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Monday, May 19, 2014

Online Casinos, Anger & Micro v Macro Victimization

Its very interesting the things a person will get angered about, and we're speaking of pretty much inconsequential things..

Like a blown call by an umpire or referee that can't be overturned by instant replay meaning your local boys won't get that first down or successful steal of 2nd base..

Like racing one's car to pass through a yellow light then suddenly needing to break at red, thus delaying your forward progress for 90 seconds..

Like an online casino game that gives free chips daily then sets its game algorithms to take away those chips very quickly..
That one in particular we find very interesting as a means of observing human behavior.

On occasion yours truly plays one of those online casinos that one can easily find and participate using Clique-book umm.. I mean Facebook..

This isn't a real casino that takes real money but if you win, you get real money back.

This is a casino that gives free chips but also takes real money to get more chips if that's a player's preference and everything stays within the game.. there's no cash out.

We won't mention the name but if you explore online casinos on your own, its the one where getting to $1mil chips is extremely easy but then again the slots are $10-$20k minimum per roll so easier to lose it all..
And its interesting to read the angry comments people take the time and energy to leave on the site's Facebook page

"I am done playing your games!!! my level up feature has not worked in over a year, so playing is pointless"

"I will not invite anymore friends to play.. why because I invited two friends which they accepted to play and I received 0 chips. The last one was just a few weeks ago!!"

"That 200,000 was gone in two min. & no bonuses! Looked like every time a bonus was there, the reels would jump. No fun when you can't win!!"

On and on..   real comments by the way..
And some would leave comments calling the complainers absolute babies and remind the people it was just a game, etc..

OK.. so let's take a step back..

Why are people so angry over losing pretend freebie chips to an online casino game?

There's certainly a sense of entitlement going on..    "I am not supposed to lose..  Nothing bad is supposed to ultimately happen to me"

There's also a defensive posture going on..  People like to think they're smart and can tell if something is a scam or rigged.
So what happens if someone is actively participating in one then coming back the next day for more imaginary chips?

This leads to a bit of naivety..   All FB games including casinos are created by companies for the purpose of the players to buy into the game i.e. 'add-ons'..  Its a business

If an online casino was set up so everyone always won 100% of the time or it took a super long time before all chips were lost, what would be the motivation of a person to pay $$ into the game?

People tend to forget that..

But overall, people get pissed off because it is a micro-victimization
~ Lost all my $$.. something um.. distracted me

Micro meaning not necessary 'trivial' but more on an economic level meaning a small number or the affronted on a personal level...

When things occur that fall under the realm of macro-victimization, most people don't understand or give a damn so they shrug..  "Didn't affect me.. I'm good..  No worries.."

An example of macro-victimization is a stock market crash or a long on-going recession-depression affecting the world.. or what the Fed does giving trillions to Wall Street.

It is all a complete disconnect from the wrongness and how the individual's life is affected.

For instance, the Fed gives Wall Street $85 billion monthly forever and beyond the fact most can't comprehend that figure or what the Fed does, for most people this is something way out there..  Illusionary..
Its a quick blurb read on the internet or heard on radio and has no impact on a person's decision 15min later where to eat lunch or upcoming doctor's appointment..

Now, let's say someone's wallet or purse was lost..

There might have only been $5 and change but now that means no money for lunch, no insurance card to present to the doctor's receptionist and no driver's license to be legally driving the car..

The missing wallet/purse is micro victimization..

The Fed giving billions to the wealthy which the common masses will have to repay via higher taxes and cutbacks in government services...  this is macro victimization.
In macro, people are completely detached from cause and effect; more specifically detached from the reality that something that seems so far away or abstract is ultimately their financial responsibility.

The media and government and the financiers certainly do not make mention of this..

Remember very quickly how the Fed works-   The Treasury (USA Govt) needs money to meet its obligations and pay its debts..  It borrows from the Fed..  This $$ is created in thin air and becomes public debt for future repayment i.e. the receipt of Government bonds

All bonds are re-payed to holders of paper with interest.   Money comes from the Treasury to re-pay.

And whatever can not be collected via taxes, is made up by the creation of new bonds with higher interest rates and shorter repayment schedule which allow the old ones to roll over and keep everything going
Really no different than using those credit card checks to pay off other cards' balances then months later using new checks to pay those while compiling more interest and fees along the way

Now this..   Americans shrug..  really couldn't give a fig.

Figure its been working so good so far..  Figure the US can never falter ever..  we're like a comic book movie- we're always triumphant and save the day in the end..

Everything in life is interconnected..  And things that seem to happen far far away ultimately affect you directly..

So when you hear about the US provoking Russia into some kind of confrontation over Ukraine or China massing troops along the Vietnam border because of oil disputes or North Korea lobbying missiles into South Korea airspace..
It will ultimately affect your pocketbook in some way..

Or be the new location your enlisted spouse, sibling or child is sent off to fight..

We're conditioned not to care about the macro side of things..

People will get so enraged over a blown call in a supposedly big game then totally forget the macro side

They won't get infuriated that no fan ever gets a championship ring, all the money and profit goes to the team owner (not the community) whose team plays in a large stadium usually 100% taxpayer funded and players get paid too much G-D money for what they do compared to the everyday person

People will vent over short traffic lights causing them to be delayed an extra minute (micro) and yet not angry about the fact the light is purposely set to catch people going through and thus give tickets and certainly not angry enough to do anything legally about it (macro)
People primarily care about themselves and will not expel any energy toward a greater good if they are not directly affected and the time and energy allocated is to be more than minimal..

And the System knows this.

So when the next crash happens and it will be worse than 2008, everyone will bitch for a week, then once they see their bank accounts were untouched and still have work, go about their lives and wonder imbecile-like why crime skyrockets, property values plummet and everyday life costs more..

And then go back to playing online casino.