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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 'Racist', the 'Girlfriend', the Salary Trail & the Need to Crucify

As much as we really don't want to be wasting our precious time, energy and brain power on this whole NBA racism thingy for another day, we feel we must..

Tomorrow, the NBA's commissioner will be doling out a punishment and everyone is salivating like blood-hungry jackals to see this ignorant senile old man who owns the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling eviscerated into little pieces

Of course had Sterling offended people of the Jewish or Muslim faith, Asian Indians, Native Americans, etc very few would give a fig..

We know LeBron and Michael Jordan wouldn't give a damn..

We certainly know race peddlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson wouldn't give two bleeps..
And as for Obama?

Since the President has been silent since his deeply ignorant Secretary of State John 'I Married a Multi-Millionaire' Kerry yesterday slandered Israel by calling it an 'Apartheid State' then apologized and back tracked...

Well we guess insulting the US' most important ally in the Middle East isn't as big a deal to Obama as the 50% of him which is black being offended that he can't pose for a pic next to a gold-digger..

And yes Sterling's half black/half Mexican (and not 'that' hot) girlfriend, or to be more accurate, mistress is a gold-digger.. a very conniving and greedy one at that..

According to the LA Times, Sterling's wife of 50 years Rochelle filed a lawsuit against the whore identified as V.Stiviano as "a married woman seeking to protect and recover community property in her individual capacity."
As the LA Times article goes on...

"Rochelle Sterling alleges that her husband used community property to buy Stiviano a 2012 Ferrari, two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover, worth a total of more than $500,000.

Sterling also allegedly gave Stiviano $1.8 million to buy a duplex on West 4th Street near the Beverly Center last December, according to the suit, which claims that Sterling additionally provided her with $240,000 for upkeep and living expenses.

The property was supposed to be held in the Sterlings’ name, Rochelle Sterling contends, but Stiviano has title and has refused to relinquish it. Arguing that the gifts were all allegedly made without Rochelle Sterling’s knowledge or consent, the complaint seeks their return along with compensatory damages.

The suit, which includes as defendants unnamed agents and employees of Stiviano, alleges that before the complaint was filed, Donald Sterling asked her to return the property. The complaint also says that Stiviano goes by several other names, including Vanessa Maria Perez, Monica Gallegos and Maria Valdez."
~ Ahh, so that's why Obama doesn't like Sterling.. he gave Putin a Clippers jersey..

No wonder the bitch secretly recorded her pretend-lover's personal thoughts then made the audio public to destroy his reputation and hurt him financially..

Of course most of the media doesn't care about this..

They sure did give a shit back in the late 1990s when Linda Tripp was illegally recording conversations with Monica Lewinsky about the Clinton affair and the cum stains on her clothing..

But this is different..  Here the illegal conversation recorder is to be feted as a heroine and in all likelihood, a future reality TV star

See in this country you can bleed the American people dry for billions if not trillions of dollars like Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and Maurice Greenberg, who was head of AIG during the 2008 crash and subsequent bailout...
~ Lloyd Blankfein's home..

And you can siphon money like Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen at the Fed to keep the Wall St ponzi continuously afloat..

And you can choose not to prosecute anyone for their financial crimes like Eric Holder, the US Attorney General..

And really.. who gives a Fig?

Nothing happens to you and few to none know or understand or care to understand the complexity of their criminality and deviance..
But say something perceived as racist?

God Almighty help you because yo' ass is gonna Burn!

Currently there are 14 players on the LA Clippers roster with 12 of them being black..  Do you know how much this anti-black 'racist' owner pays them?

Chris Paul made $18,668,000 this year

Blake Griffin made  $16,402.000

Danny Granger made $14,021.000
~ Chris Paul's home along with some of his car collection..

Between three black men who make a living putting a stupid orange ball into a red hoop, they received a combined $49+ million dollars

Add the total of all the black players on the Clippers and they received a combined $84.8 million out of a total of $102.8 million spent on the roster..

$84.8 million.

And his players felt the need to middle-finger the hand that literally writes them those big exorbitant checks..
~  Nothing says 'I won't accept racism' more than turning your shirts inside out while still playing a game to collect a large paycheck..

To give some perspective..

If a person made $75,000 annually from the time he/she turned 18 until retired at 70 (53 years of working), and zero tax was taken out, that would equal $3.975 million dollars..

Chris Paul made that amount in 18 basketball games (less than 25% of one season).

Meanwhile did you know that men working 40 hour full time weeks make less than they did 40 years ago?
From CNS News:

"In 1973, median earnings for men who worked full-time, year-round were $51,670 in inflation-adjusted 2012 dollars. The median earnings of men who work full-time year-round have never been that high again.

In 2012, the latest year for which the Census Bureau has published an estimate, the real median earnings of men who worked full-time, year-round was $49,398. That was $2,272—or about 4.4 percent—below the peak median earnings of $51,670 in 1973."

Wonder why the President hasn't spoken on this?

Not important enough we suppose..

Or maybe too busy..
~ "Its good to be the King.. uh.. I mean President.."

Oh well.. who cares about that anyways, right?

Like, as long as the NBA sticks it to that owner guy and sticks it hard, right?

Yeah!    Right!