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Friday, April 11, 2014

If the Shoe Don't Fit.. Throw It!

We're not quite sure which was the best piece of news to come out of Thursday..

A)   The market dropped 266 pts and as of this writing is down an additional 70..

B) Europe buckled to Putin's threats and will start repaying the money they owe on the oil which was supplied by Russia

C)  A brave woman throws a shoe at Hillary Clinton..
Since the market did not drop at least an additional 1,000 pts which is the minimum it must drop for the financial elite to feel it in their coffers and since we are not European, we go with 'C'

Just Too Funny..

All we can say besides wishing the shoe struck her on the head is that the woman should have thrown a wooden clog..

Oh how can we be so vicious and cruel?  Heavens to betsy!!

Well..  remember all the mean insipid one-liners from the late-night ardent liberal meat stick talk show hosts about 7-8 years ago when President Bush had a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist...

Yep they all got into the 'fun' including that ugly gap-toothed wretched old fart on CBS who cheated on his wife numerous times with one of his staffers and only stopped when blackmailed...

Everyone just laughed and laughed at all the Bush-shoe witty witticisms..
Yep.. Deja Shoe~

Except this was funnier and More deserving.

If this power-hungry Wall Street loving crone who has wished she's run this country since before she was First Lady in the 90's plans on running in 2016, she better get used to people expressing themselves in less than jubilant terms..

Honestly we never understood why more people do not do that..

At Democrats.. At Republicans..  At the Filthy-Filthy Rich

Throw a shoe.. or an egg..  or a whipped creme pie.. or an apple..
~ Bill Gates looking Good!

Or pack some AA batteries with snow and toss them like sports fans used to do in the glory days of football before

We know.. We know.. there's repercussions..

It is interesting though how everyone tolerates the power discrepancy between them and us everyday folk..

Throw a tomato or some rotten cabbage at normal folk and you'll get arrested then ultimately fined or maybe depending on criminal history, maybe a few days in county jail..
~ Rupert Murdoch (bottom left) being pied in the face by woman in grey

Throw that same tomato at Obama or Boehner or  Pelosi or Hillary and you're looking at years n' years in a Federal Penitentiary..

Why?   Haven't you heard..

They're better than us.. Their lives hold much more value..   Besides, they were the ones who wrote up and passed the laws making it so..

We remember back in 1980s a popular rap song by Public Enemy called '911 is a Joke'...  Well here's the real joke:
The President gets a tummy ache or headache and a line of 40 squad cars, Secret Service cars and a stand-by ambulance rush him over to the nearest hospital so the doctor can diagnose he take some Pepto Bismol or ibuprofen

You and we have internal bleeding or heart attack symptoms and usually we just wait n' wait and wait..

That's the level of inequality in this nation which so many are conditioned to embrace and celebrate rather than scorn and openly question..

Funny how 50 years ago an entire Civil Rights movement reached mass swell as people said enough is enough..  We won't be told to sit in the back of the bus and deprived the right to attend the same schools or use the same water fountains and lavatories..

Their voices rose, black and white and yelled with fists in the air that we All were equal..
And yet we don't know if you ever have had to wait in line literally for hours in traffic because the President or some elected official was visiting your area for a speech or fundraising dinner and his motorcade took top priority..

We have..  Its a major inconvenience and an insult.

Equal our asses..

So many Secret Service and Police presence for nothing..  To protect not a man but a Symbol.

What is a President?  A person.. Flesh and blood and bone like all of us..

 And of course a Politician...  Uggh..
~ Schwartzenegger then running for Governor of CA with some nice egg on his shoulder.. 

For all the jokes and snide remarks about how we hate politicians, we as a society sure bend over backward to accommodate them and give exalted status..

We give Congress a 9% approval rating yet re-elect our Representatives and Senators at a 95% clip, as if corruption, greed and illegality only happen to them others in states way yonder..

How many silly clueless people stand and wait for hours and hours for some President or politician to stop by for a few moments in the hope of getting a handshake or getting their baby's head kissed..

"Oh blessed be! The President kissed my child's head.. I shall never wash it again"
How the Hell do grown adults act in such a childish manner?!

How do we tolerate that when these phonies make speeches full of lies upon lies, we are arrested and dragged out into squad cars for daring to interrupt their prepared propaganda with a question or two?

How is it we still tolerate that they the system can control where we are to protest the people and beliefs we disagree with; to be siphoned off into pens like ostriches a mile or two away so the elected leaders' precious ears don't have to hear what the people have to say..
How is it we so willingly allow another person to tell us how we are to live our lives based on how strangers with different sets of motives and agendas voted?

So who knows.. maybe a wooden clog wasn't thick enough..

Maybe the woman should have thrown a fire fighter's boot at Hillary...

Maybe we all should start stocking up on boots.