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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Like Father & Mother.. Like Daughter?

First thing we noticed in our local paper this morning was this ugly-ish woman with the last name 'Clinton' who said she may run for office..

Being a bit groggy, it was assumed this was an empty article or in the newspaper business 'filler' between the ads reporting the obvious.  Everyone knows old Hillary could keel over this moment and still figure a way to run a campaign two years later from the grave..

But no.. this was Chelsea talking..  the daughter..  the one who is married to an investment banker at Goldman Sachs (the 'rats' we write constantly about) and has all those connections and donor rolls her parents have built up over the last few decades..

Talk about calling in favors or chits..
~ by mere 'coincidence' Chelsea is on the Board of the Clinton Global Initiative

She's worked first for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm which donated in 2008 near $90,000 to Hillary's Presidential run along with other Democratic political groups.

Next stop Avenue Capital, an investment firm focused on distressed securities and establishing private equities & hedge funds which was founded by Mark Lasry and Sonia Gardner.. both according to public records donated money in the 2008 election to... yep, Hillary.

And since was 31 years old (she's 34 now) has sat on the board of directors at IAC, an internet company with 50 various brands in 40 countries and run by billionaire Barry Diller who donated over $83,000 in 2008 to.. yep..  Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign and other political causes..
~Wish our Moms ran for President instead of holding down real jobs

Hey, at least you know she'd be as pro-Wall Street as her Daddy and in power, would bend over backward or twist into a pretzel to ensure they continue profiting just like any Republican would.

And such a brilliant mind.. Just don't ask Chelsea how much the cost of milk, bread, gasoline or heating propane has gone up in a 12 month period..

She doesn't come from our world.
~ Don't be envious.. Everyone gets to grow up riding in yachts with a then sitting President and the respected now-late Walter Cronkite

Funny though, we just bet if her last name was 'Johnston', MacKensie' or 10,000 other surnames, we don't see her having such prestigious jobs and positions of prominence, even with her educational background and degrees.

But that is America today isn't.. A country that pretends you succeed and fail on your own merits, and not your last name, and yet we all know better..

Well..  some do..  Others still cling to the illusion

Perhaps Chelsea should spend the next year or so working on a Masters or Doctorate in Criminal Justice so when her mom wins in 2016, she can be appointed the next Attorney General..
~ Can you just feel the warmth?  Christ!

Hey its not so far fetched..

The glass ceiling on political-family nepotism has already been shattered with the lovely coupling or JFK and RFK..  

So why not Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky.. working side by side while family patriarch Bill knows where his favorite two platonic gals are when he wishes to make a visit..

We know.. We know.. "What about the Bushes!" they screamed at a shrill pitch..
Well, let's just say there's been countless articles on George W's family connection and breaks..

Go Google them if you wish..

Or start your own blog where you can rehash the past..

We'll focus on immediate and future concerns..
~ "You will love being First Husband, taking care of our future children while I do Important things that Matter"