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Friday, April 4, 2014

Problems Can Only Be Solved When Seen

Its Friday.. We're back..

Sorry about no posting yesterday.. we were quite busy bunnies, beavers or bees or combo thereof..

But are here today and first Friday in every month means the release of the official jobs report that is based on a survey of 5,000 companies and  to which politicians and financial rats poke through and massage about..

As we said the other day, since October 2008, jobs totals with all their statistical manipulations and artificial algorithms has only surpassed the low bar of 275k new jobs once

Will March 2014's numbers excite?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says...  192k new jobs..

Hmm.. well we suppose if you take that number and add to February's 197k, then that would be about 400k new jobs..  Just a shame a calendar month isn't about 60 days long..

We do this breakdown all the time to make the numbers more understandable as it its insignificance..

50 US States..   192,000 new jobs

Using simple math, 192,000 divided by 50 equals...

3,840 new jobs created per state on statistical average.
Now let's pick a specific state.. um..  let's do Arizona this month..  Its a very large state geographically compared to most eastern states yet only has 15 counties.

So let's do the math once again:  3840 divided by 15

It comes to 256 jobs created per county..

And not a single talking meat stick in financial news or mainstream for that matter will admit for a second by deviating off their teleprompter scripts that something is seriously askew..

Everyday people know it..   Then again maybe they don't..   Who really knows anymore..
As long as there's a social safety net in place and some credit left on the credit card, many will do as they've always done until they're simply not able to do anymore.

The real number of economic importance is 2,000 -- That's the number of high wage jobs created in March  which are found in information, financial services and manufacturing.

Meanwhile in March, Education and Health: saw a +34k rise,  Leisure and Hospitality +29k,  Temp Help saw a +29K bump and the Retail Trade grew +21K jobs...

In a population of near 315 million.
In order for there to ever be real change or improvement of the economic conditions of this nation, people literally need to see suffering..   When it is masked or cloaked, most don't believe there's anything wrong..

For example let's look very briefly at Ethiopia..

Back in mid-late 1984, there was a 15min long news segment on BBC News which showed in graphic, unflinching visuals the amount of starvation and suffering the people were experiencing.

One of the Britons watching that particular evening was a musician named Bob Geldof who was so sickened by what he saw, he called some of his rock star friends to talk about about it, and quickly it galvanized into 'Band Aid' and the single "Do They Know It's Christmas' which raised a lot of money...
From this sparked the inspiration in America for 'USA for Africa' who recorded 'We Are the World' and from that sparked 'Live Aid' on July 13, 1985 which raised a ton of money to fight global hunger..

All based on seeing suffering instead of just describing in in words..

Now conversely, once the concert was over, everyone pretty much moved on as if the entire Ethiopian hunger problem was magically solved that night..

The local news in the US and UK shifted to other topics of focus and Ethiopia and the whole African starvation epidemic became 'out of sight, out of mind'

Now imagine if the news was showing coverage of something irrelevant..
We are taught to be stoic; to not admit we're suffering or doing very poorly unless its True devastation..  Taught that is shameful to ask for help or be perceived as weak or needy..

And all it does it allow those who are obscenely rich the ability to completely ignore the bottom 99% and the lack of income equality they created.

The only reason you have all the social safety nets in place currently -- welfare, food stamps, social security, etc presently is because 75 years ago people were bad off and made no effort to hide it..

They stood in the long lines for soup and bread and jobs.. They slept on the park benches and under the bridges..  They wore their clothes until they were full of holes then re-sew and put the shirts and dresses back on.
So that's the irony.. the more people are allowed to keep their dignity and not show any public suffering, the private suffering will just invcease unabated.