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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How Much Would You Pay to Hear a Politician Speak?

~ "Every...  uh..   word...  I...  say...  will.... uh..  soon....  cost... someone...  $100..  each..."

Today's posting will be a little bit 'funner' than some of our more recent ones though just as interesting..

Question:  How much would you pay to hear a famous person speak?

$100..    $500..      $1,000?

How much would you pay to hear former Presidents Bill Clinton or George W. Bush?

$1,500..   $5,000..    $1.00?

The last one being a bit of a ha-ha hee-hee jokey there...
If you are a corporation or organization and you want to listen to President Clinton speak, be prepared to shell out over $250,000..    In fact since 2001, he has made over $106 million according to tax records Solely by giving speeches..

And if you want Bush, he costs $150k per teleprompter-reading.   Since he left office in 2009, Bush has made $15 million on the talk circuit.

Kinda makes one sick to their stomach to think how much our current King will be generating once he leaves in early 2017..

As for VPs,  Dick Cheney is able to command $75k per speech while Al Gore receives $100k to say nothing of importance..

Shockingly, that piece of shit former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke receives $250k per speech just to defend his record about distributing wealth to the wealthy by the truckload to and do more lying.
Then again, maybe its not such a shock..

Hiring politicians and government officials for speeches is a legal way for entities to siphon paybacks for services previously rendered..

Lord knows Bernanke, Clinton, Bush and many many others in positions of power and influence have helped Wall Street and those corporations grow in profit and stature in the past couple decades at the expense of an oblivious middle/working class..
As for our potential future Queen Hillary,  right now she receives $200k per speech to say little to nothing and pretend she is not going to run for the right to sit on the throne.

As for Sarah Palin, former VP nominee she makes $100k to whip up the Conservative base at rallies and other events..

If we were making that much to say some catch phrases, we wouldn't ever bother sincerely running for public office either..

But at least unlike the others, she's very pleasant on the eye.
By the time Hillary wraps up the 2016 election, she will look so wretchedly decrepit, she will make former female world leaders Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir look like Playmates in comparison..

Condollezza Rice, former Secretary of State under Bush gets $150k to speak..  We wonder if she gets to keep her speaking fees when activist morons and clueless college graduates demand she not speak at events and graduation commencements?

Wonder if any of the Rutgers University graduates with tens of thousands of student debt racked up and no career prospects in this job market who forced the school's hand to choose a difference speaker earlier this month will ever earn $150,000 in one year salary in their future?!

So you can see why so many people put themselves through the hell of being a public servant; of being professionally and personally mocked and degraded at every turn and every decision second-guessed by the public peanut gallery..
The average American earns around $48k for a year of labor..

Hillary Clinton earned more money giving a 30-45min speech than 4 years of salary for the average American.  For Bill, it is more than 5 years of salary..

And really the only time people are bothered is when its the 'other' guy or gal..  Members of the 'other' political party perceived as making out like bandits when they all are..

We will never understand why there isn't more hatred and envy for the super-wealthy; for athletes making 6-8 figures to dunk a ball in a hoop or catch a baseball... or actors to cry and laugh on cue or singers to exaggerate every note as if a Southern Baptist gospel revival..
And we will absolutely never understand why more people don't get resentful over the amount of money public figures get in speaking engagements and book deals and other appearance fees..

Maybe its operant behavioral conditioning from the education system that ingrains that if you make $40k and someone else makes $40 million, its your fault and that $40mil is out there just waiting to be taken if only you had the initiative..

'You're to blame.. You need to improve.. You.. You...!!'

Not sure why we as a society and individuals admire wealth acquisition in others..
Guess we think it makes them smarter and better people..

And if we really Truly think that, then guess we really aren't too smart after all..