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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Final Round: Final Four to Numero Uno

So it comes down to this..

44 Presidents..  40 combatants..

We excused Presidents Washington and Jefferson from competition due to the fact they are probably this nation's two most important, William Henry Harrison because he died 30 days into office and merged Grover Cleveland's two separate Presidencies (22nd & 24th) into one...

And now we're down to four..
Who will win.. Who will be the biggest failure ever?

Let's delve in..

In the battle between James Buchanan v Woodrow Wilson you couldn't ask for two more different and distinct personalities..  Buchanan was an absolute do-nothing while Wilson not only went out of his way to micro-manage US governance but wanted to dictate terms to Europe as well after WWI

Buchanan was dealing with the very real possibility of open civil war on many fronts from South Carolina to Kansas to Arizona while with few exceptions the US was so whipped into a passion of patriotism and destiny, Wilson could have led his people to their deaths in Antarctica and they still would have cheerily sang "Over There!"
We spent a lot of time writing on these two and without writing endless paragraphs restating how terrible each was, we're going to cut to the chase and declare Wilson the winner..

There are some wars which a sane person can rationally justify America participating in such as our war for Independence and World War II..    Other wars one can look at today as foolish but understand the "why" at the time like the Mexican War..

There honestly was no good reason for the United States to be involved in World War I.

We did not fight for democracy or liberty..  We did not liberate anyone from bondage or tyranny..  We were sent over after re-election promises we wouldn't be in order to protect US bankers' interests and to get a foothold into Europe to wield our political stick and new industrial muscle.

Nothing else..
~ 1916 Wilson Re-election flyer

Every American who fought in WWI and survived has now passed away due to the march of time..

And while you have countless movies like 'Saving Private Ryan' and the like to depict WWII and still some veterans of that war to ask directly what was it like,  with WWI the cupboard is pretty bare.

As we wrote before, 2.8 million men were drafted into war and sent over into Europe to start actual fighting in the Spring of 1918 with 116,000 Americans dying  in basically 200 days of combat
That adds up to 580 Americans dead per day.

Then there's the extremeness of the War Powers he used to stifle free speech of dissent even kicking immigrant Americans with citizenship papers back to their country of origin for speaking out (Espionage Act).

And his Fourteen Points plan at the Treaty of Versailles which was pure audacity and hubris with zero charm

And his signing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913..
On and on..

This battle is not even close..  Wilson moves to the finals.

Next is Hoover v Obama..

You have two Presidents who dealt with or currently dealing with depressions where people are economically suffering daily and whom neither really give a shit about the survival of the everyday person.

There are differences of course, mainly marked by the period of time both lived/live in..
For instance all the social safety nets which are currently in place all people not to actually directly see poverty and struggle i.e. welfare, food stamps, social security, etc are in place today thanks to FDR..

Otherwise, we'd be seeing the bread lines and soup kitchens and tent cities.. the "Hoovervilles" which were so prevalent to the eye back then,

Today you can be flat broke and barely making it but keep dignity by simply using a government issued debit card to buy milk and cheese..and anything else one could want outside of cigs, beer and warm pre-cooked food..

And of course both eras had massive visual and auditory distraction from reality..  All those Hollywood movies of the 1930s where everyone is wearing tuxedos, formal gowns and draped with endless gems while the audiences sat mesmerized in their drab shades of brown.
And today its movies and TV and internet and commercials and music and even literature.. All one big illusion that 2014 is as good or better than its ever been and the 'Dream' is so obtainable for everyone..

Just.. reach..  a little..  harder...

The media today absolutely refuses to show people homeless; living in their cars or on the street because of job loss, bankruptcy and home foreclosure..  It just didn't mesh with the narrative that 'All is Well so visit your local Audi dealer today.."

So to decide this battle we have to look not at failure but accomplishment..
~ "I'm so excited..  Uhh..  And I just can't hide it..

In Obama's corner we will say for sake of argument "Obamacare" turns out to be a great success and benefits a great many even though half the country hate it..

So that's one 'achievement'.. what else..

Let's also say for sake of argument that Obama gets full credit for finding Osama Bin Laden and taking him out..
Um.. OK.. that's two.. um.. what else..

He did win a Nobel Peace Price, right?

Anyways. what if anything positive did Hoover do as President?

Hoover pushed forth the construction of Hoover Dam (same name-- what a coincidence, eh?) and signed into law the Smoot-Hawley Tariff which increased the income tax of the top income bracket from 25% to 63% and increased corporate taxes..

Ironic a Republican President would do that while a current Democrat would agree to make the Bush tax cuts permanent..

Hoover supported prohibition which if you like to drink, of course makes Hoover a baddie while Obama has publicly supported the legalization of marijuana nationally which means if you like to get stoned, the President is ultra-cool..

Hoover also started what is officially known today as America's Good Neighbor Policy by withdrawing troops from Haiti and Nicaragua and mediated a territorial dispute between Chile and Peru

We're not really sure too many nations around the globe would call us a 'good neighbor' today..

So when all is said and done, we believe Hoover as terrible as he was, was still a better President than Obama currently..
There's still a little over two years left in his Administration for him to start acting like a Real true-blue Democrat and sincerely give a F' about more than himself, his family and his 'coolness' factor.

There's still time to roll up his sleeves, fight the corporations and Wall Street with sincere, long-lasting reforms and truly re-build our status overseas..

We doubt any positive change will occur but tick-tock, there is still some time..

Obama goes to the finals.
So now the biggest battle of them all.. Obama v Wilson to see who is the worst President ever..

We know there are many who absolutely can not stand the President at all and want him to be the winner of this un-esteemed competition..

And we've made no secret here and often before that we find Obama horrid and a Deep disappointment vs all that slick-talking bullshit of the 2008 campaign..

But we can not and will not put the President as all-time worst based on emotion...

What Woodrow Wilson did as President was Far Far worse than Obama because Wilson established precedents..
We can not minimize how significant and deadly it was to the economic autonomy of this nation, the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Prior to 1913, a person possessed specie i.e. gold, silver.. a tangible monetary unit with its own value along with paper currency.   After the Federal Reserve took over, we have "notes" that hold values of debt.

The beginnings of what is the current 'New World Order' of globalism,  inter-continental banking/finance, outsourcing of jobs, industries and technologies..  Everything which global finance is predicated has its source of origin in the Federal Reserve Act.

They say the US President is the leader of the free world but it is the Federal Reserve chair who is the true Leader of the economic world as what was displayed so openly by the previous chair Ben Bernanke..
After the 2008 Crash, the Fed took it upon itself to not only seek to stabilize the US economy but that of Europe, Asia and South America with series of overt and covert loans and cash injections to stabilize nations' markets and get the flow of credit and borrowing moving again..

Who else in the entire world has that power to manipulate and control the entire economic apparatus of the globe in such a manner??

Wilson also established the precedent of meddling in other nations' affairs in a grand scale.  

We had involved ourselves with other nations before on a smaller scale particularly in Central and South America and Teddy Roosevelt received a Nobel Prize for brokering a truce between Japan and Russia in their Russo-Japanese War..
~ 1916 re-election campaign button

But the belief that America is to be policeman to the world has its origins with Wilson and his Fourteen Points which he attempted to shove down Britain and France's throat in 1919.

In short, Wilson had decided what should happen to France, Russia, Belgium, Austria-Hungary, and the rest of the continent in terms of territorial division and establishment of a League of Nations, the prelude to the United Nations.. And because we were a growing power, everyone should agree to our demands..

Honestly.. What gall!

And we are not being sarcastic..  What gall for a nation who suffered so few casualties and economic destruction in comparison to others to be dictating terms..
~ Wilson at far right with British PM Lloyd George (left) and French PM Clemenceau (center) at Versailles - 1919

And as the UN has proved time and time again, it does not preserve peace and settle squabbles from turning into military actions..   Rather the UN gives legitimacy and a forum for some of the most ruthless and cold blooded killers and true evil entities to have a public voice and to make symbolic 'votes' to extenuate historical grievances..

Meanwhile the fighting of that needless war cost the US $22.6 billion dollars in 1918 money meaning by today's value, that cost the Treasury $354.3 Billion..  That's for twelve months of war including mobilization and 6 mths of Actual combat abroad
~ American hospital for WWI soldiers

We could go on. but we think the winner i.e. Loser is clear..

Maybe by 2016, Obama will continue doing nothing or start us on a literal war with Russia or open us to terror attacks domestically..  Who really knows..  We're not Nostradamus..

We do know at this moment in time the worst US President ever is..

Thomas Woodrow Wilson
~ Pres. Obama and others honoring World War I dead at cemetery in Flanders, Belgium earlier this week..