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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Race Game

What was the big news story this past weekend?

Something of an economic or financial nature that may impact Americans either for the positive or inversely?

Some domestic or foreign policy issue or scandal?


The owner of a professional basketball team, the LA Clippers allegedly said some anti-black comments toward his half black/half Mexican girlfriend about how it was OK she sleep with black guys (think about that absurdity a moment) but not take photos with them or invite to Clippers games..

And the hornets' nest which is the black population became mightily stirred about..

Even the President took time from his endless recreation time to be an opportunist and speak on the matter just to ensure he could incite those perhaps on the fence...

"If I had a son, he wouldn't be like that Clippers owner.."   Just a little Trayvon reference there

Now the players on the team could have protested by not playing but that would have meant money-first athletes putting principle before paycheck.
Yeah, right!

And to be honest no matter what absurdities the team owner said, for guys making 6-8 figure salaries to try to punish the person issuing their bloated paychecks is truly biting the hand that feeds..

Sorta reminds of a 'which is truly Worse' scenario:  An employer offering a position at $500k annually and refusing to hire any black candidate while phony politely complimenting those applicants by blowing complimentary smoke up their rears..

Or the employer saying "Nigger, you're hired!"?

So why would this be a big deal; a major story?

Remember just earlier this week the Supreme Court in a large majority said individual states could vote down affirmative action, the sacred golden goose of a segment of the black population who covet the crutch

Its also no small coincidence that the rancher in Nevada who stood up to the domineering Federal Government over the issue of grazing rights suddenly was thrust in the spotlight for making the analogy that blacks today are given as many gifts and freebies by the government as they did from their slave masters in the day...

Race stirs up anger.. that stirs up passion.. and that stirs people to donate to political candidates and causes and the ultimate goal by those who manipulate the situation..

It stirs people to get off their soft cushy arses and vote.

Few vote out of contentment..  They do so out of fear and/or anger.

There is no genuine discussion on race in this nation..  Hasn't been a sincere attempt since maybe the very late 1950s when Dr King was just beginning to be a national name..

Pretty hard to have a open dialogue when one side is scared poop-less of being too honest and dealing with financial blowback while the other side will defiantly not concede a single point or accept any role in their current perception..

And the word 'racist'..  Just tossed around so cheaply; the true meaning and significance of the word gets bastardized and the one doing the accusation has all the power.. the intended target has to go on the defense.. frantically defend themselves..

There's 'racist'  and then there is 'Racist'
The capital-R racist is someone who will use their position of power and/or authority to deny a person of a different race a job or a bank loan, or steer that person to another community when the other is house-hunting..

A capital-R racist will also use threat, intimidation and/or physical force to bully their will upon another person.

Those are repugnant people.

The lower-case 'r' racist..  They pre-judge, but is that really wrong?
For instance, if a white person only votes white candidates into office, is he/she a racist?

What about the 99.999% of blacks who twice gave their vote in complete lockstep to Obama?

Is a white person who chooses to attend a university that is pretty much devoid of black students a racist?

What about the black student who purposely chooses a black college, or who goes to a multi-racial campus but will only pledge a black fraternity or sorority?
~ Scene from 'Bewitched' with Darren #2..  racist?

If white parents do not want their children, especially their daughters to procreate with blacks and have bi-racial children, are those parents racist?

What if it is black parents who insist their children date and mate with their own to preserve their culture and lineage?

We all have some level of racism in us because small letter 'r' racism is really about personal preference; the right to choose who we socialize and congregate with and whom we wish to speak to.

Despite most of the bullshit which is social engineer-driven TV, most blacks and whites are Not friends outside school or work, most do not 'hang out' or eat together off the clock and events like get-togethers, parties, weddings etc usually are among people of one's own kind..

Just the truth of things..  It is simply a matter of preference..
~ Ted Danson who was married to Whoopi Goldberg at time.. racist?

Red or Blue tie?  Coffee or Tea?

Some people prefer only socializing or dating those of their own kind.. or their own religious or cultural background.. some even prefer the social or sexual company solely of their own gender..

Ultimately that's every individual's right.

Its only when an individual or collection take it upon themselves to deny a person of a different background their freedom to pursue their happiness, where it becomes a bad thing; capital-'R' Racism..

The truth is that a person has a right to like or not like another person or group for any reason(s) they wish no matter how sensible or stupid and understand he/she will be equally judged by others.
~ Japanese girl in black face..  racist?

Ideally its best everybody love everybody but that's just not how life is..

Sometimes we base who we like/dislike or who we wish to befriend or date based on skin color or religion or nationality..  or weight or height or eye/hair color or one's voice..   or a million other subconscious criteria..

Should one feel guilty they don't wish to date a person with a lot of freckles or someone who politically is 180deg polar opposite or to feel a mistrust toward someone of a particular background based on hundreds or thousands of years of history as precedent??
~ Eddie Murphy looking white..   racist?

It reminds us of a comedy skit from the 1990s show 'Kids In The Hall'..

There was this local jam making contest where all the townsfolk submitted their very best batch for the competition judge, the Mayor to decide..

Ultimately he picked one in particular as the best by far..

The crowd gasped in horror and one exclaimed "You just chose the jam of a child molestor!"; a person who was still in prison but made jam as part of his work-release program.

The mayor's career was forever ruined.
~ black comedian Dave Chappelle..  racist?

All because of nothing more than personal preference and the idiocy of connoting that right of choice to outside factors.

As we said, there will never be a true discourse and thus a true understanding and common ground on race..

Most whites don't want to get crucified so they reteat and most blacks don't want to give up their power cards or take any share of the blame for the deterioration of relations.

And the only ones left on the field of battle are the opportunists, the race peddlers/baiters and the true capital 'R' Racists
So you have a society of horrible white guilters, vile black language bullies and everyone else in the middle is forced to cower and hide from the topic that is part of our daily lives whether we like it or not..

This is the face of a truly 'politically correct' society.