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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Silly Sanctions, Missing Planes & Near Total Death of Anonymity

~ A photoshopped image of President Barack Obama in a Russian military uniform tweeted by Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov 

So its late Monday/Early Tuesday..  What's going on in the battle between the Important and the Impotent..

Obama kept his word about sanctions if the Crimean people were allowed to express their democratic right to determine their future.. A hefty 96% voted in favor of re-joining Russia

So the President sanctioned Russia..  Well, OK, not Russia per se..  He sanctioned 7 individuals who live in Russia and whom he blames for encouraging democracy to take root and be expressed in Crimea..

Yep.. gotta stomp out free elections where our side may lose..

Of course he didn't sanction Putin himself..  That would have taken balls..  And we don't mean basketballs or golf balls...
So he sanctioned a bunch of super wealthy Russians no one outside of Russia has ever heard of, some of which have no financial or property holdings in the US we're guessing

Of course the US corporate media in total lock-step praised Obama for job well done and projected this weak incompetent as a strong decision maker who is worthy of respect, fear and awe...

Yep.. So much respect, fear and awe that Russian markets rallied on the news.

The deeply soulless parasites who make their living trading and profiting on Wall Street felt exactly the same..

After Obama's little 'speak softly and carry a tiny toothpick' speech, US markets rallied around +200 and finished up 181 points for the day at 16 billion-gazillion and thereabouts..
Investors were shaking all-right..  their happy-hour celebratory martinis and cosmos

Comically, President Putin plans on responding today by sanctioning some US Senators like John 'Cadaver' McCain and Senate Majority Whip Dick 'Dickhead' Durbin..

Of course both Senators stated after news broke out that they were proud to be on such a list, etc..etc..

And nothing has been resolved but really in all honesty this should not even be a topic of interest to America..

Scotland has a ballot initiative coming up considering the question of whether they should break free permanently from the United Kingdom...  Do you see the US meddling one way or another?

Of course not..  We don't find kilts nor haggis to be as vital a commodity as oil, the gas pipelines and the fracking necessary for US oil companies to draw out more sweet crude..

So another day, another distraction from real economic problems facing people at home..

Actually the big non-story 'story' grabbing everyone attention and imagination is the disappearance of that missing airplane..  Where could it be?
We take no pleasure or joy in the fact the plane obviously went down and took with it all those innocent lives but putting that aside..

We admit we find it for lack of a more eloquent term, very cool  that in this era of Big Brother and NSA spying where the System knows where every person is located at every second..  Knows where every car, bus, plane, train and boat is at every moment and yet..

These powerful control-freak nations collectively still can't locate this specific plane..

Over 35 nations working together and nothing..
Like we said, we are sadden by the loss of life but otherwise, our response to the ineptness is 'Good!'

There's no reason so many nations need to be so singularly focused unless its egotism..  Or the need to test their tracking systems to make sure nothing ever slips by them again..

Its really scary.

There is no freedom anymore in this world and what information on a person the various governments can not locate on an individual or collection of people, is divulged by the individual(s) themselves!

It is frightening how much personal information is divulged voluntarily through a Facebook or Twitter account..  So much info out there not just for evil government agencies but for stalkers, perverts, sickos and trolls..
And its all there in the blogosphere or internet cosmos... forever in many cases...

And no one self-censors..  Everyone wants to be a star and if not literally on TV or the silver screen, to have some semblance of fame on social clique networks oblivious to how much info is being gathered about them.

A story one of our staffers relayed to us this morning emphasizes the point.   As most know every year around this time the NCAA basketball tournament reveals its bracket and tens of millions of people play to compete with other in predicting who will win..

So first its mentioned that Yahoo! was used to set up a team and a private league for friends and family to join.  Problem is at the very end, it asked for a cell phone number to be entered before the league could be created...

Are you kidding!!  A cell phone number needed to be given to Yahoo to play fantasy NCAA basketball??  And why did they want it?  To send ad notices at their discretion..

So next was tried..

Seems many years ago had an account set up with every piece of personal information provided in the account info section..  address, phone number, job title..

And as hard as it was to delete the info, cancelling the account altogether was even more near-impossible.

The staffer had to literally write CBSsports to tell them to close the account in order to prevent this info from possibly getting into the hands of the wrong sort via hacking or other ingenious means..
So much personal info demanded.. so much nonsense to engage in normal G-rated diversionary pursuits online..

We noticed ourselves on Yahoo in order to enter Warren Buffett's Billion Dollar Perfect Bracket Sweepstakes, the person has to give personal info beyond contact info such as whether the person owns or rents, pays a mortgage, etc.

Its harder and harder to drop off the grid and you don't have to have done anything unethical, illegal or criminal to feel the figurative clasp of the hand of the matrix gripping the back of the neck..

Cell phones can record conversations even when turned off (That's 100% True btw.. not science fiction -- The only way to ensure true privacy is to take the battery out of the phone).. the System is becoming more and more cashless..  Everyone tracked by their purchases and location of..

And the future will get worse in terms of personal privacy and information gathering..  And even if/when you think your private life is private, all it really takes is one hacker..
Ask Target and Neiman Marcus credit cards about that..

So in a rebellious mood we are today and because of it we hope the plane is never found.. Gives some hope that if something that size can't be located by the best of the best (or worst of the worst), maybe there's still some hope out there for all of us who cling to some privacy and dignity.