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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Updating on Russia, Ukraine & US with some Depth..

The big topic in the news is still Russia and the situation in the Ukraine..

Of course getting accurate and credible information on it is very difficult because of the nationalistic bias.   Turn on any US run news network from CNN to Fox to the local 6:30p network newscast and its 'clear" that Putin is the baddie; the aggressor and his actions must be stopped..

Then you click on or the RT Network (Russia Today) and you get a completely different perspective-- one in which the leadership in Kiev, Ukraine are ultra nationalists akin to neo-nazis, and reporting of mass Ukraine troop defections to Russia
~ Oleh Tyahnybok, one of Ukraine's leaders the US is supporting and Neo-Nazi giving the salute

Also they explain quite accurately we admit how the US is being hypocritical, accusing Putin of launching an invasion into a sovereign nation under false pretenses, forgetting America did the exact same thing over a decade ago in Iraq.

So the best way to get an accurate read is to get info from both sides, sift through the propaganda and come to an understanding of what's going on..

Which is the following:
~ US Senator John McCain speaking in behalf of and greeting the Neo-Nazi

1)  Putin does not respect nor fear Obama in any way, shape or form..

Let's put aside the question of 'Should he' because its hard to shake in fear of essentially a black Jimmy Carter..

Whether you look at Russia's decision to re-acquire the Crimean peninsula as justified or a declaration of hostile intent, it is simply not something a super-power decides to do when fearing consequences from the other side..

We like to think of ourselves in the US as the only super-power.  That's really not true.  Just because the former Soviet Union splintered in many different little countries back in the early 1990's does it mean they all hold equal power and sway...

Russia is the big dog in the Slavic 'kennel' and are no pushover.
Tyahnybok with the rest of Ukraine's temporary new leadership (former heavyweight champ Vitaly Klitschko behind woman)

This means the US can't simply order a few air strikes and try to assassinate Putin like they did Qaddafi in Libya.

And militarily, when is the last time we've truly been successful?   Desert Storm?   We guess..  If one accepts the goal being to liberate a very wealthy oil-rich nation in Kuwait from Saddam's clutches, then sure..

Really you have to go back to Grenada, that tiny little island most have never heard of and could not point out on a map for $1,000--  that really was the US military's last "victory"   Everything else has been deadlock and/or defeat..

So what's there to be fearful of?   Everyone knows the US will never go nuclear..   Drone attacks, sure but who really has the stomach or desire for a troop engaging military dust-up with Russia beyond some zealots in the Pentagon?
~ Ukrainian morons posing for a picture

Back in 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred because Khrushchev did not respect or fear JFK and the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan back in 1979 because Soviet leader Brezhnev did not respect or fear Carter..

JFK successfully got the Soviet missiles out of Cuba and Carter responded by boycotting the 1980 Summer games in Moscow. (Carter also allowed Iran to hold US citizens captive for over a year without any military response to rescue them or punish the aggressor but that's a blog for another day)

2)  Economic sanctions sound good to some in theory but...

Obama wants to economically isolate Russia from the rest of the world..  Good Luck..

Great Britain and Germany see things more practical..  Chancellor Merkel has expressed that sanctions will do nothing but expand the conflict into bloodshed.   In Britain, they're worried it will derail the entire global economy..
So its looking more and more like Obama is going to have to do it alone in his confrontation to Putin.

Now we aren't meaning to suggest we agree with the President in this manner..  Quite honestly we don't because we know this is not about democracy or freedom.. Its about money.

As it stands, the US run IMF is working frantically with the Ukraine to secure a $15 billion loan.  That means when the time comes that Ukraine must default on their debts, the IMF is justified to come in and take over the pipelines via privatization..

And don't forget that the US contributes 16.7% of all IMF funding so that means US taxpayers will be spending $2.5 Brillion to keep the former Soviet state financially solvent for the time being.
3) You can not understand the present without understanding the past

We start with this from the NY Times:

" From the moment the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States has relentlessly pursued a strategy of encircling Russia, just as it has with other perceived enemies like China and Iran. It has brought 12 countries in central Europe, all of them formerly allied with Moscow, into the NATO alliance. US military power is now directly on Russia’s borders.

 “I think it is the beginning of a new cold war,” warned George Kennan, the renowned diplomat and Russia-watcher, as NATO began expanding eastward. “I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely, and it will affect their policies.”"

Yep..  We think so too..
~ These are some of the people Obama is fighting for

That's the big fear and prime motivation of Putin..  Prevent Ukraine from entering NATO and by extension the European Union at all costs.

So you have that..

You also have elements in Obama's military circle who are itching for a fight...   They wanted one in Iran and in Syria, finding themselves both times repulsed in exchange for diplomatic solutions

There truly are some Americans as sick as it sounds, who miss the Cold War and want it started up again..
This post 9/11 world is no fun to some.. The enemy doesn't wear pretty uniforms with shiny medals and decorative brevets..   They cut and run and hide.. They fight like guerrillas.. like American Indians. They fight unfair dang-it!..  They don't fight in open fields standing close together like those lovely wars of yore..

So why would anyone.. even a sociopath wish for this?

We call it the Road-Runner/Coyote syndrome.  

Yes- the cartoon..    All those chases..  the coyote would come so close then fail to catch the bird.. Then one day the coyote does catch the Road-Runner..   The pursuit is over.. then what?

Eat the bird?  Then what else is left but to hope to find another thing to pursue aimlessly across the desert..  Or just have the coyote sit and wait to atrophy and die?
No, the coyote Needs the Road Runner to live and be free..  without it, the coyote loses purpose..   And to some both in the US and Russia, the last 22 years of post-Cold War peace has been total death inside..

So the US policy is to poke and prod with the Russians happy to reciprocate until everyone gets their jolly little Cold War II

4)  Putin has backed himself intentionally into a corner and Obama simply can't not win..

It is literally inconceivable that Putin will ever withdraw from Crimea.

To give up Crimea now would mean the end of Putin’s presidency, since the Russian public, not to mention the military and security apparatus, believe almost unanimously that Crimea still belongs to Russia, since it was only administratively transferred to Ukraine, almost by accident, in 1954.
In fact, many Russians believe, rightly or wrongly, that most of Ukraine “belongs” to them.  So Putin has genuine support among his people.  Under these circumstances, the idea that Putin would respond to Western diplomatic or economic sanctions, no matter how stringent, by giving up his newly gained territory is pure wishful thinking.

In spite of all the talk, this situation can only resolve itself in one of two ways either of which will be damaging to European stability in the long-term: 

A) Either Russia will quickly prevail and thereby win the right to redraw borders and exercise veto powers over the governments of its neighboring countries. 

~ Confederate flag flown in Kiev

B) The Western-backed Ukrainian government will fight back and Europe’s second-largest country by area will descend into a Yugoslav-style civil war that will ultimately draw in Poland, NATO and therefore the US. 

And the worst part about all this is the soulless, parasitic Investor class around the world is watching with the sole goal of figuring when it the best time to invest and exploit the situation for their ill-gain.

The key question their figuring out is deciding whether the Ukraine crisis is a Rothschild-style buying opportunity (the evil Nathan Rothschild {1840-1915} famously advised Investors to “buy at the sound of gunfire,”), or a last chance to bail out of risk-assets before it is too late..

Shame they can't be rounded up and carted away..
So that's the best we can do to summarize what's going on in a manner that's understandable and in-depth..

Trust us, it would have been much more relaxing and fun if we spent our late night Monday watching movies or comedy talk-shows but we felt it worth the time to keep our readers informed..

And the fact that few to no US media outlets have mentioned by supporting Ukraine, we're supporting Fascist Neo-Nazis is utterly frightening..

But guess its par for the course.. They played down the fact that had the US involved itself in Syria, we'd have fought along-side al Qaeda as allies..

We do wish President Obama would choose better allies to support without shitting on those who we're historically allied with.