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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Guess who's 3rd largest holder of US Debt? You will be wrong..

We thought this was funny when we read this..

And in a way pretty sad..

Trivia Question:  Pretty much we all know that China holds more US debt than any foreign nation (we're not counting the Fed which holds even more of our debt than China) at now $1.273 Trillion..

And pretty much we all know 2nd place is the economically stagnant nation of Japan which holds close to if not just over a Trillion..
Who comes in 3rd?

We'll give some choices:

A)  Iceland
B)  South Korea
C)  Denmark
D)  Belgium
E)  South Africa

Answer will appear below the pictures of cats dressed as bunnies

Answer:  D - Belgium

A small nation in Europe the size of 11,787 sq miles and with a population just over 11 million people supposedly holds the 3rd most debt of a supposed "super power" of 315 million people and about 325 times in geographic size...

As of January 31st, 2014 Belgium now holds just over $300,000,000,000 (300 billion) in US treasuries, an increase of a whopping $100 billion in just Two months..

Now Belgium's total GDP in 2013 was about $100 billion, so the fact this little nation once-again supposedly bought that much in US debt over a mere two months should be cause of alarm on the BS detector..
Now technically Belgium does "own" the Treasuries..

Its just the nation is being used as a front...

But for who?

The European Union?  Maybe.. Kinda doubt it..

Nothing is out in the open definitive but it could very well be...

Ta Da!  Yes...  Russia
Owning US debt is a profitable enterprise since we will never ever default ever..  even if the entire population especially our middle class goes belly up to repay the debts..    Call it the John Wayne mindset of global finance:

Principle over Practicality

And yet in the last month Russia has been selling off US Treasuries, $11.3 billion specifically in the last Two months to possess $138.6 Billion in US Debt holdings due to US/Russian relationship deterioration over Ukraine..

Two months.. Wowie-Zowie!  What a coincidence.. Belgium has been Buying over the last two months..  wink wink.. nudge.. nudge..

So what to do when owning US debt is so darn profitable yet to own massive amounts outright means giving your enemy new leverage via sanctions and other subterfuge to financially penalize your nation for not cow-towing..
Use a 'dummy' nation of course as a 3rd party..

Think of it like this to understand better:   You live in a beautiful neighborhood.. every house lovely and rather exclusive because its a rarity anyone ever sells which means property values stay up, etc..

Now you find out your next door neighbor is putting their home up for sale and you feel its a good investment to purchase and hold onto it..   And you do have the financial means..

One problem though..  You and your neighbor hate each other's F'ing guts, haven't spoken in many years and wish the other would pass away..

Simple..  you get a 3rd party to step in whom the neighbor does not know is connected to you and using your money, he/she buys the house as your secret proxy.  And then once the deal is complete and the evil neighbors move out, as per agreement, the 3rd party 'sells' to you the home at a nominal 'fee'.
Now whether or not the US government knows or even whiffs that Belgium is being used by Russia, who knows..   They sure as shiatsu know Belgium themselves are not buying that debt with their own Euros...

And as bad as it looks to sanction seven individuals over Crimea's annexation vote, imagine how bad it would look to punish one sovereign nation for the actions of another?   An EU nation no less..

So just something to ponder in this endless corrupt shell game which is global finance..

Whoever is the 3rd largest holder of US debt, it may be Belgium on paper but we wouldn't bet a box of chocolate bars on it...