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Monday, March 3, 2014

Treating Enemies with Respect and Allies like Dogs

"True friends stab you in the front" - Oscar Wilde

Remember that big snow & ice storm we mentioned at the end of the last posting.. The one that concerned us that we would possibly not be able to write something new until week's end?

1/2 an inch..  That was it..

We have to admit that the one area of news where we continually fall into the trap and buy the hype is regarding weather events..

The local news producers are just so good at it with the flashy graphics and dramatic music and weather girls with very tight tops and short skirts to intentionally accentuate their implants and fit, trim bodies...
That's how you get ratings.. and lose public trust..

With politicians, its a bit different.  People are used to being lied to and it really takes something Watergate-like for people of one's party to ever sincerely turn on one of their own..

So how do political leaders lose the trust of their people?

Well one way is to shit on their global allies, especially a nation that both Jews and Christians of deep faith care very much about..

Yes.. Israel.

Its funny how the relationship between the two is often portrayed by anti-Semites and those with deep hate with Israel as they are some modern Apartheid puppet master pulling the strings of whoever is sitting in the Oval Office like Gepetto controlling Pinocchio.
Of course the propaganda is bullshit.   Hate and truth don't mix.

The truth is a full 180 reversal with the US in complete total control of the relationship and Israel as mere lapdog who is threatened with taking away financial support every time they don't properly heel.

We saw a funny headliner which seemed more appropriate for 'The Onion' or Jon Stewart's Daily Show but really came from CBS News:

"U.S. pushing Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists"

Wow.. Seriously?
How else do you deter a nation such as Iran who's expressed repeatedly their desire to destroy you from having the nuclear capabilities?

Israel could invade but they seem to need America' permission and the US goes out of its way to sabotage Israel at every turn via news leaks.

Name one other nation that needs US consent to conduct foreign policy or military affairs?

Did Thatcher ask for consent from Reagan to start up the Falkland Isl. war in 1982?  Did France ask our permission to invade Libya a couple years ago?   With that one, we were more than happy to join in..
The follow up argument usually brings up that Israel has nuclear weapons..   Yes they do.. Probably have had the capabilities now for close to three decades...   How many bombs have they dropped?

Try zero...

And when it comes to engaging in peace talks, its interesting this President only seems to want to bully and cajole one side...

From Bloomberg"

"When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House today, President Barack Obama will tell him that his country could face a bleak future -- one of international isolation and demographic disaster -- if he refuses to endorse a U.S.-drafted framework agreement for peace with the Palestinians. 
Obama will warn Netanyahu that time is running out for Israel as a Jewish-majority democracy. And the president will make the case that Netanyahu, alone among Israelis, has the strength and political credibility to lead his people away from the precipice."

Wheww..   With 'allies' like that you don't need saboteurs...

There are other options of course..  like stopping this 66 year old game among many Middle East nations that Israel is not a real country and doesn't exist or should be diplomatically interacted with

That'd be a pretty good bargaining chip- open acknowledgment of Israel and opening of trade relations in exchange for a fully functioning Palestinian state, yes?
But then you really have to go deeper...  There are at least 3 Middle East nations with secret diplomatic ties to Israel yet have used that hate to unite and distract their populaces from turning on them.  Also without a continual threat of war, how would our military contractors make a consistent living?

So don't think everyone wants peace as bad as they express..

Obama is getting kicked around lately like a small American black Terrier with some bark and little to no bite by a bigger stronger dog.. a Russian Shepard dog and so like all bullies, is needing a much smaller dog to kick and push around.. an Israeli Canaan dog. (that's a real dog breed)

And people here and abroad notice this..  That's one of many reasons Putin has no fear or respect for our current leader.. Say what one wishes about W. Bush -- He was a pit bull looking for a fight...  And the world knew this.
If you treat your allies like garbage and servants to do your bidding (Ex: How we used the UK in the United Nations in 2003 to push forth our WMD argument before invading Iraq) how can you expect to honestly work with foreign leaders you may not like to broker truces and smooth out misunderstandings?

Its been a brutal five years.. It really has.   Just a god-awful President..   And its not a Democrat thing..

Sludge up the words 'McCain' or 'Romney' as attempts at rebuttal and you won't get much if any of an argument..  Its like farming..  Sometimes you just get really rotten crops all the way around and both parties produced one rancid batch of fruit (Presidential candidates) after another..

But we have in office who we have.. With three more years of ineptness on both economic matters and foreign affairs and treating allies like enemies..
Wonder if Hillary would have been any different?  Ehh..

Guess we'll probably find out ultimately.. assuming her health holds up..

As for us., were just glad that whether it be enemies or allies., both is not afraid in their own way of standing their ground and doing as they wish for the betterment of their people..

China of all nations seems to understand this.. that's why they are allied with Putin on the Ukraine situation...  Let's see Sec of State Kerry try to intimidate these two..

And good luck pushing Putin out..   Maybe another interview with Charles Barkley can be set up so the President can explain things to someone who still looks upon him as a rock star..
Also very happy to see the Dow drop over 200pts so far over the Ukrainian situation as if most of these soulless creatures who make their living in finance could really find the place on a map...

Two thousand point drop would be nice but we take what we can get..

Yep.. we'll take what we can get.