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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Collateral Consequence

The other day, a mentally deranged man in Kansas went on a shooting spree resulting in 3 dead..

A deep anti-Semite and former Grand Dragon of the local branch of the Klan where he lived, he woke up Sunday morning, had his breakfast and morning constitutional and then decided he was going to take the lives of as many Jewish people as he could find..

And when the geriatric nutcase was arrested by police, he said 'Heil Hitler' among other inflammatory epithets..

And as the squad car drove him away on the last day he ever will have of freedom, the demented man probably felt peverse contentment at the carnage he left behind
Funny thing though.. Not 'Ha-Ha'. more like Ironic and still very sad..

The grandfather and grandson murdered at the Jewish Community Center..

Well they were Methodist.

And the woman killed a place called 'Shalom Park'...

She was Catholic.

So to pursue a twisted goal of taking lives of people of one faith who did nothing personally to him, a madman takes the lives of people of other faiths..
Three less human beings alive today to celebrate the coming Easter because one deranged piece of shit resented other people being alive to celebrate the Passover.

But isn't that always how it goes in life..

Decisions made in life by some with the goal that specific individuals or groups of people will be harmed and done so without the slightest loss of sleep.  And yet ultimately it ends up where that distorted person or entity cause more collateral destruction and devastation than ever intended

Sorta like Timothy McVeigh blowing up a Federal office building in Oklahoma City with the goal of hurting agents of the government while oblivious or uncaring to the fact he would also kill innocent children who were in the day care center in the building..
Or the mentally ill zealots responsible for 9/11 who had not the slightest care or concern their actions would be taking the lives of many Muslims, their own kind as well as whoever their supposed targets were..

Or the US military sending predator drones into a dozen Middle Eastern nations without the slightest thought or care or concern if our weapons are killing the ghost 'enemy' or peaceful civilians..

Wars between nations are also waged with this mindset.. The belief or rather audacity that a military will just sweep in, win a quick decisive battle over another military and everything will be over in 90 days or before Christmas..

There's no concept or fall-back plan for a long perpetual war..  No scenarios drawn out where members of their own populace have their lives destroyed by the enemy..
No care or concern over the cost.

And from this we keep thinking at this needless tet-a-tet between Obama and Putin where the US President in concert with the European Union are trying to do everything possible to prod and poke Russia to get involved with our troops in a long protracted Vietnam-like conflict.

The government refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the Crimean vote..  It pretends the new government in Ukraine is valid and via the IMF, are giving billions in foreign aid (14.7% of it from US taxpayers) while threatening Russia that we will send NATO troops to assist them..

The EU tries to threaten to not pay Russia their petrol (oil) bill and ultimately caves in when realizing they need Russian crude more than Russia needs their business,.. They also chang the G8 conferences to G7 to exclude Putin as is he was some mere flea heading up a Banana nation.
Just no thought or concern that these and other actions could ultimately lead to armed conflict and more needless American dead soldiers..

Just no thought whatsoever beyond the moment.. Beyond the national Id.

So much death and destruction among nations and among individuals

All to settle imaginary scores and claim superior status over others..
Who knows..

Maybe ultimately its good the human mind has so many different venues to escape into diversion, or else it may end up cracking like those who kill strangers for no reason but belief or who engage in needless war to protect prestige.