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Monday, April 14, 2014

If Day of Week Ends in 'Y', It Must be 'Complacency Day'

Days like today are difficult to write about because one can see clearly what is the tedium of economics, finance and sociology; topics that within itself are as dry as toast

For instance, the market is up triple points today mainly because it dropped triple points the past couple trading days and what goes down, must go up, and if it keeps going down, that G-D Federal Reserve will keep intervening to ensure it goes up..

Traders and Investors must be allowed to make their profit while the public is conditioned to cheer because of the lie that a strong Wall Street equals a strong America, which it doesn't...
The way to think of Wall Street in comparison to this country is to think of sports franchises in connection to cities.

For instance in basketball, the L.A. Lakers are a terrible 25-55 with 2 games to go..   Does that mean Los Angeles is any less great and important a city because of how its NBA team fares?

The two entities - the Lakers, a private corporation with uses the name LA in front of it to sell tickets through playing up civic and regional loyalties, and the city of Los Angeles are only connected through emotion among its citizens, not true economic reality.

Los Angeles does not need its NBA team to be great for it to be a great city and America does not need Wall Street to be strong for the nation to be strong..

It actually needs right now the opposite..
A Wall Street gasping for breath and clasping its figurative chest because then and only then will the 99% getting continually shafted by the system have even a remote change of better days..

And all that other contrived, manipulated data..  unemployment figures..  auto sales..  housing starts..  holiday shopping, etc etc..

They fall and rise..  fall and rise..

And no one in power really cares as long as the populace doesn't care and even if they ever do, the populace is never Allowed to really care; never encouraged to really fight for their rights..

Its all about manufacturing and controlling then channeling the populace anger.. Then targeting it to the ballot box..
And after the election, all that anger and fury is supposed to just disappear in a poof! and we all come together, etc,,etc,,  Its so state, it brings up  nausea just to type it all out..

Like a fire from a lighter or a campfire..

Fire must be maintained.. used for a set purpose then extinguished

"Things are bad BUT vote for me and it will be all fixed..  You have my personal guarantee.."

If you ever watch news, whether it be local, national or 24 hour cable, no one whether the bias be left, right or center ever provides any information or guidance as to what to do or how to get involved..
The President wants war with Putin more than he wants a basketball in his hands and every day the news relays info that we're getting closer and closer to something serious..

And what can the people do?   Write a letter??

One person has the power to affect the lives of 315 million souls and nope, nothing anyone can do about it except..  Oh what is that line of bullshit they keep selling?  Oh yes, we can make a statement during midterms this November or vote a different power-hungry incompetent into office in 31 months..

The only time we honestly can recall the news ever getting its viewers involved in the stories presented were stories about little kittens and puppies without a home, "so if interested in adopting, call the number on the screen', etc..
The media will spend endless hours scaring the shit out of its viewing and reading audience about weather events.. hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, flooding..   On and on..

And yet No one.. and we mean NO ONE ever reported in the last five years that you shouldn't trust your government or your President or other leaders and should take precautions to protect yourself in case things collapse.. i.e. money out of the bank, food storage- bottled water, canned goods, propane canisters, etc..

Really think about that..

4-5 inches of snow headed your direction and the local news jumps into a frenzied lather to give 100 different precautions you should take - buy batteries, gas up the car, ways to make due when power goes out, etc..
And yet even when you could see first hand in Cyrpus what happens when a government exerts currency controls and prevents its populace from access to its own money except in drips and drabs and prevents people from leaving with their cash on their possession..

Even when that happened, and this G-D media stayed silent, never gave any advice how to protect one's money and treated it like it will never happen here so 'be calm and carry on', to steal a phrase from the Brits.

People are just too complacent..

So little fight in them to seek real change..  The slogan is quite enough
And honestly we really don't know what it will take for people to wake up, get really angry and target their ire in the proper places and directions..

Must it take a complete collapse;a complete breakdown?

Sorta like going to the dentist..  Must it take a complete explosion of pain and agony in a tooth to get a lazy Son of a Bitch to stop ignoring things, and get pro-active?

Its funny how much we've devolved..
There was a time our forefathers fought a revolution because we didn't want to pay a tax on tea or stamps..  

Now we can't even bring ourselves to fight for jobs; the jobs we got into thousands of dollars in debt to learn to do; the jobs shipped overseas which we shrug at..

Don't know.. guess it was a really good thing Colonial America didn't have the Internet, iPods or cellphones with unlimited talk/text plans or else we'd all probably still be colonies..

But as long as people had their television, video games and other diversionary devices, would it really matter to most what flag they saluted?