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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"The Chess Players"-- An A&G Fable

The NBA announced its decision on Clippers owner Donald Sterling..   A lifetime ban, $2.5 mil fine and the Commissioner will do everything in is power to force the sale of the team.

Just imagine if his personal thoughts and opinions had been Meant for public consumption rather than privately uttered then illegally recorded for destructive purposes...


Fortunately the NBA does not have the legal authority to compel an owner to sell his franchise and this battle will be tied up in the courts for years.   But the Commish had to do something to appease the jackals so he tossed them some meat on bone..

Anyways, rather than keep writing and writing on this depressing topic, in the spirit of the great Aesop who wrote "The Ants and the Grasshopper" which was our inspiration for all we do, we're going to instead write a fable..

Tomorrow or Thurs when we next write, we move on to other issues that are more relevant and important
"The Chess Players"

Imagine two males playing chess.. an adult and a small child.

The adult has vast experience and is quite skilled at playing the game while the child has none, thus to compete against one another is quite unfair..   

So the adult basically plays the child and lets him win..

And the better the child gets, the longer the matches go on before the adult ultimately loses for the purpose of fairness and to see the child smile.
Now one day that child turns into a teen and ultimately becomes an adult 

The older man seeing that the younger man is now fully capable of holding his own decides to finally play chess properly and make a sincere effort to win..

And he does.. 

And the younger adult is Furious!  

He kicks the table and throws the pieces to the floor then gets up and tosses the chair.. 

A couple moments later, the young adult comes back, re-sets the chair, table and chess pieces and says in controlled tension, "Let's go again.."
The older adult is mortified and nervous but agrees..

They play again.. the younger man loses again..

And now he is so enraged, he is pounding the table with his fists then pounding into his thighs...  Muttering.. cursing under his breath... foam forming at the crevices of the mouth as he stares at the older man with hate and contempt;  Desire to kill..

But after a couple minutes of this reaction, the young man re-composes himself and says tight-lipped,  "Let's go again.."

The older man can only nod 'yes'; his mouth agape in a state of shock..

And fear...

So they play once more..  
This time the older man decides to lose again on purpose as he had so many times before when the young man was still a child, then a teen...

And the young man exclaims, "Now That is more like It!"

And the two men look upon each other across the table in silence for a few moments..

The older man knowing forever more how the game must be played to ensure harmony 

And his health.

The younger man.. simply nodding and smiling..
But the eyes are no less ice-cold than when he lost.

And he simply says, "Checkmate".