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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sleeping with the House on Fire

It is not easy to be a contrarian..

To go against the grain; to swim against the tide

To basically beat one's head against the rocks and to fight and buck the trend, no matter how much the 'Matrix' for lack of a more creative way of saying 'System' wishes to push in the opposite direction.

So many others have tried to wake people up and present a worldview completely different from the one carefully orchestrated..  Galileo, Socrates..

Most end up meeting their fate with torture or murder.

That's not too appealing a choice is it?
We write on economics, finance, politics, media with dabs of historical relevance tossed into the mix for added flavor..

We write and discuss a reality most do not wish to face..

People want to see a spotless, immaculate home standing proudly on a hill..

We reveal the termites infesting and eating away the woodwork..

The economy is in terrible shape; no better than 5 years ago..
Tell a Democrat their President is a failure; a total Fuck-up.. a Do-nothing and you get the patented stale response that either 'Its Bush's fault' or 'The Congressional Republicans are obstructionist'

Tell a Republican the country's gone to hell in a hand-basket and you get a surprisingly muted response..

Perhaps fear of attacking a black President and alienating his followers even though 99.9999% of blacks would never vote Republican today even if they guaranteed reparations and 40 acres & a mule

Or maybe they know everything is terrible but why publicly rock the boat.. After all, Wall Street is doing quite nicely and if the Master is happy, the servants are happy..

Your guess is as good as ours.
We do know things are bad..  They only improved statistically and the only thing one can manipulate easier than stats would be a small child..

Here's a quickie example..

A family of 4 all seemed to get a case of the flu at the same time and 3 of those 4 took aspirin and felt normal within 24 hours..   Now how would that be best described in terms of statistics?

'Aspirin has a 75% success rate of curbing fever in 24 hours'

Does it?  Ehh.. Probably not..  But that stat sure was accurate based on the theoretical example.
Unemployment is 6.6%

That would mean in a nation of 315 million, that 20.79 million people are out of work, yes?

Yet its also true that 47% of Americans do not pay income taxes

And since the #1 way one does pay income taxes is through earning wages, wouldn't it then be logical to assume that really 148 million people do not hold employment of any kind, no matter the reason?

6.6% sounds so much better..

Few to none want to really open up the 'clock' and watch the mechanisms at work..
What does the Fed do?  Oh.. well it does.. Uh..

Who do we owe our debt to?  Oh China and um.. Uh..

How much do we even owe?   Well um.. Uh..

Over one trillion dollars in student loan debt is floating about so young people can pursue their God-Given right (we guess) to get a college education..

That's a feel good story..
Of course who wants to really think about the reality that in a recent survey conducted, 26% of college student loan recipients have either considered defaulting on paying the money back in the last 12 months or have actually done so..

26%..  that's $260,000,000,000 in loans at the very least that will never in all likelihood get repaid..

Ehh, but what does that matter..

More important for the media to report nationally inconsequential stories of 5th tier actors you've never Ever heard of coming 'out' of the closet and a professional wrestler with a high school education arrested 10 yrs ago for beating up his girlfriend and calling her the 'C' word who says he supports gay marriage...

Both were Facebook 'trending' topics..
We honestly do not care where you stand on gay marriage, pro or con..  It is Not the most important or pressing issue this nation is facing and the media is treating it as such to distract from what does matter..

Quite frankly, its a side-issue; a distraction like prayer in school, flag burning and whether English is to be the 'official' language of the US..

They're bullshit issues but that's how you get people's butts to the voting booth.  It sure won't be happening if you discuss housing starts, GDP and agricultural production

So what matters?   Oh we don't know..  

Little things like the ability to find or hold a job that isn't part time, seasonal or 'temp'..
Or the continued systematic decimation of the middle and working classes..

Or the increased debt load we're all taking on paying our basic bills and trying to survive as wages for most remain stagnant, savings accounts dwindle to nothing and people are forced to use up credit cards and take on 2nd mortgages to make ends meet..

Nope.. the media doesn't make a peep because it would make our Commander in Chief of the Golf Course look like a total incompetent

And Republicans..  Quiet as church mice..   We're honestly baffled why they still haven't showed an ounce of concern (sincere or phony) for everyday people that doesn't involve lowering taxes on the wealthy and corps..
So you have this myriad of nonsense; a cavalcade of crap - empty news and a continual bombardment of sensory-diluting entertainment for a multitude more than happy for the distractions..

As for the 'why'..  Why so many do not care to act?

Who knows..

We're told the theory by many that people are busy and tired, and after a long day of whatever, just wish to come home to their family, have some microwave dinners, and then sit in front of the TV for a couple hours each night before bed and not Think..

We're also told of the lobster in a pot theory where people are being squeezed so slowly and over such a long duration that by the time they even begin to realize, they're powerless to combat it

Also.. Plausible..

Then there's theories about technology distractions, people only caring about themselves and nothing outside of their Id, the indoctrination and operant conditioning by public school education,  etc..etc..

We just think people want to feel good 24/7..

If something needs to be eaten, gulped down, smoked, snorted, injected or other means of orifice thrust in order to feel 'good' and not think then that's the concern for the moment
People want to laugh.. to smile.. to be constantly distracted..

And no, they don't want that veneer pulled back..

They do not want to see those termites because to know there is a problem means being forced to confront and then deal with the problem.

That's why we love elections..

Every four years we vote into office another lying piece of shit, call him (or one day her) 'President', elevate their life as something worth actually protecting i.e. Secret Service and then..

Yawnn!..  back to our normalcy
By the way, ever wonder why there was an American or French Revolution?

Honestly its as simple as this:   Kings don't run for re-election every four years and the populaces of the time didn't have the patience to be trampled upon and starved for more decades to come..

So yep.. Just vote..  He or She will then take care of everything..

Like a pilot flying a plane on a long trip..

And that means one thing for all the voters um.. 'passengers'..

Lots of time for distractions and a good nap.
What more can we say..  You gotta eventually start to wake up and jar those around you out of their collective somber..

Trust us.. Those running the 'show' are quite wide awake.