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Friday, March 21, 2014

Round 1: The Worst President Ever- Bracket Tourney

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With it being the beginnings of the NCAA Basketball tourney and millions filling out and looking at their brackets, we thought it would be fun to do a bracket tourney of our own..

A single-elimination tournament to see who is/was the Worst President in US History involving all 44 US Presidents including Obama.. well with a few exceptions..

Presidents Washington and Jefferson will not be in competition since they are both Great Presidents.
William Henry Harrison our 9th President died after one month so can't judge him and Grover Cleveland actually served two non-successive terms to be our 22nd and 24th President, we're merging the two administrations into one.

The initial positioning of the other Presidents will have been determined solely by chance i.e. picking names literally out of a hat.

As to who advances, it will be based mostly on historical accomplishment (or lack thereof), scandals and just utter ineptitude with an admitted smidge of subjective bias when applicable.
To be quite honest, we really can't stand either party so mere affiliation to D or R alone means little as to what makes one leader worse than another..

As we get into later rounds, our analysis as to why one was worse than another will be more detailed.

The one on one battles should be interesting..

So we start with the first round..
James Buchanan gets the edge as being worse than Grover Cleveland because J.B. was a one termer and by the time of his re-election, even his own Democrat party didn't nominate him.. G.C was a relentless fighter of political corruption.. So much so, a faction of the Rep party refused to vote for him which is why he did not serve 8 consecutive years..

Gerald Ford beats Benjamin Harrison because B.H actually got much done in his one term such as environmental reform and passage of Sherman Anti-Trust act.   The Ford Admin was one of high inflation and joblessness.
Andrew Jackson is one of greatest US Presidents ever.  Warren Harding was corrupt to the core.  In this tourney, its Harding that wins in landslide.

Ulysses Grant was a terrible president (and man).  An utter failure in everything but soldiering.  Martin Van Buren's administration was a failure as well.. the Panic of 1837 occurred under his watch; known as Martin Van Ruin.   Extremely close battle but Grant wins by a whisker..
Calvin Coolidge became President upon Warren Harding's death and was pretty much a do-nothing.  William Howard Taft, who'd eventually serve after being President in the Supreme Court ultimately as Chief Justice was focused on trust-busting and other economic reforms.  As a result the Reps and Wall St abandoned him..    Victory Coolidge.

Harry S. Truman was responsible for successfully ending WWII.  Zachary Taylor, former General during the Mexican War is known for dying due to sitting in the hot sun, eating cherries and drinking it down with buttermilk..    Z.T. gets the 'W' here..
James K. Polk was President during the Mexican War and thanks to him and his actions, the US acquired Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, etc..   Clinton was almost impeached.   Clinton wins...

Lastly its Nixon vs. Rutherford B Hayes.   Even though Hayes got into office through less than honorable means it wasn't his fault but more a result of a political compromise that also brought about the end of Reconstruction.  Hayes does not defeat Nixon.  Not even close..  Nixon advances..

So here's the updated bracket in XL:

Round 2 has some really interesting match-ups, with the most fascinating and conversation starting battle being between George Bush Sr (41st President) and Bill Clinton (42nd)

Check back Sunday evening...  3/23/14