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Thursday, March 13, 2014

If Presidential Election held today... Putin or Obama?

We've had conversations the past week or so with people we know and respect regarding Russia, the Ukraine and Crimea..  Informal and off the cuff..  Bouncing ideas about..

Some were loyal Democrats.. Some loyal Republicans..  We even know of a couple sincere Independents..

And in spite of the diversity of opinion as which nation is right or wrong, or this or that, one opinion was expressed which was a bit shocking since it was expressed unanimous:

At this given moment in time people if there was an election held today between the two, people would prefer Putin as President over Obama.
Of course if this was a poll, it would be as "scientific" as rubbing a balloon on a child's head to watch her hair stand on end..

But then we read that Obama's approval rating in the US is at a 3 year low of 41% based on the fact that..  Let's be honest..  He's a do-nothing President when it comes to the economy and job creation, and many people right or wrong do not like Obamacare..

And then we also see that in Russia, Vladimir Putin has seen his approval rating soar to 71.6% - a 3 year high - as Interfax notes "we now have a complex society that supports the president, primarily because of his stance on Ukraine."

Anyways, we thought this part was interesting..
"The stable increase of the president's (Putin's) rating is due to the successes in two Sochi Olympics: the main Olympics and the Paralympics. But the main thing is the president's stance on the political situation in Ukraine and in Crimea.

This stance is aimed at defending the interests of the country and helping Russian people. It's very important to voters and respondents. No doubt, that influences the rating,"

To put things into context, Putin's previous all-time high water popularity mark among his people was 68.8% back in May 2012...

Guess this means the CIA probably wouldn't have much success manipulating an inside coup like they've done around the world in smaller, more impoverished and militarily weaker nations when the US can't get what it wants.

And seriously.. does that moron Sec of State Kerry really expect Putin to bow down to NATO by Monday when he has the support of near 3/4th of his populace??  Get real..
So why would those we've spoke with of different sides of the political aisle prefer Putin as our President compared to Obama...

Here's some responses we received..

'Putin is pro-active.. He wouldn't just sit and do talk shows while the economy is collapsing'

'He seems very confident and involved.. Obama appears detached..  rather go on vacation or play golf'

'Obama is too singularly focused on healthcare at detriment of everything else'
'Putin knows how to control corporations and has shown he's not afraid to jail wealthy businessmen who break the rules..  I expected more from him (Obama) after Bush '

'Putin is a man; a decision-maker.. Obama is an academic'

"I didn't vote twice for Obama for all this (bleep).  I don't want us to re-live the late 70s..  I don't want another Carter"

Would Putin make a better President?  In a way, yes.. Because I do believe that Putin is more of a decision maker and Obama too much of a "Umm.. Uhh' guy..
But then again Americans deep down have always been afraid of men and women who possess real leadership and strength and are willing to do what is needed to get things done even if it means stepping on political feet and bending rules..

We tend to tolerate that during Congressional-declared wars or economic and social tumult like the Great Depression..

Would we allow a President to be so matter the fact while engaged in an on-going, never ending war vs a ghost that Congress never officially gave consent to fight in an economic time of great suffering that no politician of either stripe really wishes to publicly admit or acknowledge??

Hard to justify taking the reins while saying all is hunky-dory...
~ Even dolphins love the Russian president

So maybe deep down people are really happy with what they have.. Well.. 41-50% of people..

We're pretty sure the other half of the nation.. Those loyal to the (R) would much prefer a coyote, jackal or kimono dragon as our leader..   And ironically in two years just may get their wish or rather all three in one..

Except she will have a (D) as her branding

So back to Putin and Obama...  deep down what is the real difference between the two especially where this Ukraine/Crimea situation is concerned?
~ "One day you'll be nice and fat and need my health care plan"

Putin holds the cards..  Obama imagines he does..

What really can the US do to stop Putin if he wanted to take back the Crimea and defend his people in the Ukraine?

Are we really going to go toe-to-toe militarily with the Russians?

If W. Bush was in office, we'd wager 'Yes' then bunker down..  Of course who knows if Russia would have the arsenal of tanks, planes, ships and soldiers in place vs our #1 War Hawk..
In spite of Cold War propaganda, Russian leaders love their people too..

But Obama?  Ehh..  Only way we see him countering might with might is if this gets in the way of him watching March Madness college basketball

For the US, the response would be sanctions that would hurt us more than our target...

From Bloomberg:

"Russian government officials and businessmen are bracing for sanctions resembling those applied to Iran..
Should Russian foreign exchange reserves and bank assets be frozen as is being suggested, then Russia would likely respond by wholesale dumping of their dollar reserves and bonds.

In retaliation, Russia could opt to only accept gold bullion for payment for their gas, oil and other commodity exports. This would likely lead to a sharp fall in the dollar and a surge in gold prices."

Its one thing when the Fed devalues the dollar.. that's carefully controlled via manipulation.  In this scenario,  the US dollar would devalue in a manner similar though not as extreme as the deutche mark dropped in post WWI Weimar Germany..

Expect that $4 gallon of gas to cost $8 or more..
And would that trigger bank runs as everything under the sun to cost much more?

Maybe..  Possibly..  OK, Probably in due time..

And is Obama prepared for all this..  Are there contingencies in place?

Nope..  Nah..  Nyet..

This goes beyond party affiliation folks..  Our current President is a do-nothing with head in the clouds..  And whatever advice he is receiving on how to act regarding Putin, it is the wrong one..
~ "I"m going to take Putin.. and put him in a headlock see..  like this  Rrrrrr..  Then I am going to squeeze him like..  Grrrrr..  And Michelle will come in and kick him in the chestnuts like this.. Pop!!..  and then Bo our dog will bite his ankle...Um.. then Russia will withdraw"

If the situation was reversed and US interests and citizens were threatened via a coup, we'd only Hope our leader would be strong enough to protect his people..

We sure dropped the ball in 1979 with Iran didn't we..

Would we at A&G want Putin as President?   On policy matters, its difficult to say..  Some of his stances are just in conflict with our core principles as Americans..

But in spirit, voting simply on demeanor, genuine confidence and the ability to run a large nation with structure and cohesion..

~  Awwww..  look at  Putin hugging the puppy!!  Awwwww...