coming out now..

Actors and athletes.. Politicians and Business leaders..

Its all quite fashionable..  All the cool kids are doing it..

We remember a time when someone coming out publicly took great courage.  There was fear of physical reprisal and/or loss of a career. There were no public reward and any benefits other than a person being true to themselves were very minuscule.
Now in many segments of society, announcing one's gay is the collective equivalent of announcing one wears eye-glasses.  'Shrug..'

But the economy is in really bad shape..  We mean Really bad..

And few to none in power really care or know what to do beyond the instinctual need to be re-elected or protect legacy

And there's an election.. and a 95% rate for re-electing incumbents to protect, so everyone.. Dems and Reps will run on those annoying and ultimately meaningless social issues..

Let's put it this way..  To paraphrase a tired commercial from a few years back, when is the last time a famous person coming out as gay helped you save $$ on your car insurance much less your mortgage, utilities bill or put food on the table?
And let us say this moment a law was passed granting and acknowledging gay marriage in all 50 states, how would this help anyone find employment equal to the education acquired and pay scale deserved?

Would it help anyone struggling amid a tidal wave of debts stay afloat?

And yet as the middle and working classes fall into an abyss that shockingly even some of they are oblivious to, that is all we get from Washington and the media..

The issue concerning Gay Rights.. Important?  Yes..

As important as job creation?  No.
Who knows... maybe its a Sochi thing..

In some ways we're still fighting the Cold War here and we don't like Putin so any thing we as a nation can do to subtly middle-finger him, we shall do..  Certainly why we made a big deal here in the US over the Opening Ceremony rings glitch..

We are a nation living on personal savings and debt which allows us to tolerate anemic job growth and have free time to indulge in secondary issues

Ever notice the things that fill one's mind when dealing with a 102 fever differ dramatically vs when healthy?

Who cares what Washington is doing or how the local sports team played when dealing with sweats and chills and all that bathroom 'fun' that goes with the flu..
Only when healthy or on the road to recovery does the human mind allow such inconsequences to seep back into the cabeza.. Until then its a singular thought process of "Oh I feel terrible and what can I do to get better?'

The US 'mind' still thinks its healthy..  Its not..

Ultimately the singular focus of this country will Have to be how to fix or create a strong, sustainable 21st economy that provides people the opportunity of a good living and rewards all that time, energy and expense of a college degree..

Let us have our 'fever' moment now and clear the collective thought processes of these side issues now (gun control, capital punishment, abortion,etc..) than later when our resolve like one's immunity is fundamentally weak to nonexistent.